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September 01, 2015
Assam floods: Villagers face grim odds; over 7.35 lakh affected
The flood situation remained critical in Assam, affecting over 7.35 lakh people from 1,597 villages have been inundated by the surging waters.
PHOTOS: China prepares for MASSIVE World War II parade
The parade on September 3 will involve about 12,000 Chinese troops and 200 aircraft.
August 31, 2015
PHOTOS: Macho man Putin pumps iron. And he has competition
Action-man Vlad finds a gym buddy in Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
Tomatina is back! Tomato fest leaves Spanish town red
Yes, it's that time of year again when people start hurling mushy tomatoes at each other in the street of Spain for absolutely no reason.
REWIND: Stunning PHOTOS of the week that was
A round-up of our favourite photographs from the week gone by
August 29, 2015
Thousands gather in Kuala Lumpur to demand Malaysia's PM ouster
Online reports said there were at least 40,000 protesters in the rally in downtown Kuala Lumpur.
How India is celebrating Raksha Bandhan
On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, many women and children came out to tie rakhis to their brothers.
August 28, 2015
Veterans honour their fallen, respect their Commander
President Pranab Mukherjee, along with the Defence Chiefs and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar were also present to pay homage on the 50th anniversary for the brave who sacrificed their all for the greater good.
August 27, 2015
14 sensational murders that shook India looks at other sensational murder mysteries that left India shell-shocked.
August 26, 2015
PIX: The morning after mayhem on streets of Gujarat
It was a night of carnage in parts of Gujarat on Tuesday.
PIX: Wings and wonder @ Radom Air Show 2015
Every other year during the final August weekend, air forces of Europe and Russia gather for the Radom air show, which enthrals visitants through elaborate stunts and performances. takes a look at this awesome air-bending event.
Odd PHOTOS from a mad, mad world
These images from across the globe tell that it is a crazy world out there!
These women stood up to their tormentors brings you some recent cases where women have said enough is enough and gone after eve teasers with vengeance.
August 24, 2015
Holy smoke! When Rs 2.5 crore Lamborghini went up in flames
A saffron Lamborghini Gallardo, costing approximately Rs 2.5 crore suddenly caught fire in South Delhi's Badarpur.
Images that will make you go WOW!
Here's a glimpse of all that happened around the world last week, in 14 images
August 21, 2015
PHOTOS: Meet the first women soldiers from US army's toughest school
Captain Kristen Griest and 1st Lt Shaye Haver are the first women ever to graduate from the United States army's Ranger School, designed to produce elite and tough leaders.
With love, from Mars: Mangalyaan sends stunning images of red planet
The Indian Space Research Organisation has released a series of beautiful images of a canyon named Ophir Chasma and other physical formations on the surface of the Red Planet taken by the country's Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter.
August 20, 2015
July was the HOTTEST month ever around the world
The average global temperature for July 2015 was the highest for any month since record keeping began in 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.
WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny
Weekly digest of the craziest stories from around the world.
August 19, 2015
Action Man Putin is back
Vladimir Putin climbed into a three-seat submersible craft on Tuesday to check out an ancient sunken ship found recently in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea.
August 17, 2015
PHOTOS: When Dubai waited for Modi magic
Hours before Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a 50,000-strong Indian diaspora at the Dubai cricket stadium, his fans collected in large numbers to watch their 'rockstar'.
August 15, 2015
PHOTOS: No 'politics' at President's I-Day function
Sonia, Sumitra Mahajan share a laugh at the event
August 14, 2015
PHOTOS: Heavy rains leave Nagpur in a watery mess
4 people have died owing to the floods.
What we know so far about deadly Tiajin explosions
Almost 36 hours after China's worst industrial disaster, the cause of the massive blasts in Tiajan remains unclear. But here is what we know
WTF News! It's Weird, True and Funny
Here's your weekly digest of the craziest stories from around the world.
August 13, 2015
PIX: Fleeing war and repression, refugees flood Greece island
Hundreds of people arrive on Greece's eastern Aegean islands daily, many after fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan.
PHOTOS: The incredibly bizarre world around us
10 photos that prove the world we live in is crazy and strange
August 12, 2015
Capital snarl! Sea of traffic hits Delhi roads
Roads in the national capital were packed in with cars waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
These people have the most ABSURD collections ever
If you can name it, someone collects it. Here's a gallery of collectors and their (unusual) obsessions.
Comic book to immortalise India's bravest men
Ahead of India's 69th Independence Day, a special comic book is all set to be released this week chronicling the life, valour and sacrifice of 21 awardees of the Param Vir Chakra, the nation's highest military decoration.
Porn, Maggi, beef and more: India's banned list
Here's a list of all things banned in India, this year
August 11, 2015
Help! Is this woman drowning in Bengaluru's pothole?
An NGO is putting up art installations to highlight the dismal conditions of the roads.
'Manhandled', arrested by Delhi police, Yogendra Yadav released on bail
Activist Yogendra Yadav, who was detained on Monday night from a farmer protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, was dragged by police officers as he tried to interact with the media.
PHOTOS: American desis cheer for India
The largest parade to date, the festivities included marching bands, over 20 floats and dozens of walking groups. The over a mile parade route was filled with spectators, in many instances three and four rows deep.
August 10, 2015
What's for dinner? Astronauts to feast on space-grown vegetables
Members of the International Space Station Expedition 44 crew are undertaking a first for humanity: tucking into greens grown right there on the space station, in zero-gravity.
Cops shoot, critically injure man at Ferguson shooting anniversary
Ferguson on edge on the first anniversary of the killing of Micheal Brown that left America outraged
20 images of the week that was that will AMAZE you
The news of the week gone by that shaped the world
August 08, 2015
This 86-yr-old lives with the scars of a nuclear war
The octogenarian was just 16-years-old when an atomic bomb threw him from his bike in Nagasaki.
August 07, 2015
Modi has 'lunch pe charcha' with Jaya at Poes Garden home
In his first visit to Chennai since becoming prime minister, Narendra Modi was given a rapturous welcome and hosted for lunch by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.
US fight night: Top moments from first Republican debate
Here are seven of the buzziest moments from the GOP's big night.
August 06, 2015
These STUNNING award-winning photos will make you want to travel
Be prepared to have a serious case wanderlust when you're scrolling through these awe-inspiring photographs of our Planet Earth.
70th anniversary of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb; the Doomsday Clock ticks on
To this day, the shadows of the victims lay imprinted on the walls of these cities. Here are some interesting facts about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how that tragedy changed the world.
August 05, 2015
12 oddball photos from around the world
The gallery of the strange and weird.
