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Feedback  |  Dec 22, 2001     

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  Is Christmas.exe
  a worm?
  --- Rajesh Pandya

[Bubbles Helps out]

- Where can I find animation studio?

- What is a firewall?

- I want sites on Indian literature?

- What is Broadband?

Yes, Rajesh, this is a new worm called Reezak (w32.Reeezak.a@mm) doing the rounds to coincide with the holiday season. It uses Microsoft Outlook and MSN Messenger, collects email addresses and deletes the Windows System directory. And that's only the beginning.


Masquerading as a Christmas greeting, the worm -- also called W32/Zacker.C and W32/Maldal.C -- arrives with a subject line that reads: 'Happy New Year' and body text that reads: 'Hii. I can't describe my feelings, But all i can say is Happy New Year :) bye'

According to the Symantec Virus centre, the worm is written in Visual Basic. Removal instructions are available here and here.

It is still a low risk virus according to a report, and you can visit Sophos and Panda for more information.

Lastly, try RediffSearch.


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