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Sagarika uses to Net to keep track of mucis scene

January 09, 2003 11:07 IST

Arti R

The name:

Claim to fame:
Singer Shaan's sister, Sagarika's albums include Ma, Naujawan and Channel Hits.

What do you use the Net for?
I use the Net for three things. When I need to travel and to find information about the place. I use it a lot to buy CDs and books from I also check out music sites for information on other musicians. I usually check out sites on trance and underground music to find out what's bubbling under the scene and keep track of the latest talents. I email a lot and chat with friends on MSN sometimes.

When did you use the Net recently for?
I did 18 shows in Europe with Talvin Singh who is a UK based artist. I used the Internet to coordinate the whole trip. I also gave them my email address so I have been getting some offers. I am going to do some recording sessions in London.

What are some of your favourite sites?
My favourite site is, which links me to everything I need. Once I like what I see, I usually add it to my list of favourites.

What do you like and hate most about the Internet?
I like the amount of information available at the click of a button. That continues to fascinate me. What I hate is my slow connection. I cannot download pages quickly.

Would you like to put up a Web site of your own?
Yes, I have thought about it. It would have pictures, songs and be an updated site with lots of information about tours and other performances. Having a site will also make it easy for people to contact me for shows.

Have you ever ego-surfed?
My friends have found information about me online a couple of times. I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I should!

One Web-gadget you would like to own?
A laptop or a faster computer. Or I would like to just update my current PC!

One celebrity you would like to chat with?
President George Bush. I am sure the world has a lot of questions for him at this point and I would like to really grill him.

If the Internet didn't exist?
Life would be difficult. Especially to get stuff which is not available in the country.

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