US hunter's dead giraffe photo creates furore
Sabrina Corgatelli, a university accountant from Idaho, who gleefully posted images of herself on big game hunts is finding herself at the defensive end against online criticism after about the Facebook photos of herself with her kills, including a giraffe, from a recent legal hunt in South Africa.
August 04, 2015
West Bengal, Gujarat, Odisha, Rasjasthan experience nature's wrath
More than 180 people have lost their lives and nearly one crore people were affected in floods in West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Odisha.
Democracy is being murdered: Sonia on Congress MPs' suspension
Former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh, former defence minister AK Antony, senior leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma also took part in the protest sporting black bands.
This cute hitchhiking robot didn't last 2 weeks in US
A hitchhiking robot that captured millions of hearts by successfully travelling across Canada and parts of Europe has met a violent end after being vandalised in the US, just two weeks into its cross-country trek.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT: No one died in these air crashes
Happy End' is a photo-project of 15 airplanes that had forced landings but all on board survived and were rescued.
August 03, 2015
DON'T MISS: Stunning photos of animals light up Empire State Building
Images of Cecil the lion and a number of the world's most endangered animals were projected on to the side of the Empire State Building.
20 STUNNING photos of the month: July
We bring you a presentation of some of the best photos from around the world in the month gone by
August 02, 2015
PHOTOS: Floods, landslide devastate Bengal, Manipur, Odisha
It is a complete mayhem in West Bengal, Manipur and Odisha with more than 60 dead
PHOTOS: How army saved drowning baby in flood-hit Gujarat
From restoring railway tracks to rescuing a drowning mother and her baby, and even a dog, the Indian Army and air force officers have come handy in the flood-hit areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
July 31, 2015
Blue moon rising: Stunning images of the night sky
Clear skies helped provide a view of a rare blue moon.
July 30, 2015
Photos: Mahim on the edge as Memon's body comes home
The body of Yakub Memon, who was hanged in Nagpur Central Jail on Thursday morning for his role in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, arrived home in Mahim locality of the metropolis.
Memons of Mahim: India's most 'infamous' family
Looking back at the history of the Memon family from March 12, 1993 to July 30, 2014
July 29, 2015
Thousands say goodbye as Kalam makes his way home
The body of the 'people's President' was brought down to Rameswaram from New Delhi in the afternoon.
The killing of Cecil, the beloved lion, has outraged the world
An American dentist is identified to be the hunter of Zimbabwe's most famous lion, and he's now receiving death threats on the Internet
NEVER seen before: Inside the White House bunker on 9/11
The United States National Archives has released never-before-seen photographs taken in the White House the day terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Centre that show how Dick Cheney and George Bush reacted as the horror unfolded.
July 28, 2015
PHOTOS: Farewell, President Kalam
People queued up to pay their final respects to former President APJ Abdul Kalam.
Readers' Photos: When we met President Kalam
Rediff readers wrote emotionally about the passing of Dr Abdul Kalam while others sent in pictures of chance meetings with this humble physicist who was always available with an easy smile and some gentle words.
PHOTOS: Remembering the People's President
Here are photos from his life and career as India's pre-eminent defence scientist and one of the country's most popular president
July 27, 2015
Over 2,00,000 affected by Pakistan floods; death toll crosses 50
More than 50 people have been killed and over two lakh others affected by the floods caused by torrential rain across Pakistan, officials said on Monday.
15 jaw-dropping photos of the week that was
A round-up of our favourite photographs from the week gone by
July 26, 2015
IN PHOTOS: Plane crashes into homes in Tokyo
An airplane crashed into a residential area in Tokyo on Sunday, setting fire to several houses and reportedly killing three people.
#KargilVijayDiwas: Honouring the brave
To commemorate the anniversary of the Kargil war, various tributes and homages kickstarted in various parts of India.
July 24, 2015
20,000 crocs in 37 years: Meet the real Crocodile Hunter
Crocodile Mick was taught all about crocodile hunting from his stepfather and mentor German Jack.
July 23, 2015
El Chapo's blinged-up kids flaunt their outrageous lifestyle
An insight into the flamboyant, violent lives of El Chapo's children
July 22, 2015
PHOTO: Is this the world's oldest Quran?
Radiocarbon dating found the manuscript to be at least 1,370 years old, making it among the earliest in existence.
PHOTOS: They cracked the Rubik's Cube with their toes
Glimpses from the Rubik's Cube World Championship that saw contenders speedily work their fingers, racing against the clock.
The First Family photo album
World leaders and politicians make it a point to take some time off from their hectic schedules and spend it with their loved ones.
July 20, 2015
Images that will make you go OMG!
Photographs from moments that shaped the world last week.
July 18, 2015
PHOTOS: A violent Eid in Kashmir
Protests rocked parts of Kashmir Valley including Srinagar on Saturday where Pakistan and Islamic State flags were yet again displayed by masked youths after Eid prayers.
Photos: Eid Mubarak: Hugs, selfies, tweets & more
After a pious month of fasting and prayers, Muslims across the world celebrated Eid with great fervour.
July 17, 2015
They did not deserve to be shot out of the sky: Australia mourns MH17 crash
Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, "We owe it to the dead to bring the guilty to justice".
OMG! Man spots crocodile on Goa beach
Nilesh Bagkar was out on his morning walk on Wednesda, when he spotted a crocodile on Goa's Morjim beach.
When US President Obama was in prison
US President Barack Obama made history when he became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison.
Happy the animal will never see the light of day: Colorado gunman found GUILTY
Will James Holmes face death is the next question jurors will be asked after finding him guilty.
Rhythm of Ramzan: A glimpse around the world! takes a look at the enthralling spectacle that is the month of Ramazan.
July 16, 2015
On the dusty road again: Rahul marches 8 km in Rajasthan
The Congress VP attacked the PM and said that the party would not let the BJP proceed on the land bill.
FIRST PHOTOS: A whole new world on Pluto
The mind-blowing dwarf planet has ice mountains and water
PHOTOS: Inside El Chapo's escape tunnel takes a look at the marvel of engineering, criminal ingenuity and dauntless malefaction with which 'El Chapo' escaped from his confinement.
MUST SEE: Beachgoers helped rescue stranded shark
Bystanders kept their distance but worked to pour water over the gills of the massive predator.
July 15, 2015
REVEALED: Moments before drug lord El Chapo's daring jail break
World's most notorious drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman bends over in the shower of his prison cell and never resurfaces
This is what happened in a daylight shootout in Gurgaon
The SUV driver in his bid to escape the firing rammed into three other stationary vehicles. The driver lost control of the SUV and it toppled over an auto rickshaw
The extremely BIZARRE photo album
These images from across the globe tell us that it is a bizarre world out there!
Greetings from Pluto: NASA probe survives flyby, phones home
NASA has confirmed its New Horizons probe worked flawlessly on its flight past Pluto.
