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[Celebrity Surfing with Yana Gupta]

   Minal Khona

The name is:
Yana Gupta

Claim to fame:
She's Lakme's new face and has also modeled for a few hundred products in the last year.

How net savvy are you, on a scale of 1 to 10?
Probably in between, I'd say 5.

How much time do you spend online?
I log on once or twice a week, and stay online for an hour or so.

For what do you use the Net?
I use it mostly for my email. But I also send SMS to my family back in the Czech Republic and browse sites of photographers, and those on nutrition and music. If I'm going to travel to another city, I look for health shops and meditation centers. I also visit spiritually oriented sites.

Do you have your own Web site?
Yeah, it's Yanaonline.com. It should be completely redone soon since I'm not very happy with the present design.

Have you ever ego surfed?
Yes, I was looking for some sites with pictures of me so I could tell my clients how to view them quickly.

Tell us about some of your experiences online?
I really appreciate all the things I can find out, and it really excites me when I find something I didn't even hope for.

Have you ever had any disturbing experiences online?
Just once, when I receive a weird email message saying "I think you are the hottest girl I know ... I wanna **** you hard." I just feel sorry for people who write such things, since I guess they have no life and have nothing to do.

Have you bought anything online?
No, but I might in the future. Perhaps some music or maybe airline tickets.

Whom would you most like to chat with?
My few best friends or my family.

If you could change something about the Internet, what would it be?
Undoubtedly, the slow speed.

Is there something you are keen to do, but haven't done online?
Right now there isn't, but I'm sure I have not yet discovered all the things one can do on the Internet.

If the internet didn't exist, you would...
I would not really miss it, but what I would miss is being in touch with my dearest and being able to search for any information at any time. It would be a HUGE loss!

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