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28 Dishes For Lord Ganesha

By Rediff Get Ahead
August 31, 2022 09:20 IST
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IMAGE: Lord Ganesha's favourite sweet, the Modak.
Photograph: Bhagyashree Zore

Bhog or prasad is a key element of Ganesh Utsav.

Bappa's delightful love for sweets, especially modaks, earned him the affectionate nickname Modakpriya, which means 'the one who loves modaks'.

The steamed Ukadhiche Modak stuffed with coconut and jaggery is his favourite, and 21 modaks are offered to him during Ganesh Chaturthi.

If you'd like to stay traditional, then go with Maharaj Bhanwar Singh's authentic recipe. Mr Singh provides a step-by-step process of making Ukadhiche Modak.

Are you in experimental mode? Consider mastering these recipes and offering them to The God of New Beginnings: Puran Poli Modak, Motichoor Modak or Pineapple Modak.

Add a fusion element to your festive feast with Chocolate Bounty Modak or Strawberry and Coconut Modak or Gulkand Modak.

Looking for something festive yet sugar-free? There's the Dry Fruit Modak, Sugar-Free Ragi Modak and the Healthy Modak.

Coconut Modak is a family favourite for most, and there's no way you can refuse a plate of Khoya Modak.

Warm Puran Poli made with channa dal, jaggery, coconut and cardamom, served with a dollop of ghee is also offered as bhog.

IMAGE: Healthy Motichoor Laddoos do not require frying and uses jaggery instead of sugar.
Photograph: Natasha Gandhi

Lovable Lord Ganesha, whose appetite for sweets is legendary, also adores laddoos and this year you can make your celebration oil-free with Healthy Mootichoor Laddoos.

Date and Peanut Laddoos go well with the Ganesh Puja festival theme and are fasting-friendly as well.

Almond, Dates and Coconut Laddoos, Dry Fruit Laddoos and Oatmeal Laddoos will satiate your sweet yearnings without piling on the guilt.

Give the classic laddoo a new taste with Rice Coconut Laddoos and Almond Coconut Laddoos.

IMAGE: Comforting, creamy Makhana Kheer.
Photograph: Taruna Bakshi

The rich Makhana Kheer or Chawal Ka Kheer are popular bhog choices.

Paneer Kheer is an interesting variation to try.

Shrikhand is also a must-have during the puja season and the variety of recipes we have for you are nearly limitless. There's Kesar Shrikhand, Nut-Rich Shrikhand, Apricot Shrikhand and Blueberry Shrikhand.

The Sweet and Salty Shrikhand can be made into a low-calorie dessert by making use of skim milk hung curd and honey.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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