PHOTOS: Holy hai! A glimpse of the Kumbh Mela at Nashik takes a look at the devout flock that attends the Simhastha Kumbh Mela to take a dip into the holy waters and purify themselves.
July 14, 2015
Hello Pluto!
The New Horizons probe flew past the dwarf planet at 5.19 pm (India Standard Time), capturing history's first close look at the distant world.
9-yr-old Shreya wows Obamas with 'garam masala' burger
Shreya was the only Indian-American to have been invited by the US First Lady.
PIX: Fandom 'suits up' for Comic-Con cosplay takes a look at which pop-culture icons made it to the Valhalla of fandom this year.
July 13, 2015
No aam aadmi here: Kejriwal's blockbuster iftar party
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's iftar party on Sunday was a political blockbuster.
PHOTOS: Here's how the world's bravest teen celebrated her 18th birthday
That she is no average teenager has been established time and again. As Malala Yousafzai turns 18, she opens a school for Syrian girls in a refugee camp.
OMG! These images are simply BRILLIANT
All the action from around the world last week, in case you missed it.
12 out-of-this-world photos of the starry sky
Celestial views of the Milky Way, Northern Lights, and comets hurtling through space are just some of the incredible images to have made the shortlist for the 2015 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.
July 10, 2015
PHOTOS: It's water, water everywhere in Kolkata
Heavy overnight rains lashed Kolkata leading to water-logging in many parts and slow traffic movement.
These photos from UK's Princess Charlotte's christening are too cute!
The first official photographs from the christening of Princess Charlotte were released on Thursday.
These INSANE death-defying stunts will leave you gasping!
A look at those who treat the idea of putting their life at risk as FUN!
July 09, 2015
Are you bullish enough to run this race?
Another year, another crazy Pamplona bull run. It's part of the San Fermin festival to celebrate the northern Spanish town's patron saint.
July 08, 2015
PHOTOS: Himachal Pradesh on alert after incessant rain, landslides
Heavy rain alert continued in Himachal Pradesh as the monsoon intensified in the various districts of the state.
PHOTOS: Modi's bag of gifts for Kazakh president
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gifted Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev a set of books relating to religions born in India.
The unbelievably wacky world we live in!
10 photos from an odd, odd world.
Are you a selfie addict? 10 landmarks you CAN'T visit
A guide to where you can't use the selfie stick.
July 07, 2015
Britain marks 10th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings
The threat from terrorism continues to be as real as it was ten years ago, but Britian will never cowed by it, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday.
PHOTOS: PM Modi charms Uzbekistan
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the first leg of his eight-day visit to Central Asia and Russia. Here are top moments from his visit
July 06, 2015
UK's Prince George's look of love on sister's big day
It may have been Britain's Princess Charlotte's big moment in the spotlight but Prince George stole the show at the royal christening.
12 awesome photos that will leave you stunned
Top moments from around the world in the week that was.
July 03, 2015
WTF News! It's Weird, True and Funny
Here's your weekly digest of the craziest stories from around the world.
Hema Malini's driver arrested; actress undergoes surgery
Actress and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Hema Malini's driver was on Friday arrested on charges of overspeeding and causing death by negligence after her Mercedes collided with another car, killing a four-year-old girl and injuring the actress along with four others last night.
July 02, 2015
When Nitish Kumar came knocking on your door
The CM knocked doors of 10 households in Pachim Darwaza.
Europeans sweat and soak in sizzling summer
The heatwave, brought on by a mass of hot air flowing north from Africa to Europe in recent days, has enveloped Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and northern Italy, and is expected to last several days and extend further north.
July 01, 2015
PHOTOS from the weird, wacky world!
These 10 images prove it's a mad, mad world
PHOTOS: Inside the stunning, yet controversial Dholpur Palace
Here's a sneak peek into the grand Dholpur palace.
AWESOME photographs of the month: June
Here are some of the best photos from around the world in the month gone by...
PHOTOS: Get, set, trek 3,888 meters to Amarnath
Amid tight security arrangements, the annual Amarnath yatra commenced from Jammu as the first batch of 1,280 pilgrims left for the cave shrine in the South Kashmir Himalayas.
June 30, 2015
Uproar inside Delhi assembly: BJP MLAs break mike, tear papers
The last day of the budget session in the Delhi assembly witnessed uproar
PHOTOS: 116 feared dead after Hercules C-130 crashes in Indonesian city
According to reports, the Hercules C-130 plane hit a hotel and houses in the northern Sumatra city of Medan.
When Maharashtra CM ate vada pav in New York!
Fadnavis in US on a tour to woo American investors enjoyed a reception in New York at the Pierre Hotel.
10 most DARING jailbreaks in history!
They broke free yet failed to evade the clutches of law.
June 29, 2015
Gay and proud: When the world turned into a rainbow
Signs with messages of love dotted parade routes around the world as millions took part in gay pride events from Toronto to San Francisco to Seoul.
AWWW! These proud dads posted #Selfiewithdaughters
Twitter was flooded with photos of dads with their daughters after PM Modi's Mann ki Baat.
You just CAN'T MISS these images
Here's a glimpse of all that happened around the world last week, in 14 images.
June 26, 2015
Historic day in US as Supreme Court legalises gay marriage
In a historic ruling, the US Supreme Court on Friday legalised same sex marriage, holding that gay people can get married in all 50 states of the country.
WTF News! It's Weird, True and Funny
Here's your weekly digest of the craziest and funniest stories from around the world.
Photographs that capture India's monsoon mayhem brings you monsoon images from across the country
June 25, 2015
PHOTOS: Monsoon arrives a day early in Delhi
Delhiites woke up to a rain soaked pleasant morning on Thursday which brought down the temperature to 22.4° Celsius, six notches below the season's average.
38 killed, hundreds stranded as heavy rains lash Gujarat
Heavy rains triggered by a deep depression in the weather system claimed as many 38 lives in Gujarat on Wednesday.
The 10 most expensive taxi rides around the world takes a look at the minimum taxi fare in other big cities around the globe on a day when auto rickshaw and taxi fares have been hiked in Mumbai
Ramzan in photos: Millions fast and pray during the holy month brings you glimpses of how Muslims across the globe are observing the month of fasting and the holiest period for the Islamic faith.
Boston bomber issues first apology as he is formally sentenced to death
"I would like to now apologise to the victims, to the survivors," he told a Boston court shortly before being formally sentenced to death for the bombing. "I want to ask forgiveness of Allah and his creation."
June 24, 2015
PHOTOS: Pakistan heat wave death toll jumps to 1200
Over 1,200 people have died in Pakistan's Sindh province because of a heat wave described as the worst in decades, as major hospitals in Karachi struggled to cope with the unprecedented influx of patients seeking treatment for heatstroke-related illness.
