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July 28, 2016
Will South China Sea verdict make region 'cradle of war'?
'The worst case scenario is for China to behave like a bull in China shop, and brazenly and wantonly indulge in further encroachments, create obstacles to free navigation and convert SCS into an Air Defence Identification Zone.' 'Not Now, Nor Later!'
For me, Arundhati (Chukku) Ghose was the last word on multilateral economic issues when we worked together in the ministry of external affairs on UN affairs. If her disarmament persona had not made her a celebrity in that area, she would have been known for the work she did in economic matters in different capitals. She was highly respected for her views and no one wanted to be seen on the opposite side of the argument with her. But she was always patient in explaining her position and in accommodating different perspectives, says Ambassador T P Sreenivasan.
July 27, 2016
Will journalists' expulsion affect Modi's China visit?
The expulsion is likely to cloud India-China ties as Narendra Modi visits China for the G-20 Leaders Summit on September 4-5 and Xi Jinping is scheduled to be in Goa for the BRICS meeting on October 15-16. Donald Trump: A dangerous mind
'India and Indian Americans cannot rely on wishful thinking about the checks and balances in the US system to magically take care of the many dangerous things that Trump could do,' says Chicago-based writer Ram Kelkar. China-Pak joint patrol meant to provoke India
China's closer and enhanced relationship with Pakistan is putting considerable strain in India-China relations, says former RA&W officer Jayadeva Ranade.
July 25, 2016
4 ways to tackle Islamic State's terror
'The use of nuclear/biological/chemical weapons by Islamic terrorists is just a matter of time.' Let the army do its job, please
The military continues to battle difficult circumstances in Kashmir. Let's not add to their woes by spreading half-baked stories, factually incorrect posts and inaccurate articles. China's plans: Time for India to wake up
Nearly two decades ago, then defence minister George Fernandes said: 'China has built roads up to the border, while there has been negligence on India's part.'
July 21, 2016
Kashmir: Not reachable!
The suspension of mobile communication for the past 12 days in Kashmir amid strict curfew has put citizens in a desperate situation, says Athar Parvaiz.
July 20, 2016
Pakistan's desperate moves in Valley
Separatists and their wide network must be neutralized for peace in the Valley
July 19, 2016
UP 2017: What BJP should do and not do
'The BJP should know that simple caste arithmetic may have ceased to follow the basic law of addition.' 'Adding up seemingly distinct vote banks can even cause overall reduction in numbers,' says Sudhir Bisht. We seem to be unable to treat Kashmiris as Indians
'The Indian middle class ignores the conflicts areas in Jammu and Kashmir, in Central India and in the North East.' Why AAP must win Punjab
The party desperately needs another state where, unfettered by the Centre, it can fly its flag.
July 18, 2016
Why Zakir Naik is dangerous
Zakir Naik, a gentle, rockstar televangelist, is dangerous as young Muslims may be swayed by his fundamentalist interpretations of Islam and justify victimhood and extremism, says Shekhar Gupta.
July 16, 2016
Why ban Internet when alienation drives Kashmir protests?
Mobile Internet, of course, helped Burhan Wani to spread his message. And some rumour-mongers at the inception of the current unrest spread falsehoods at least on two occasions, but why ban all mobile communication including cellular network and cable TV when deep-seated alienation among youth has shaped their ideology which is now playing out in the form of massive protests, asks Athar Parvaiz. South Korean missile defence: US, China on collision course
Deployment of THAAD in South Korea could unfold a new cataclysm in the Korean Peninsula with unwelcome prospects.
July 15, 2016
France's brush with ISIS has lessons for India
Intolerance toward the minority communities or attempts to humiliate them or the refusal to go the extra league to build an inclusive society -- these are all evident today in our society, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
July 14, 2016
What China will do next in the South China Sea
'After a strategic pause though, Beijing will revive its policy of slowly creeping towards acquiring sovereignty over the South China Sea.'
July 13, 2016
Immigrants: Not welcome in Theresa May's Britain
After Brexit, ethnic minorities in Britain worry about their future. China is our bitterest enemy today
'Today the Chinese think they can slap India, and there will be no consequences.' What the South China Sea verdict means
'China, which had earlier blockaded New Delhi's bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group by citing the nuclear non-proliferation law, finds itself in an awkward position and international isolation.'
