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May 22, 2015
How these men and women are selflessly helping rebuild Nepal
Anusha Subramanian talks to some of these volunteers, who are helping out in far-flung Nepal villages.
May 21, 2015
VOTE: Your favourite Modi LOOK!
Presenting NaMo's various avatars. Vote and tell us which one is your favourite!
May 19, 2015
Modi@1: Is this what our armed forces were promised?
'The government has belied the hope that many harboured of change, efficiency and dismantling old practices as the defence ministry continues to pursue the same well trodden and wasteful path.' PM of firsts! How well do you know NaMo?
Take our quiz on PM Modi's first year in power and find out how well you know him.
May 18, 2015
Serving the living through the dead
Ashraf Palarakunnummal has one mission in life -- to ensure the dignity of the dead. This he does by seeing to it that expats who die in the Gulf are transported back to their home countries without too many hassles for the bereaved families.
May 15, 2015
Beyond great 'optics', no great push in Indo-China ties
Modi's arrival has changed the optics of the visit. There is a different demonstration of the confidence level in the Indian leadership, but not much has changed beyond that, reports Sheela Bhatt/
May 14, 2015
Modi@1: Pulse of the Nation Poll
Dear Reader, what do you think of Narendra Modi and his government's performance? Why Modi means business with China
Nationalism and a sense of pride will push Prime Minister Narendra Modi for harder negotiations on security issues, but his craving for faster development, investments and harmony with India's neighbours will ensure that his China visit is successful.
May 13, 2015
'The Nepalese are a courageous people'
Despite the devastation that has struck this tiny mountain nation, Dr Vani Kori - who volunteered her service in Nepal for 10 days - believes it will soon rebuild itself. Aftershocks haunt Nepal's villages, relief out of reach
Quake after quake continue to jolt the Himalayan nation. Aid is arriving in Nepal, but its far flung villages remain cut off, two weeks after the April 25 horror
May 12, 2015
Mr Modi, be wary of the Chinese!
'Chinese leaders rarely receive their foreign guests in cities other than Beijing. Such respect for India!'
May 08, 2015
Indian nurses at Yemen-Saudi border: 'Are we safe here?'
'In my hospital, there must be at least 150, 200 Indian nurses. There are other hospitals nearby, and my calculation is that there may be at least 600, 700 Indian nurses working there.' The war that changed the world
'The Russians? had risen to great heights of sacrifice and heroism and won a victory against Hitler and Nazism at such a tremendous cost in spite of being weighed down by the tyranny and oppression of Stalin.'
May 05, 2015
Inside Nepal: Escaping the avalanche to feed puri-bhaji to survivors
Three mountaineers escape the avalanche at Everest Base Camp, come back to Nepal and decide to get involved in the earthquake relief work, serving puris and vegetables to the affected families, reports Anusha Subramanian for
April 29, 2015
40 years on, lessons from the US defeat in Vietnam
'Vietnam has become an adjective as well as a verb -- the Americans, for instance, were driven by the passion to do a 'Vietnam' on the Soviet Union when that country invaded Afghanistan in 1979.' Survivor: 'I thought the summit was crashing; it all happened in 10 seconds'
For over two decades, Breeze Sharma dreamt of conquering the Everest. And when it did come true, he was staring at a life and death situation. The king who made his own calendar
Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh, was not just a poet, playwright, dancer and patron of the arts, says Payal Mohanka. He was a royal who hand-created his personal calendar. Earthquake in Delhi may claim 8 million lives, warns expert
Indian cities will go down like a pack of cards if hit by a powerful earthquake, seismologists tell Rashme Sehgal.
April 28, 2015
Court battle lays bare inner intrigues of Bohras' priestly family
The uncle versus nephew fight for the spiritual leadership of the Dawoodi Bohras enters the court-room, spilling family secrets and exposing the divide in the community. Jyoti Punwani reports.
April 27, 2015
'India is full of mysteries'
'We are dealing with a size of the world that equaled England and France combined. We are talking about 250 years of history.' Lalgarh: Once a Naxal hotbed, today riding towards development
Lalgarh, once a nerve centre of Naxal insurgency in West Bengal, now represents a different place.
April 26, 2015
Saving a legacy: Gaothans and Koliwadas
Categorising the original settlements of gaothans and koliwadas as slums, the authorities in Mumbai are keen to develop them into commercial complexes. The residents are unwilling to cede their rights. Ranjita Ganesan reports The 40-year journey of India's space programmes
From relying on Russia for its first satellite launch, India is fast becoming a global hub to launch satellites, says T E Narasimhan
April 24, 2015
The Scholar who loved India
'Professor C Y Bayly was undoubtedly the tallest of his generation. For so many of his students who were privileged to be taught by him he was much more than the rarest of rare scholar.' Professor Seema Alavi remembers a teacher who left an indelible imprint on India history. Netaji... a leader we'll never forget
Uttam Ghosh/ recalls the many ways in which he has been influenced by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
April 23, 2015
'Mera Naam Tera Naam, Vietnam-Vietnam!'
