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'He was shouting kaala kanoon vaapas lo'

December 13, 2023 17:03 IST
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'You can still smell the smoke in the Lok Sabha.'

IMAGE: A young man jumped from the Lok Sabha's visitors gallery and set off a smoke canister, December 13, 2023. Photograph: Sansad TV screen grab

Soon after two intruders jumped into the Lok Sabha from the visitors gallery, Dr Senthilkumar S, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam's member of Parliament from Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, described what happened on Wednesday to A Ganesh Nadar.

Zero Hour was on and we were listening to the speakers when we heard a loud sound.

We thought someone had fallen down from the visitors gallery. But when a second person jumped down we realised that the first one had also jumped and not fallen down.

The first person was rushing towards the Lok Sabha speaker shouting 'kaala kanoon vaapas lo', which means withdraw the black law. We don't know which law he was referring to as the entire Criminal Procedure Code is being rewritten.

Four to five MPs restrained the first man and prevented him from going towards the speaker. He then took off his shoe and withdrew a canister from it. He threw it, it was a smoke bomb, and some yellow smoke was seen.

The second man who had jumped down also threw another smoke canister and the House was filled with smoke. Both were restrained and arrested.

The government wants the House to continue and not make this a big issue.

You cannot get into Parliament without an invite from an MP. Both these young men were given invites by BJP MPs and that is why they are trying to say it is not an issue.

If it had been a Congress MP, then they would have treated it totally differently. After much ruckus they adjourned the House till 4 pm.

You can still smell the smoke in the House.

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