July 12, 2016
Kashmir needs a calming hand, not jingoist media
'Kashmir belongs to us all, even if we differ with each other.' 'Statesmanship demands that we sit together and let the left, right and centre of the political spectrum converge on the solution,' says former MP Tarun Vijay. Why Modi's Cabinet needs talent from the outside
Modi has the ideas for a new, hopeful India, and an idiom in which to sell optimism to voters. But he doesn't yet have the team for it, and soon enough, questions will begin to be asked by an impatient, non-ideological, I-don't-owe-anybody-anything generation of Indian voters, says Shekar Gupta. The Army will always be there to keep the country together
'Whether Kashmir or anywhere else, whether in peace or in war, pay commissions or no pay commissions, hollowness and shortages notwithstanding, the Indian Army -- and Sekin Fif -- will always be there to keep India together.' An Olympics without a smile
'As each week brings fresh tales of the woes of Rio on the eve of the Olympics, I wonder whether my friends had a foreboding that the Gods of the Olympics will bring only misfortunes to their country.'
July 08, 2016
Are YOU cruel to animals?
If you were horrified by the report of the two medical students who flung a dog from the terrace of a five-storied building and filmed the grisly act, here's another story that is equally -- if not more -- shocking, since many of us may be unwitting participants, says Supriya Bose.
July 07, 2016
Law and order issue hots up ahead of TN local body polls
The incidence of more crimes across Tamil Nadu is threatening to make law and order an inevitable poll issue in the state-wide local bodies elections due only months from now, says N Sathiya Moorthy. ISIS and the period of anarchy
Everything about ISIS had indicated that this would be a violent Ramzan. Why buying a house is outrageously expensive
'For such prices you could get a place inside New York City and inside London.'
July 06, 2016
The ISIS threat is real, and not far away
Unlike Al Qaeda, ISIS recruiters are proactive and internet savvy. Why we forget our 'non-high caste' heroes
'Should a leader with such an impeccable record of public life, struggles, meritorious performance and heroism in politics like Babu Jagjivan Ram be weighed on caste and not reviewed for his real worth?' asks Tarun Vijay.
July 04, 2016
Why government employees don't deserve a pay hike
Upon implementation of the 7th Pay Commission the expected yearly burden on the central exchequer will be more than Rs 100,000 crore. Does Swamy think of himself as Kautilya reborn?
Trying to guess Subramanian Swamy's motives or next step has been a rather difficult exercise for decades, says Archis Mohan Why students unions at universities must not be curbed
The State is trying to curb the students movements, therefore, there are suspicions against some of the Subramanian report on education's recommendations, says Mohammad Sajjad. Know what India's insurance against ISIS is?
'It is folly to think that religious-identity-based politics and a flourishing economy can co-exist in a diverse society.' ISIS threat: What Modi must tell Hasina
'When we have a terrorist outfit in a neighbouring nation, we need to do whatever we can to neutralise that threat,' says Ramananda Sengupta. Nuclear hypocrite China preaches to n-model State India
'This was undoubtedly a premeditated strategy to thwart India's entry into the NSG.'
July 03, 2016
What if Pakistan strikes a deal with IS?
Pakistan's military can go to any length to inflict harm on India, so don't write off the possibility of an ISI-IS alliance, says Rajeev Sharma.
July 02, 2016
Why the 1972 Shimla accord was a disaster
'Indira Gandhi proved herself a great war leader, but failed as a statesman,' says Colonel Anil A Athale (retd). The Congress is dying because its Team-B is rebelling
'The Congress has become two distinct parties, one of the durbar, the other of the field and if they keep drifting apart, death is a certainty,' says Shekhar Gupta. Secured in Dhaka, but squandered in Shimla
'Indira Gandhi, it appears, did not to consult her Cabinet colleagues, or diplomats, or civil servants when she decided to sign the agreement in Shimla.'
July 01, 2016
Pakistan's Muslim women and the 'Fun' word
'Obedience, service and an over-glorified stress on keeping the family's honour intact keep Muslim women from focusing on their own happiness. So they stay joyless and 'pious,' with an ever-present hint of bitterness for the fun-loving women,' says Zoia Tariq.
June 30, 2016
How Indian diplomacy has changed!
