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How do I manage my mail folder? [Ask Dr. Know]
  What are the Trash, Sent
  Messages, Draft and Junk
  folders? Of what use are
  they? -- Priya

[Bubbles Helps out]

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Priya, just as we have different files on our desk for snail mail, we also have compartments in our email programmes which help us classify and store our email according to category.

The main folder, called the Inbox, collects your incoming email. Once you delete a message from here, it goes into your Trash folder, from which it can be recovered if needed. However, certain email services periodically delete messages from this folder.

Sometimes, you may type out an email that does not have to be sent immediately. In this case, you can send it to the Drafts folder, to be retrieved when you feel the need to send it. Once you do send it, a copy of the same email will be stored in your Sent Message folder. This is a very useful facility - especially in cases where someone tells you they have not received your email as it allows you to verify that you have sent a particular message.

You may also receive unwanted mail from Web sites. Some email programmes detect such messages and automatically relegate them to the Junk or Bulk folders. This helps separate your personal correspondence from commercial spam.

Learn more about email folders here. You can also set up new folders to suit your needs.


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