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How can I research online? [Ask Dr. Know]
  How can I access office email from my PC at home?
   --- Sahil Kumar

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There are a number of methods you could use. One of the simplest is Mail2Web that lets you access your email no matter where you are. All you have to do is feed in the IP address of your office account along with the password. RediffMail and VSNL Web-mail also let you access email from POP3 accounts.

Other methods include IMAP mail clients or the more conventional Yahoo! and Hotmail email providers. These, however, apply only to individual email addresses, and not corporate accounts. IMAP, like POP, is also a frequently used method that lets you access your mail and comes with additional features like mimed mail (mail with attachments).

A third option: Telnet programs that are similar to modem-based communication programs. The difference is they allow you to access other computers through the Internet, rather than by dialling other computers directly. The Telnet mail system was introduced on Unix servers and is the fastest method of mail transfer. When you connect to a telnet server, it asks for a username and password. Once authenticated, it automatically performs a set of pre-programmed tasks. The simplest example of a telnet-like transaction is your password authentication on an ISP dial-up. These are no longer used for commercial email though.

POP access, also called the offline method, lets you download mail from the computer where your email account resides, to your PC. Mailboxes, address books, filters, and saved outgoing mail are all stored locally, while mail is managed on your personal computer.

These are, by and large, the types of mail access methods you can use at the office or anywhere else.

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