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  [How can I manage my time better?]
  How can I manage my time better?
         - Alisha M.


'Time is the stuff of which life is made.'

Benjamin Franklin said that, Alisha, and isn't it true? Doesn't everyone want more time? Sometimes at the end of the day, I am often left wishing I had just two more hours.

However, yet another wise person once said, "A millionaire and a beggar both have 24 hours in a day. It's what they do in these 24 hours that make the difference."

Have you wondered why some people are always stressed, and running out of time, while still others always manage to finish all their work? The secret lies in time management skills. Bubbles, my pet parrot, insists he is a great time manager, though I think he takes way too long to bring me a cup of coffee.

By picking up time management skills, you can prioritise your work, use your available time effectively, spend less time doing unproductive work and reduce stress in the process.

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Online calendars and planners, such as Easy Diary and Yahoo Calendar help in organising day-to-day activities. Use one and you will understand the difference. For PDA (personal digital assistant) users, MyPalm is a useful service you can use even while on the move.

Ever noticed how people waste time looking for phone numbers and addresses that they jotted down in a hurry on a piece of paper? Bubbles helps me file it all using tools such as Webaddressbook.

There are some great books on this subject too. When you find the time (a tricky issue, this) go through some recommended book titles. If you can't buy them, simply beg or borrow!

There are hundred of articles out there too, online. 'Achieve more with your Time' or 'Improve your Time Management Skills'. Take your pick, or choose both.

I have found the 80:20 rule very useful. This states that 80 percent of your accomplishments come from 20 percent of your effort. So, the trick is to figure out what makes this 20 per cent productive and identify the activities that make it so, by using some simple tips and tricks.

Women are usually good time managers, like my cousin Angela, for example, who manages her home and career just fine. Time management for busy women is her pet topic and she is always eager to help women who face similar problems.

So, Alisha, I would advise you to prioritise your activities daily, delegate work (like I get Bubbles to get coffee and read my email) and work consciously on improving your time management. Assess the changes in a week or so, and I'm sure you will be getting more out of your day already.


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