PHOTOS: UK parliament transforms into House of Yoga
British lawmakers led by prominent Indian-origin entrepreneur Karan Bilimoria performed yoga in the United Kingdom parliament, celebrating the first International Yoga Day.
June 23, 2015
Heavy rains leave Mumbai crawling yet again
Mumbaikars travelling to work faced a harrowing time on Tuesday morning owing to waterlogging caused by the incessant rain since Monday night.
REWIND: BEST images in the last 24 hours
Here's a collection of some of the best photos from around the world shot by ace Reuters photographers in the last 24 hours.
June 22, 2015
Amazing grace of Charleston: US church holds first service since massacre
Churches around Charleston rang their bells in solidarity with Emanuel AME.
20 amazing snaps, believe it or not, shot using an iPhone
Here are some of the best iPhone photos taken this year.
PHOTOS: When New York's Time Square turned into yoga square
Some 30,000 enthusiastic people performed the ancient spiritual practice, celebrating the first UN International Yoga Day.
June 21, 2015
#InternationalYogaDay: Incredible images from India
Amid chants of 'Om' and recitation of 'Mantras' for universal peace, millions across the globe today joined in spectacular celebrations to mark the inaugural International Day of Yoga, in a tribute to the ancient Indian spiritual and exercise discipline known to balance mind, body and spirit.
PHOTOS: The world gets its asanas right
The pictures tell the story of the grand success of the first International Yoga Day.
PHOTOS: Mantris keep calm and do yoga brings you the government's Yoga Day photo album.
PHOTOS: Top 12 'asanas' that Modi practised on Yoga Day takes you through to NaMo's yoga class.
PHOTOS: On Yoga Day, PM shows how it's done
Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the early morning session on the first International Yoga Day at Rajpath in New Delhi.
June 19, 2015
#MumbaiRains: Dramatic photos by readers
The most dramatic images of the Mumbai rains sent in by our readers.
#MumbaiRains: Send us your pictures
#MumbaiRains are here and they've brought the city to a standstill. Post your pictures here.
June 18, 2015
Mumbai slows down as rains lash city
On Thursday, the city witnessed traffic jams due to heavy rains.
On Day 4 of OROP strike, ex-servicemen are ready to sacrifice their lives
Soldiers remain firm in their protest against the delay in the implementation of the One Rank One Pension scheme.
Coming soon: Only 'Hindu trees' in Mumbai?
Mumbai, whose presiding deity is wealth, could soon Hindu trees all over the city, if Hanumant Raje, the Shiv Sena-nominated member of the city's Tree Authority who has proposed that only trees like peepal and banyan, which are "revered in Hindu culture", be planted across the metropolis.
PIX: Meet India's 10 most renowned yoga gurus
Yoga has been an intrinsic part of Indian ethos for over 5,000 years. While India is champing at the bit ahead of International Yoga Day that falls on Jun 21, Swati Snigdha Suar lists out the ten most famous yoga gurus of the country:
June 17, 2015
Congress workers burn PM, Swaraj effigies over Modigate
The protesters started marching towards the PM's residence shouting slogans and holding anti-government placards.
Standing tall: Charles Correa's ICONIC buildings
India's greatest contemporary architects Charles Correa died on Tuesday night at the age of 84. He was best known for his "open-to-sky" designs, which were reflected in some of his famous projects. takes a look at some popular buildings that got the Correa touch.
Gallery of the strange: Weird, wild and strange photos
These 12 photographs show what a mad, mad world we live in!
June 15, 2015
Not just Portugal. Check out where Lalit Modi's been, with who
Lalit Modi has been living quite the high life.
June 14, 2015
Real life Jumanji! When a hippo roamed the streets of Georgia's capital
The capital of Georgia has been placed on lockdown after heavy flooding destroyed enclosures at the city's zoo allowing tigers, lions, jaguars, wolves, jackals and a hippo to escape and roam the streets.
In fight for OROP, ex-soldiers launch nationwide protests
Thousands of ex-servicemen across the country on Sunday converged at Delhi's Jantar Mantar to protest over the delay in implementation of the 'One Rank, One Pension' scheme.
June 13, 2015
PHOTOS: Major fire in oil pipeline near Mumbai Port Trust
A fire broke out because of a suspected leakage in an oil pipeline passing through a land owned by the Mumbai Port Trust in Wadala in central Mumbai, but no one was injured.
Adorable alert! Prince George steals Queen's birthday show
An excited Prince George watched his first Trooping the Colour parade to mark his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's birthday in London.
June 12, 2015
Flood fury in Assam: Over 3 lakh people affected
The rains have unleashed in Assam affecting close to two lakh people
June 11, 2015
Pedalling to safer streets: Mumbai cops to patrol city on cycles
The project has been started on a trial basis during which 24 bicycles -- eight for beaches and 16 for streets -- will be used.
In PHOTOS: A desperate thirst
Reuters photographer Soe Zeya Tun captures the plight of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants who were rescued off Myanmar's southern coast last week from a boat carrying 734 people through these moving images.
The incredibly odd world we live in!
These 10 images show that it's an odd world out there.
June 10, 2015
PHOTOS: The INS Vikrant is HERE!
India on Wednesday undocked its first indigenously-built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.
STUNNING photos: Instagrammer follows girlfriend around the world to the altar
An instagramming couple has taken the best ever photos from around the world
SUNKEN: A look inside China's capsized ship takes a look inside the capsized Eastern Star ferry and finds remnants of the ruination of over 400 lives in its detritus.
June 09, 2015
SEVEN-UP: Even the world's most powerful know how to chill out
Here's a look at some of the more interesting sights at the G7 2015 summit.
ZEN OUT: Yoga moves in the most unthought-of locales
India is all set for a mega Yoga event on June 21. But before that watch these Yoga moves played out in the most 'out there' of locations.
June 07, 2015
PIX: Citizenry shows support for India, B'desh land deal
Marking a new high in bilateral ties, India and Bangladesh on Saturday sealed a historic deal to settle the 41-year-old land boundary dispute through exchange of territories, removing a major irritant in bilateral ties.
June 05, 2015
When undead monsters took to the streets around the world brings you images from some zombie events held in Finland, Sydney, Athens, Curitiba, Massachusetts and many other places.
June 03, 2015
Are these mermaids emerging from the water?
Hawaii-born Sean Yoro transforms dilapidated constructions by balancing on a paddle board to paint the enormous faces and figures.
Odd PHOTOS from a mad, mad world!
These images from across the globe tell that it is a crazy world out there.
