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A Tricolour Feast for Independence Day

By Rediff Get Ahead
August 15, 2022 13:03 IST
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An Independence Day celebration is not complete without those beautiful tiranga preparations.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Khandani Rajdhani/Instagram

Come celebrate August 15 with a wonderful spread of saffron-white-green dishes.

Swap your vegetarian or paneer biryani for Masala Bhaat featuring colours of the national flag. It is topped with beaten yoghurt, a rolled crispy papad and fresh sprigs of green dhania or coriander.

The mildly-spiced Saffron Mutton Curry will pair well with a Tricolour Pulau, flavoured with spinach and tomatoes.

Tirangi Kebabs and the Tricolour Paneer Tikka make a good side dish with Tiranga Rice and South Indian Ghee Chicken Curry.

Wanna add a Indian Chinese twist to your I-Day menu? The Prawn Dimsums will appeal to adults and kids alike.

A colourful and healthy Tirangi Salad shouldn't take much of your time and will look great on your table.

If you are a fan of seafood, the Tropical Prawn, Carrot and Beans Salad is a must.

Or get inspired to produce a batch of steamed Vegetable Dumplings in orange, green and white.

Photograph: Anita Aikara/

Make a batch of pretty Tricolour Idlis. Eat the idlis hot with tomato, coconut and coriander chutney.

The calorie-conscious may enjoy a Kale, Quinoa and Cherry Tomato Salad served in a mason jar.

Try making your nashta interesting with Tiranga Sandwiches or an Indianised Lamington Cake.

Celebrate the taste of Gujarat with simple snacks like the Tirangi Dhokla and Khandavi.

Crispy, golden deep-fried Tiranga Bread Pakoras are lovely with chai on August 15.

Enjoy a satisfying glass of flag-coloured Lassi as part of your Indian banquet.

The options for dessert are endless:Tricolour Jellos; Panna Cotta; Opera Pastry; Cupcakes.

The gorgeously creamy and indulgent Green Tea Mousse with White Chocolate Parfait makes for a showstopping dessert.

Desi mithai lovers, you can try crowd-pleasing Indian classic desserts like Tricolour Jalebis; Phirni' Barfi; Kheer.

The popular Indian Mithai with few basic ingredients can be made with minimal fuss.

Happy Independence Day, folks!

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