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Feedback  |  Aug 1, 2001     

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Falling in love on the NetFalling in love on the Net

   Nidhi Taparia

Amazing stories of people finding true love on the Internet are not uncommon. Everyone's heard about the intimate correspondence, that heart-pounding first meeting and, finally, the happily ever after.

We carried a story some time ago about one such couple; tremendous feedback proving that the world still loved a lover.

Behind every story that goes public, however, are others lying hidden in quiet chat rooms.

Vishal Sharma's sweetheart in Malaysia, Sanjay Saha's surprise at finding others like him, Durba's first meeting with her online 'lover', and Kandy's confession: "We met through Rediff chat, but he doesn't know I love him" - we received email from them all.

These, then, are their stories.

Vishal Sharma <BR>and Kiran Gill Vishal Sharma
and Kiran Gill
Sanjay<br> and Nidhi Saha Sanjay and
Nidhi Saha
Remi <br>and Durba Sinha Roy Remi and
Durba Sinha Roy
Manish<br> and Puja Kosarkar Manish and
Puja Kosarkar

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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