'America's withdrawal from Vietnam was an inspiring moment for all of us. We believed that it was a glorious victory of ideology and spirit and as historic as the defeat of the Nazis exactly 30 years ago,' remembers Kumar Ketkar 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War.
April 20, 2015
Is environment paying the price for development?
Rediff Labs investigates the link between environment and economy in countries around the world. Meet the Dashavatar
Glimpses of the Dashavatar, a popular art form from Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district. 'Cops fired the bullets, but the brain was somebody else'
'This is not the handiwork of ordinary sub inspectors and constables.'
April 18, 2015
How India brought over 5,000 evacuees back from war-torn Yemen
The evacuation mission mounted by the government helped more than 5,000 Indians leave war-torn Yemen. The author goes behind the scenes to find out how this was achieved
April 17, 2015
David Davidar remembers a master chronicler of India's history
'His genius lay in taking his books of history to another level altogether.'
April 16, 2015
'Police wanted to hide their mistakes, so they gunned them down'
'Every Muslim is painted with the same brush. We are one day linked to SIMI, the next day to Al Qaeda, to Pakistan-based terrorists and now ISIS.'
April 15, 2015
Will Mother Sonia prevail over Politician Sonia?
'Sonia is trying to become a politician again. Will she succeed?'
April 14, 2015
Truly, an outstanding soldier
'He was unlike anyone else I had met until then or ever since.' Lt Gen Ashok Joshi (retd) remembers one of India's most famous soldiers who passed away on Sunday. The good samaritans of Hashimpura
The families of the Muslim youth from Hashimpura who were shot dead 28 years ago had some committed supporters in their long struggle for justice.
April 12, 2015
Modi's Jayapur: Adarsh yes, but work's far from over
Jayapur, adopted by the prime minister, is reaping the benefits of his endorsement, causing resentment in villages nearby, says Manavi Kapur.
April 10, 2015
Where in the World is Rahul!!!
Uttam Ghosh's tongue-in-cheek look at what Rahul Gandhi may have been up to the last few weeks. The Air Chief Moolgavkar I knew
'He was an embodiment of old school courtesy and grace. It was embarrassing when he would insist on receiving and seeing off guests at the gate of his house! A trait he shared with another of great soldiers of India, Sam Manekshaw!' remembers Colonel Anil A Athale (retd). Hashimpura killings: The trial to nowhere
Right from the beginning, the State abdicated its responsibility in fixing the blame for the Hashimpura massacres or getting justice for the victims. From Rediff Archives: The strange case of Yakub Memon
Back in 2007,'s Sheela Bhatt had profiled Yakub after he was sentenced to death by the Terrorist and Disruptive Actives (Prevention) Act court for criminal conspiracy and financing air tickets to send co-conspirators for arms and RDX training to Pakistan.
April 08, 2015
The Top Editor who's also a Fine Novelist
'In the newsroom, the thought process is about understanding the story and trying to look beyond the obvious. The fiction-writing process is similar in many ways but more internal.' 'To wait for justice for 28 years, and to see them walk away...'
It's difficult to say who suffered more these 28 years: The men who survived the PAC shooting and the assaults in jail; or the women who lost their men in these custodial killings.
April 07, 2015
'All we could hear were gunshots and bombs exploding'
'If we were willing to go to Yemen, one can only imagine our condition. Only those who are desperate will go there.'
April 06, 2015
In Meerut, no cry of justice for Hashimpura victims
Twenty-eight years ago almost to the day, 37 unarmed Muslims were killed in cold blood, an act of wanton violence for which no one has so far been held guilty. Jyoti Punwani and photographer Uttam Ghosh visited the Meerut locality after the trial court recently acquitted the security personnel charged with the killings, and found a town untouched by its grim past. Yemen returnee: 'Government did a wonderful job'
'We could not sleep for many days. We kept hearing gunshots and blasts throughout the night.'
April 04, 2015
The man and the editor
Friends of Vinod Mehta came together to remember the man and his legacy. Poor Giriraj Singh, condemned for speaking the ugly truth
The Bharatiya Janata Party minister was merely voicing what we already know -- that most Indians are an inherently racist people, says Indulekha Aravind
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