'Young IFS officers today would take it for granted that they represent a major country with strengths and capabilities.' What I learnt about Modi's foreign policy from Arnab's interview
'In these days of a communication revolution, was it necessary for him to go to every country?' The oldest project in the world comes apart yet again
'The project of a united Europe has constantly been made and remade.'
June 29, 2016
How India must stand up to China's provocations
'China's actions at the NSG will certainly taint India-China bilateral relations and enhance suspicion of China's intentions. A fresh clear-eyed and objective evaluation of the India-China relationship is necessary, especially as India tries to correct adversely balanced bilateral economic ties and the two countries engage over the long-term,' says Jayadeva Ranade. The National Highway: The Kashmir Valley's death trap
The Pampore attack 'has the stamp of LeT written all over it.'<br />'They are exactly like the so-called <em>fidayeen</em> of the 1999-2003 phase, when J&amp;K witnessed a surge in suicide attacks on various important garrisons,' says Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain (retd), who served as the General Officer Commanding 15 Corps in Kashmir.
June 28, 2016
Why I won't boycott Chinese products
When Syed Firdaus Ashraf received messages last weekend, asking him to boycott Chinese goods, he laughed. Mumbai's annual rain pain
'At the first sign of rain, Mumbai's infrastructure begins crumbling.' Why the US of A is on everybody's minds
The parallels between Modi's direct and indirect methods and his fan base, and those of Trump, are blinding. Bihar's Nirbhaya needs our help
'When rape and molestation are supported by the family, it can no longer be considered merely a criminal act.'
June 27, 2016
Rebuff from NSG is of India's own making
Immediate NSG membership will not help India realise its nuclear ambitions any faster. How could those Brexit idiots win?
Stupidity knows no boundaries just like smartness, oxygen, and maybe football, says Maharaj Damodardas.
June 25, 2016
Why this general's visit to India was so important
Thailand's importance to India's Act East policy is too significant to be overlooked. There isn't a little bit of Salman Khan in all men
I fear for our collective inability to wrestle the plague of rape in this nation, says Prathmesh Kher.
June 24, 2016
Is India prepared for Brexit?
'When the Brexit bomb goes off, the shrapnel will wound us.'
June 23, 2016
PSLV-C34 rockets India into an exclusive club
The success of the PSLV-C34 mission is a result of ISRO's professionalism and the hard work put in by their scientists over the last many decades., says Ajay Lele. Is the son not being allowed to rise in DMK?
As the Opposition leader in the state assembly, M K Stalin has to fend off the ruling AIADMK on the one hand and prevent the re-emergence of a non-Dravidian Opposition on the other -- but his immediate challenge comes from within, in the form of his wheelchair-bound octogenarian party leader and father M Karunanidhi, says N Sathiya Moorthy.
June 22, 2016
China may soften stance on India's NSG bid
If China's behaviour in the past on ticklish issues is any indication then China could eventually support India's NSG application, says Rup Narayan Das. How does Smriti Irani plan to fix this problem?
'Gujaratis, among all Indians, are supposed to be born businessmen, but if more than 80% of them do not have the ability to do basic arithmetic, the future is grim.' India in SCO: Opportunities and challenges
It is important the SCO focus strongly on economic development and regional integration that leads to greater benefits for the least developed regions of member-countries, writes Sana Hashmi.
June 21, 2016
How India gains by selling BrahMos to Vietnam
Not just Vietnam, but other countries in the region like Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, have also expressed an interest in acquiring the BrahMos cruise missile. Debalina Ghoshal explains the significance of the move. A rockstar in a sanskari world!
'Here, after all, was a fine specimen of intelligence in the field that Adam Smith gave formal structure. And successful RR surely was as RBI chief.' Raghuram Rajan's Kafkaesque trial in Modi's India
Raghuram Rajan's exit reminds Syed Firdaus Ashraf of Kafka's The Trial.
June 20, 2016
Modi explores the frontiers of non-alignment
'We are witnessing a spectacle of breathtakingly creative diplomacy at work, riveted on the firm foundations of the country's strategic autonomy,' says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar. NSG membership: How India countered China's Pakistan card
'The onus is now on China to explain to the world why it feels Pakistan should accompany India on the question of NSG Membership!! China's not so covert help for Pakistan's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes will stand exposed,' says former ambassador G Parthasarathy. Did the Congress 'steal' the 2004, 2009 polls?
