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3D Printer Creates Post Office!

Last updated on: August 25, 2023 16:30 IST
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IMAGE: That's India's first 3D-printed post office. Doesn't it look incredible? Photograph: ANI Photo

Watch the Heron Mark-2 drones in action.

The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

Also see: The floating shops on Dal lake

And a water lily farm on a terrace.

Videos chosen by you through your likes on iShare.


Wow! Look At That Bicycle
Location: Nashik

What do you do when you quit your job and start your own business?

Build a bicycle of course!

All Videos: ANI


Heron Mark-2 Guard India's Borders
Location: Forward Air Base (Northern Sector)

The Heron Mark-2 drones are the Wardens Of The North.

Part of the Indian Air Force's defence strategy in the northern sector, these drones have strike capability and can carry out surveillance along the borders with both China and Pakistan in a single sortie itself.

The IAF is also working on Project Cheetah, under which around 70 Heron drones are to be upgraded with satellite communication links.



A Water Lily Farm On A Terrace
Location: Vadodara

He wanted to beat the heat!

So guess what 54-year-old Raja Chadha, an inspection engineer and home gardener in Gujarat, did?

He grew, and continues to grow, over 200 varieties of aquatic plants on his terrace.


Maoist-Afflicted Village Finally Gets Electricity
Location: Sukma

In today's day and age, can you imagine living without electricity?

That was life in a Naxal-afflicted village called Elmagunda in Chattisgarh's Sukma district.

Now, imagine what happens the village gets electricity for the first time after India became Independent.


Dal Lake's Floating Shops
Location: Srinagar

Yes, yes, we've all heard about or seen them :)

But isn't it lovely to see the shikara market as it floats against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas in what is one of the most famous lakes in the country?



Spotted! Kiara Advani
Location: Mumbai

Doesn't she look lovely?


India's 1st 3D-printed Post Office
Location: Bengaluru

If you visit Bengaluru, do stop by at the Cambridge Layout Post Office that has been constructed using 3D printing technology.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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