June 02, 2015
PHOTOS: Heartbreak! Paris says au revoir to love locks
Paris, capital of romance, has started the heartbreaking process of removing thousands of love locks chained to the dreamy Pont des Arts Bridge by adoring couples.
Lights, action, music: Telangana celebrates turning 1
The Telangana government will be embarking on a week long celebration from Tuesday to observe its Formation Day.
View from 1,250 feet: One World Observatory opens
One World Observatory: Bird's eye view of NYC from 1,250 ft
June 01, 2015
The master builders of broken Nepal
Helping Hands, a group of young volunteers, hopes to rebuild a "stronger, prettier and a prouder Nepal" after the Himalayan nation was rattled by the April 25 earthquake. Anusha Subramanian reports from Kathmandu.
Stunning images of the month: May
We present some of the best photographs clicked across the globe in the month of May.
May 30, 2015
PHOTOS: BJP protest outside Kejriwal's house over plans to buy 'snooping equipment'
The Aam Aadmi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday trained guns at each other as they engaged in vociferous protests on separate issues in the national capital inviting police action.
May 29, 2015
PHOTOS: Desi kids co-crowned US Spelling Bee champs for second straight year
Indian American children maintained their complete dominance in the annual US Scripps National Spelling Bee contest by winning the prestigious competition for the eighth year in a row.
PHOTOS: Israel's Burning Man damages ancient archaeological site
Israel's answer to Burning Man, the quirky, week-long 'Midburn', concluded on Sunday, in the country's southern Negev desert.
May 27, 2015
When Priyanka walked hand in hand with the people of Rae Bareli
The Congress president's daughter held an exclusive session with the women.
As temperatures soar, death toll rises to 1,412
Stifling heat has killed more than 1,242 people in India in less than one week.
14 odd PHOTOS from a mad, mad world
These images from across the globe tell that it is a crazy world out there!
BSF@50: A lensman's tribute to the Borderman
The paramilitary force, set up in December 1, 1965, is India's first line of defence and has the distinction of being world's largest border guarding force.
4 attackers killed as Taliban targets Kabul guesthouse again
Four gunmen trying to storm a guesthouse in the diplomatic area of Afghanistan's Kabul have been killed, say the police.
PHOTOS: The gothic horror show!
With 18,000 to 20,000 regular attendants, the Wave-Gotik-Treffen is one of the largest events of the Goth-, Cybergoth-, Steampunk and Rivethead- subcultures worldwide.
May 26, 2015
India's killer heat wave has now killed 852 people
The death toll due to severe heat wave sweeping Andhra Pradesh has risen to 852 with the scorching weather claiming 202 lives in Prakasam district alone, officials said.
May 25, 2015
PHOTOS: Mathura all set for PM's mega rally to mark one year in office
Preparations are in full swing for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura, which will mark beginning of the Bharatiya Janata Party's celebration of its first year in office.
PHOTOS: Heat wave kills 500 in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
The death toll due to intense heatwave sweeping Telangana and Andhra Pradesh crossed the 500 figure on Monday, disaster management officials said in Hyderabad.
REWIND: Stunning PHOTOS of the week that was
Here's a glimpse of all that happened around the world last week, in 16 images
May 22, 2015
Pakistani flags raised again in J-K, protesters clash with cops
Violence once again erupted in the Kashmir Valley when a group of people began to wave Pakistan and terror group Lashkar-e-Tayiba flags.
May 21, 2015
PIX: Iconic ancient city in Islamic State clutches
The fate of the UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra seems to be tragically sealed as the Islamic State militia gained control of the Syrian city.
Delhi battles three fires in three hours
At least three fires broke out in different locations of Delhi today. No casualties were, however, reported from any of the fires.
Michelle Obama reveals how to workout FLOTUS style
Michelle has posted a workout video online that shows her pumping iron, crunching abs and smacking a punch-bag.
When a fighter jet landed on the Yamuna Expressway
In a first, a Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft successfully landed on the Yamuna Expressway.
May 20, 2015
PHOTOS: Sizzling summers are here!
Here are some pictures of people who found interesting methods to avoid suffering under the fiery sun.
Odd PHOTOS from a mad, mad world!
These images from across the globe tell us how crazy the world out there is!
May 19, 2015
Of talks and trade: Modi's South Korea visit
Here are some of the best moments from PM Modi's South Korea visit
May 17, 2015
PHOTOS: The adventures of Modi in Mongolia
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a rather eventful day out in Mongolia. Amid his packed schedule he made time to play a fiddle, try his hand at archery and of course click a selfie. :)
Modi's 'selfie diplomacy' moves to Mongolia
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose selfie with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang grabbed eyeballs across the globe, on Sunday, extended his 'selfie diplomacy' to Mongolia by clicking one with President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.
Mongolia is an integral part of India's Act East Policy: PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday discovered a "special connection" with Mongolia when he entered the Buddhist country's Parliament to deliver a speech, the first foreign leader to do so on Sunday -- a holiday.
May 16, 2015
Meet Prince Harry, the crocodile hunter!
Photographs of Prince Harry wrestling a monster crocodile in the Northern Territory from the water have emerged
May 15, 2015
PHOTOS: After business, it's time for yoga, selfies
Here are some of the best moments from Day 2 of his visit.
Rahul 'padyatra': Modi govt trying to snatch farmers' land for corporates
Gandhi kicked off his 15-km padyatra from Koritical village in Adilabad district to highlight the problems faced by farmers.
Seen these stunning glimpses of India from space?
For the past week, NASA astronaut Terry W Virts has been flying over India. He has chronicled his journey through numerous stunning images and fabulous videos on his Twitter page.
WTF News! It's Weird, True and Funny
Here's your weekly digest of the craziest stories from around the world.
May 14, 2015
Modi in China: To the 14th Century and back
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday visited the Xi'an City Wall which is the oldest and the largest surviving wall of its kind in China and was given a traditional Tang dynasty welcome at the historic site.
Jolted again: Toll in fresh Nepal quake climbs to 110
The death toll in Nepal from this week's earthquake has risen to 110, authorities said on Thursday even as a fresh tremor, measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale, was felt in Nepal on Thursday.
Modi's China visit: Among monks and warriors
Some of the best moments from PM Modi's China visit.
May 12, 2015
Indian PMs who made it to the Time cover
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it to the cover of the Time Magazine. A look at 5 other Indian PMs who have been featured in the past.
This probably is the toughest contest on the planet
Are you one of those who dare to defy the odds? Are you game on taking on obstacles that push the barriers of physical strength and mental grit? Then Tough Mudder is where you ought to be.
This Picasso masterpiece sets world record for art at auction
A painting by Pablo Picasso has set a new world record for the most expensive artwork to be sold at an auction.
