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   Lata Khubchandani

The name is:
Amrita Arora

Claim to fame:
Model turned MTV veejay turned actress. Has been featured in ads for Ponds, Sunsilk Fruitamins and Elle 18 and has hosted shows like MTV Chillout and House Full. Now starring in the film Kitne Door Kitne Paas opposite Fardeen Khan, scheduled for release sometime next year.

How Net-savvy are you?:
I'm a Net buff and love chatting with friends around the world. I log on daily to check email and find out what each of them are up to. I spend at least an hour online even if I'm bone tired, while removing my make-up.

What sites do you visit frequently?:
I love visiting sites about food, fashion and news. Mr Showbiz was great while it lasted. It featured a lot of useful tips that actors or actress could use while performing. Then there's a site called SELF, which is great for information about diet and nutrition. It also has a lot of easy at-home-exercise routines, which is nice because I'm too lazy to exercise at a gym. I also visit gossip and celebrity sites to check out what's happening in Bollywood and Hollywood. I've visited SRKworld and a site on Hrithik put up by a fan of his. I find it very interesting to see the lengths fans go to.

What kind of mail do you normally receive?:
I get lots of forwards, dirty jokes and even stuff about myself that is completely untrue. Indiatimes has a page on me, to which all fan mail is directed. They tell me about the kind of mail I get and how many hits the site receives. I get a lot of sweet fan mail asking how I keep in shape, how one can get into acting, etc. I haven't received any psychotic stuff yet. I think people relate to me easily so they ask a lot of questions - like how to get out of boyfriend trouble or get into veejaying.

Have you ever had a strange experience online?:
The other day a friend called and said, "Amrita, you're nude on the Internet!". I visited the site he mentioned and was horrified. It had a number of actors and actresses and they were all nude. You can tell that the photographs have been morphed because the bodies don't fit the faces well. There's nothing you can do about it though, because you don't know who is responsible. They're probably some weird, kinky people who have nothing better to do in life.

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