Did we miss the DeepState's Brazil Model in action in India in 2004 and 2009, asks Rajeev Srinivasan.
June 18, 2016
Malabar war games are a counterpunch to China
When a Chinese warship entered Japanese waters, the Indian commander called on China to maintain discipline at sea.
June 17, 2016
Why India needs a national security strategy
'Ensuring through diplomatic means and in conjunction with strategic partners that India will not be required to fight a simultaneous two-front war with China and Pakistan.'
June 16, 2016
Questions the media NEEDS to ask Smriti Irani
Prominent journalists have been giving the HRD minister a hall pass, asking her about politics and TRP-generating issues rather than focusing on her visions for the country's education sector. Has V K Singh forgotten his history?
'It is possible that in his perambulations from the company of Baba Ramdev to that of Anna Hazare and finally to the BJP, he hasn't had time to refurbish his memory of what he may have read earlier,' says Amulya Ganguli.
June 15, 2016
On strike, at play: The two faces of France
As football fans arrive to watch Euro 2016, France's trade unions have undertaken a series of strikes to provoke a make-or-break situation.
June 14, 2016
The business of Indian diplomacy is business
Making it easier to do business is a key element of our strategy, says Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar. Lessons from a meaningless massacre
By some strange and bizarre twist of fate, Omar Mateen did exactly what he did not intend to do. He took the lives of gay people and made them extraordinary. Why the Orlando massacre won't be the last
62 mass murders carried out with firearms across 30 US states.
June 13, 2016
India's defence needs more money, Mr PM
The PM's vision of a lean, agile, mobile and technology driven force requires more than 1.7 percent of GDP that it now gets. China drives India into the arms of the US
'If the dimensions of the strategic partnership worked out by India and the US seem like a grand alliance targeted at you-know-who, China had better realise that it has fathered it,' says B S Raghavan, a long time observer of China.
June 09, 2016
Boring! What I thought about Modi's US Congress speech
While many praised Narendra Modi's US Congress address, Syed Firdaus Ashraf had only two words to say: SO WHAT? Modi's US visit improves India's image in China
The American efforts to make India a security partner have enhanced India's importance to Chinese decision makers and new recognition of India's importance and achievements are reflected in a much more positive reporting about India in the State-controlled media, says Walter Andersen. Did EC set a dangerous precedent with TN re-poll order?
In writing to the government for a change in the law, the Election Commission has actually acknowledged the future possibility of countermanding polls to curb the use of money power, says N Sathiyamoorthy.
June 07, 2016
India joins Hague missile code with eye on cracking NSG
The Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation is a toothless mechanism, but it may well end up serving India's interests, says Ajay Lele. India-US relations: The elephant in the room
The greatest challenge before India is how to strike a fine balance of its relationship between its neighbour and strategic rival China, and the US.
June 06, 2016
What's the point in trying to be friendly with China?
On his recent visit to China, the President made eminently sensible suggestions to improve relations except that they can't work in the present atmosphere. Why India's defence indigenisation is in a rut
The end goal of defence procurement should be not import or indeginisation but securing the country through able and ready armed forces, says Air Marshal P V Athawale (retd) Like Queen Elizabeth, Sonia Gandhi should continue
'It seems to me that bringing Rahul in now would be like throwing petrol on the flames consuming Congress,' says Aakar Patel.
June 05, 2016
India's NSG debate: No more spin, please
'An ardent advocate of nuclear disarmament, Obama may even be secretly heaving a sigh of relief that the NSG is unlikely to reach unanimity of opinion on India's candidature,' says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
June 03, 2016
Time to return to Krishna's ways
'The Gita was propounded on a battlefield and regards the use of force to establish Dharma or righteousness, as not only legitimate but one's highest duty,' says Colonel Anil Athale (retd).
June 02, 2016
Did Harambe have to die?
'It's a humiliating time to be a human being.'
June 01, 2016
Modi is our most Nehruvian prime minister
Like Nehru, Modi is loathe to touch the public sector.