May 11, 2015
IN PICTURES: Tornadoes, floods and hail batter Central US
Six people were pulled out of their homes after thunderstorms dumped up to six inches in the southern part of Oklahoma City, prompting authorities to issue a flood warning.
PHOTOS: Stunning moments from the week gone by
Moments that shaped the world from the week that was
May 09, 2015
PIX: On 'Victory Day', Russia displays its might
Russia on Saturday staged a grand military parade in Moscow to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in the presence of several world leaders, including President Pranab Mukherjee, even as Western powers boycotted the event due to a standoff over Ukraine.
Indian Army wins hearts at Russia's Victory Day parade
The 75-member team of Indian Army's Grenadiers, which on Saturday participated in the event to commemorate Russia's victory in the Great Patriotic War, won hearts in Moscow for their marching skills, height and uniform.
May 08, 2015
Meet Britain's youngest MP since 1667!
Black will be the youngest MP since 13-year-old Christopher Monckton won in 1667 when she takes her seat at Westminster later this month.
WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny
This week's collection of stories that prove we live in a truly mad, mad world
May 07, 2015
UK polls: Millions begin casting votes in knife-edged general election
Polling began on Thursday in the United Kingdom in one of the closest general elections seen in decades.
Welcome to the home of strange!
These photos prove we live in an odd, odd world!
Clowns bring smile and laughter in quake-hit Nepal
In Nepal, where more than 7,500 people were killed and hundreds of thousands left homeless by the earthquake, therapeutic medical clowning is being used as an integrated component of care for adult and pediatric patients and their families.
May 06, 2015
UK: Leaders in last minute dash on eve of 'most unpredictable' polls
United Kingdom will go to the polls on Thursday. This election is being dubbed the most unpredictable of all time.
Post-quake renovations begin in Nepal; toll nears 7,700
Nepalese authorities initiated post-quake renovation works on Wednesday, including inspection of homes to evaluate safety.
The key witnesses in the Salman Khan case presents the key witnesses involved in the Salman Khan 2002 hit-and-run case.
It's AMAZING what Indians do to set World Records presents some of the oddest Guinness world records held by Indians.
May 05, 2015
REWIND: Best images in the past 24 hours
Here's a collection of some of the best photos from around the world shot in the last 24 hours.
May 04, 2015
'May the Fourth be with you!' Fans celebrate Star Wars Day
Star Wars fans, who are eagerly awaiting the release of the seventh film in the saga, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, love to meet up and dress up as their favourite characters to watch the movies together and socialise.
Nature's fury turns Nepal into a ghost town
The scenic mountainous valley, which earlier bustled with presence of foreign tourists, now wear a deserted look. Kunal Dutt reports
48 hours, 5,500 migrants rescued: Italy's daring rescue ops
The Italian coastguard coordinated one of its largest rescue operations to date, saving 5,500 people on Saturday and Sunday as smugglers took advantage of calm seas to send migrants across the Mediterranean.
May 03, 2015
Here come the grandparents and aunt Pippa: Royal baby gets first visitors
Close family members on Sunday visited Kensington Palace to see Prince William and wife Kate Middleton's new baby daughter.
Alice, Charlotte, Diana? Guessing game for Britain's royal baby's name
Britain's newborn princess has spent her first night at home in Kensington Palace - but the guessing game continues over what her name will be.
Yoga fever reaches Capitol Hill in US
Yoga has conquered the last bastion in the US -- the Congress
Death toll exceeds 7,000 as Nepal says no chance of more survivors
The death toll in Nepal's devastating earthquake on Sunday jumped to 7,040 with another 14,123 people injured.
April 30, 2015
After quake, frustrated Nepalese protest over slow relief efforts
People in the interior parts of the country are yet to receive any aid.
PHOTOS: When Obama took a tea break
US President Obama -- accompanied by National Teacher of the Year Shanna Peeples of Amarillo, Texas -- left the White House for a block-long walk to a tea shop.
'Don't lose heart, we will stand by you,' Rahul tells Vidarbha farmers
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the Modi government of "abandoning" farmers at a time when the country is faced with an agrarian crisis.
April 29, 2015
82 hours trapped with three dead bodies: A survivor's story
The man was trapped inside a hotel in Nepal for 82 hours alongside three dead bodies before a search-and-rescue team pulled him out.
Top 10 world leaders who reap the power of hashtag
According to Twiplomacy, a study conducted by global public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller, United States Barack Obama is the most followed leader on the microblogging site, followed by Pope Francis, Narendra Modi, and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the White House.
April 28, 2015
PIX: Of shattered lives and a country in ruins
Capital city Kathmandu is in ruins, its wounded residents live with fear and hunger in camps, fearful of returning to their homes... if they are still standing.
ICYMI: Top moments from the week gone by
Catch up on all the events that shaped the world last week.
April 27, 2015
'Mini-cyclone' kills 45, injures 200 in Pakistan
A 'mini-cyclone' coupled with torrential rains tore through northwest Pakistan's Peshawar Valley.
Tourists fight to leave Nepal, chaos at Kathmandu airport
Chaos prevailed at Nepal's only international airport with hundreds waiting to be evacuated from the earthquake-ravaged country.
In Nepal, rescue teams race against time to help people
Ten teams of the NDRF have begun full-fledged relief and rescue operations on the third day of the disaster in quake-hit Nepal.
History comes crashing down in Nepal
A comparative feature that reveals the true extent of the damage caused by Saturday's earthquake to Nepal's history.
India evacuates 2,246 citizens from Nepal
The Indian Air Force flew 12 sorties to bring back Indian nationals, including many children.
Death toll in Nepal hits 4,000 amid hunt for survivors
The death toll from Nepal's earthquake has risen to over 3,700, two days after the devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale struck the Himalayan nation.
April 23, 2015
Kejriwal effigies burnt at farmer suicide protest rally
Youth Congress and BJP workers staged protests in Delhi a day after a farmer committed suicide at an AAP rally.
PHOTOS: How crooks got away with London's Rs 569 crore heist
Photographs released by the London police show how the gang neatly tunnelled into the vault through concrete walls to ransack 72 security boxes over the Easter weekend.
April 22, 2015
Modi has betrayed farmers, his govt works for the super-rich: Kejriwal
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday trained guns on the Narendra Modi government, charging that the country's farmers were being led to a suicide by an administration that is only interested in stealing their land.
April 21, 2015
Any day now! Wait for Britain's royal baby is on
As the due date of Britain's royal baby number two looms near, fans have gathered outside Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital.
WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny
Here's your weekly dose of stories that are weird, true and funny!
And the world's most influential leaders are...
We take a look at Time magazines top world leaders.
April 18, 2015
Back to the grind: Rahul meets farmers ahead of big comeback rally
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was back in action on Saturday after he met farmers over land bill in Delhi, a day before the party's big kisan rally.
