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Saisuresh Sivaswamy

December 08, 2011
Dr Singh, the prime ministership of India is a political job
If the prime minister doesn't plan to step down post the FDI fiasco, he should get down to real governance -- and can start by having the numerous clowns in his court shut up
August 17, 2011
We, The Feeble
'Hazare is not the issue, and the government should not make him into one. Rather, it should focus on the issue he has voiced: Corruption that is depriving people of the mind-boggling welfare funds but for which India would already be a member of the Comity of Nations the prime minister often speaks about.'
January 20, 2011
PM walks softly, carries a big stick
'All those castigating the government for a feeble reshuffle are missing the point. Which is that the exercise was not meant to be anything more than a message.'