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[Priyanka Chopra] [Priyanka Chopra]

   Rashmi Ail

The name is:
Priyanka Chopra

Claim to fame:
Miss World 2000. Forthcoming films include KC Bokadia's Ek Haseena Ek Deewana with Govinda; Hum Bhi Khush, Tum Bhi Khush with Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan; and Gandhi with Sunny Deol.

How net savvy are you?
Iíd give myself a seven. Iím quite Internet savvy, though I donít much get time to go online.

What do you enjoy doing online?
I like talking to my friends on messenger. I also browse the Web and look up the latest gossip on people I know.

How much time do you spend online?
Hardly any. I surf only twice a month. But I let my mother on to the mysteries of the Net. Sheís the one who checks my mail. And as of now, sheís online a lot more than I am.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
Google. Itís the friendliest site to visit, and contains just about everything. Itís one of the best sites to look into if you want to do research.

Ever been ego-surfing?
I've visited only two or three sites about myself. Just after I won the pageant I was glued to the Net a lot. I was extremely excited to know what was happening, what kind of gossip was floating around. I like to know what people like, their opinions matter. But after some time it gets to you. Sometimes you read nice things about yourself, and at other times you unnecessarily read not-so-nice things too.

Something you would like to buy or sell online?
I've never tried any such thing till date. Iím scared of giving my credit card number online. While I was in the States, this controversy broke out about people being conned into paying more via the Net. There were quite a number of such cases.

What do you like most about the Internet? What do you hate about it?
Itís the cheapest and best mode of communication. If youíre searching for something, you will get it at the click of a button. You do not need to pick up an encyclopaedia or go to a library.

Have you ever chatted with strangers? Did you tell them who you were?
Yes, I've chatted with strangers without ever letting them know who I was. Just after I won the Miss World pageant, I was on this chat site and the debate revolved round the pageant itself. They were discussing whether the contests were fair. There was a Spanish guy who was venting his opinions that Miss Spain should have won and I said the crown should come to India only. It was hilarious.

Any celebrities you would like to chat with?
I'd rather talk to them face-to-face rather than on the Net.

If you could change something about the Internet, what would it be?
The technological aspect, I guess. The clarity of pictures could be improved upon. At times, they are put online all distorted. I also hate pirating. Our movies are sold and seen online before they hit the theatres. I wish there were stricter laws about this. Also, kids have access to porn sites so easily. Right now, there's no way to stop it. There should be some preventive measure, maybe a system wherein kids are barred from viewing those sites. I have a brother who is 12 years old and Iím very protective about him.

If the Internet didn't exist, you would beÖ
Very unhappy.

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