Violence breaks out in Kashmir protests; youth killed in firing
A young man was killed and two others injured in firing by the Central Reserve Police Force on Saturday during protests in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir where a strike has been called by the hardline Hurriyat faction against the killing of two youths in Tral earlier this week.
April 17, 2015
Barriers have turned into bridges, says PM Modi in Canada
Winding up his visit to Canada, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was a historic trip that will herald a new era of cooperation between the two countries.
April 16, 2015
Alam, Geelani effigies burnt, 'arrest them' chants break out in Jammu
Protests broke out in several areas in Jammu on Thursday against raising of Pakistani flags and pro-Pakistan slogans at the rally held by separatist leaders in Srinagar on Wednesday.
April 15, 2015
Gone girls: A year on, world remembers #Bringbackourgirls
It has been a year since Islamic militant group Boko Haram abducted 276 teenage girls from their school dormitories in northeastern Nigeria.
April 14, 2015
She defied every Afghan who didn't want to see her fly
Rahmani is today an International Women of Courage Award recipient for her determination to become a military pilot and face day-to-day threats and challenges from people who disapproved of her career and ambition.
PHOTOS: Sultans of bling: Brunei prince weds in glitter & gold
It was a wedding that redefined opulence. Prince Abdul Malik, son of the Sultan of Brunei -- one of the wealthiest men on the planet -- on Sunday married former systems data analyst Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah in a spectacular ceremony at the monarch's 1,788-room palace in Brunei's capital.
April 13, 2015
Modi takes chai pe charcha to Germany
Best moments from PM Narendra Modi's trip to Germany.
Ready for Hillary: She drives around in Scooby, has a belly laugh gathers digs deep, to bring you interesting facts about the Democrat and the former White House First Lady.
Modi's op-ed in German newspaper
Prime Minster Narendra Modi's op-ed in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeines talks about development, New Age India and his 'Make in India' campaign. Here's the complete text of the column.
Meet Pakistan's first female auto driver
Zara Aslam, an environmentalist did something that very few would dream of. She began her own all-female auto service
Hillary Clinton announces, 'I'm running for president'
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her United States presidential bid, emerging as one of the top contenders for the Democratic Party nomination as she once again seeks to become America's first woman president.
18 INTERESTING photos from around the world
A round-up of our favourite photographs of the week gone by.
April 11, 2015
Bonjour Modi! Best moments from PM's France visit
Top moments from PM Modi's France visit
April 10, 2015
WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny
This week's digest of stories that are weird, true and funny.
April 09, 2015
Sena launches 'vada, misal' protest against Shobhaa De
Shobhaa De's remarks are an insult to Maharashtra, Marathi language and culture, said Sena's Sanjay Raut.
World's best PHOTOS taken using cellphones
Sony World Photography Awards recently announced the winners of its first-ever mobile phone photography category.
POWER selfies: Top politicos show you how it's done has compiled a few photographs to show you the kind of selfies our world leaders have taken a fancy to. Different strokes for different folks, eh?
April 08, 2015
PHOTOS: Amitabh, Prince Aga Khan receive Padma Vibhushan
Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Prince Karim Aga Khan were among the eminent personalities awarded the Padma Vibhushan, country's second highest civilian honour, by President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi on Wednesday.
India to end air evacuation from Yemen on high note
The Indian Navy has done the impossible. Amidst heavy firing and war-like conditions, they have been able to evacuate 4,000 Indians from the strife-stricken country.
April 07, 2015
Heard of these bizarre Indian village myths?
A country as diverse as India has some of the strangest rituals and traditions. From bizarre ways to cure illnesses to an unusual matrimony to please the rain gods...the things people do here must be seen to be believed.
April 06, 2015
BEST moments from the week gone by
12 images from events that shaped the world in the week that was.
March 31, 2015
Woof! 'Robodog' Brutus learns to walk on artificial limbs
A two-year-old canine quadruple amputee is amazingly back on his feet, becoming only the second dog ever known to have four prosthetic limbs.
The Leaning Tower moves to China!
China brings the world to its doorstep with scale replicas of famous tourist destinations from across the world.
March 30, 2015
PHOTOS: The wettest March in 100 years
This month has been the "wettest" March in northern and central parts of the country in the past 100 years, the Indian Meteorological Department said on Sunday, and predicted more rains in the coming two weeks.
PHOTOS of the week that was
10 stunning moments from the week gone by
'Open the damn door': Germanwings captain's last words before the crash
A leaked transcript of Flight 9525's final terrifying minutes reveal Captain Patrick Sondheimer's desperate attempts to stop Andreas Lubitz from apparently sending the plane into a death-dive killing himself and the 149 people aboard.
March 29, 2015
Heavy rains leaves Kashmir reeling, but no flood threat
Incessant rains since Saturday evening have triggered panic and fears of fresh floods in Kashmir
March 28, 2015
India set to get a step closer to desi GPS with IRNSS-1D launch
The stage is set for the launch of India's satellite IRNSS-1D on Saturday from Sriharikota onboard workhorse PSLV-C27 that would pave the way for the country's own navigation system on par with the GPS of United States.
March 27, 2015
Achche din: Modi, Satyarthi are 'world's greatest leaders'; Obama not
Modi is ranked fifth on the 2015 roster of 'World's Greatest Leaders' with Satyarthi coming in at the 28th spot.
WTF NEWS: It's Weird, True and Funny!
Here's this week of truly crazy and mad stories that will make you laugh.
Did split with girlfriend push Germanwings pilot to crash plane?
Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who deliberately crashed Flight 9525, was once suffering from depression; had confessed to 'burnout'
2 missing, 25 injured in massive explosion in New York building
Two persons are still unaccounted for following a massive "gas-related" explosion that razed three buildings to the ground and left 25 injured, four of them critically.
Meet Syria's young soldiers of misfortune
With their childhood reduced to rubble in the ongoing strife, these kids are easy recruits for rebels and ISIS alike.
March 26, 2015
Germanwings pilot locked out of cockpit before crash: Report
Evidence from a cockpit voice recorder, retrieved from the crash site in the French Alps, indicated that one pilot left the cockpit before the plane's descent and was unable to get back inside, The New York Times reports.
Mystery over Germanwings airbus crash deepens
The story behind the horrific crash of the Lufthansa's Germanwings airbus that claimed the lives of 150 people onboard could take some more time to unravel.
March 24, 2015
6 deadliest air crashes in recent times takes a look at the major aviation disasters of recent times.
When IT Act's Sec 66A was used to muzzle free speech
Before the Supreme Court struck down Sec 66A of the IT Act, it was used with devastating effect against anyone posting critical comments online.
This man's best friend is....
A lion hugging a human is definitely not something you see every day but for Valentin Gruener and Sirga the lion, it's their normal way to greet each other.
#BestPhotos: 15 top shots you will EVER see
The 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, the world's biggest photography competition, has announced the shortlists.
March 23, 2015
On Pakistan Day, MoS Singh dines with separatists
Minister of State for External Affairs Minister V K Singh on Monday represented the government at the Pakistan National Day reception.
Modi's tour de Punjab: PM pays homage to martyrs, visits Golden Temple
"On martyrdom day, I pay my respects to Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who sacrificed their life for the nation," PM said in a statement.
The life and legacy of Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father and first prime minister, passed away on Monday at the age of 91.
Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, dies at 91
Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father and first prime minister, died on Monday at the age of 91 of severe pneumonia.
10 INTERESTING photos from the week gone by
We bring you a collection of some of the best photographs taken this week by ace photographers.
March 22, 2015
PHOTOS: When the 'tide of the century' hit France
A supertide turned France's famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island and then retreated out of sight, delighting thousands of visitors who came to see the rare phenomenon.
10 fire tenders and 30 mins later, blaze at Parliament under control
A major fire broke out in the AC plant of the Parliament complex on Sunday afternoon.
March 20, 2015
Stunning PHOTOS of a rare solar eclipse
Parts of the world on Friday witnessed a solar eclipse
PHOTOS: Sydney cafe reopens 3 months after deadly siege
A Sydney cafe that was the scene of a deadly 16-hour siege reopened on Friday, over three months after two hostages died in the terrorist attack staged by a Iran-born gunman inspired by the Islamic State militant group.
March 19, 2015
Rambo of Iraq takes on Islamic State
A bearded, axe-wielding warrior known as "Iraq's Rambo" is being feted as the hero of the battle to reclaim Tikrit.
March 18, 2015
Netanyahu celebrates surprise electoral landslide in Israel
Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party has claimed a stunning victory in the election.
PHOTOS: It's an odd world out there!
images that show the odd, odd world we live in.
Wacky villages: A look at strange cases of rural life
Somewhat weird, these offbeat villages will assuredly put to rest the notion that village life is uninteresting.
March 17, 2015
Groovy Michelle really likes to move it!
United States First Lady Michelle Obama has rhythm in her veins and she ain't afraid to show it.
March 16, 2015
Is Putin overthrown or he's had a secret baby?
Vladimir Putin is MIA (missing in action) and the Internet is obsessing over it!
PHOTOS: The Week that Was
Here's a look at the events that shaped the world last week.
March 14, 2015
Modi showers promise of achche din on Jaffna Tamils
Modi said he was glad that his trip "is one to wipe tears from the eyes of those who suffered".
Prayers, stupas & more: Modi's date with Sri Lankan history
"Looking forward to a wonderful day," Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets before he leaves Colombo. G Sudhakar Nair/PTI reports from Anuradhapura
March 13, 2015
PHOTOS: When rebel soldiers shed fatigues for high heels and gowns
Women from three main rebel battalions showed off their dinner dresses before they changed back to fatigues to receive prizes and roses,
A rare look inside Osama bin Laden's Afghan hideout
A rare look inside Osama bin Laden's Afghan hideout.
Kerala's fight club: Budget speech delivered as chair, mike thrown
Amid massive protests by the opposition in the Kerala assembly state Finance Minister K M Mani, facing corruption charges in the bar licence issue, presented the budget on Friday morning.
Modi becomes first Indian PM to visit Sri Lanka in 28 years
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday flew into Colombo in the early hours for a historic visit during which he is expected to hold talks with the country's top leadership.
Highest paid world leaders: Obama tops, Modi 12th
According to recent official data here is how world leaders' salaries stack up.
March 12, 2015
WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny
This week's collection of stories that prove we live in a truly mad, mad world.
Sonia and Co rally to defend Manmohan
Congress leaders led by Sonia Gandhi marched from the Congress headquarter in New Delhi to the residence of Manmohan Singh to express solidarity with the former prime minister, who has been summoned as accused by a court in a coal scam case.
PHOTOS: Devastating homemade weapons of Syria
The rebels in Syria, who lack the resources of Assad's government forces, have had to improvise and build their own bombs, missiles and mortar shells.
March 11, 2015
4 years on: Tears and prayers mark Japan's tsunami
Japan marks the fourth anniversary of a quake-tsunami disaster that swept away thousands of people.
March 10, 2015
Face dark reality of sexual violence: Freida's powerful message to India
The BBC documentary, depicting the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of Nirbhaya in 2012, has premiered in the United States with Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, Frieda Pinto and actor-director Farhan Akhtar in attendance as a show of support for the film banned in India.
Odd PHOTOS from a mad, mad world
These images from across the globe tell that it is a crazy world out there!
March 09, 2015
PHOTOS: Another manic Monday in Kashmir, courtesy heavy snowfall
Kashmir witnessed the season's heaviest snowfall.
On Selma anniversary, thousands march to mark 'Bloody Sunday'
With a nod to ongoing US racial tension and threats to voting rights, President Barack Obama declared the work of the Civil Rights Movement advanced but unfinished on Saturday during a visit to the Alabama Bridge that spawned a landmark voting law.
Stunning photos from the week gone by
Images of the events that shaped the world last week.
March 08, 2015
Hello ladies, it's your day
Celebrating the Indian woman.
A year on, where is MH370?
Grieving families of the 239 people on board flight MH370 on Sunday marked the first anniversary of the world's biggest aviation mystery with
March 04, 2015
Skid row shooting: Protesters take to the streets against LAPD
The homeless man who was fatally shot by Los Angeles police on Sunday has outraged civil rights activists and fellow skid row residents.
March 03, 2015
PHOTOS: Holi, Vrindavan style!
They say if you really need to get a feel of vibrant India, head to Vrindavan during Holi
Mumbai's aquarium back, but it's still fishing for something...
Fish-lover Rajesh Karkera revisits Taraporevala Aquarium V.20 after decades and comes back with mixed feelings. Is this the new-look one the city was promised?
Sony Photo Awards: 12 STUNNING shots!
The 2015 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, the world's biggest photography competition, has announced the shortlists.
March 02, 2015
PHOTOS: Snow, white and the Valley
Umar Ganie/ captures some wow moments from snow-bound Kashmir
Afghanistan: 'Worst avalanche in 30 years' claims 250 lives
At least 250 people have died amid massive avalanches and flooding in Afghanistan.
Jammu-Srinagar highway closed after heavy snowfall
The crucial Jammu-Srinagar highway has been blocked
Awesome photos of the month: February
Awesome photos of the month: February Here are some of the best photographs clicked across the globe in the month of February.
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