May 31, 2016
'Afro-phobia' is not the norm in India
'Our countrymen should be made aware of the need to be polite and friendly to our African guests.' Why the rich give gold to temples
'Rich Indians don't give cash, they give gold. Why?' Modi and the art of event diplomacy
In diplomacy, a prime ministerial visit should be viewed as a rare event, not a routine one, which should be taken recourse to only when other options like ministerial visits are not available.
May 30, 2016
Make fun of Rahul Gandhi, not Lata or Sachin
Syed Firdaus Ashraf wonders why no one objects to jokes about Rahul Gandhi, but are upset when Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar are mocked. Why is Kejriwal tweeting so much about Modi?
Twitter is a great medium for political leaders to communicate with their supporters and engage with their opponents. Provided the tweets are coherent and sensible. So why is the Delhi chief minister tweeting illogical stuff about the PM, asks Sudhir Bisht. Why is Anupam Kher not defending India?
'The valiant upholder of national honour is strangely silent when African envoys are complaining about the insecurity of blacks in 'tolerant' and 'incredible' India,' says Amulya Ganguli. The Congress party's Rahul problem!
An inchoate anger is brewing within the party against the central leadership after the poor show in the assembly polls.
May 27, 2016
Swamy can be BJP's differentiator in UP
All the BJP's present leaders from UP put together cannot win the state for the party. So how about an out-of-the-box leader like Subramanian Swamy, asks Nazarwala, the man who called right the 2007 and 2012 UP elections.
May 26, 2016
Dear Mr Modi. Congratulations, but...
As the NDA government completes two years in office, there are more questions on Swarupa Dutt's mind than answers. Tamil Nadu's new political culture aimed at offsetting 'third alternative'
The assembly polls in the state have shown that the GenNext voters want change -- not necessarily of leaderships but of their behaviour, says N Sathiya Moorthy. Why Taliban chief's killing is good news for India
What does the Taliban chief's death means for various stakeholders? Modi's foreign policy: A bag of old tricks
Two years of Modi's foreign policy can be best remembered for its flip-flops on Pakistan and the PM's blockbuster speeches to delirious non-resident communities and the grand receptions he has received. Why Obama's Hiroshima visit is so important
'Obama's visit to Hiroshima must generate a fresh debate in the international community about how to reduce the salience of nuclear weapons in international politics and how to disarm the world from these monstrous weapons forever,' says Sanjeev Shrivastav.. Narendra Modi: Governance and that Hindutva image
Narendra Modi seems to prefer that Hindu strongman image remain tucked in reserve, to only come when called; life's been more complicated.
May 24, 2016
How Nitish's PM ambitions went up in smoke on May 19
The assembly election results on May 19 altered India's political landscape and with it dented Janata Dal-United leader Nitish Kumar's prime ministerial ambitions. Has Modi met the soldiers' expectations?
The Modi government has not lived up to the muscularity the prime minister promised while campaigning, says Ajai Shukla Modi's Iran visit: A strong message to Pakistan, China
The Chabahar message is a reality check for China, which has made deep political and strategic inroads into Iran. Time for a course correction, Mr Modi
'Modi swept the 2014 elections for two main reasons: First, the disgust with the Congress government with a non-functional prime minister, and second, more importantly, his promise of performance and hope.'
May 23, 2016
What is a Chinese nuclear sub doing in Karachi?
The arrival a couple of days ago of a Chinese nuclear submarine for the first time in Karachi port, coinciding with a Chinese military delegation's visit, points to Pakistan's importance for China, says former R&amp;AW officer Jayadeva Ranade. Why is Nitish Kumar helpless?
Rampant crime challenges the chief minister's promise to maintain law and order. But some say there are other forces at play. Focusing on Brahmins won't work for Congress in UP
Prashant Kishor wants the Congress to project either Rahul or Priyanka Gandhi as its chief ministerial candidate in UP. Congress overhaul: Is Priyanka in?
Will Sonia Gandhi finally take a decision she has put off for so long, asks Rajeev Sharma.
May 21, 2016
Why Modi's visit to Iran is important for India
India's low passion, very cautious, relationship with Iran of the last 36 years awaits transformation, says Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain (retd). Has the bahubali returned from political wilderness?
The widow of Rajdeo Ranjan, the journalist who was gunned down, has said the killers had a connection with someone in jail.
May 20, 2016
Jaitley: 'Congress losing due to 'rent a cause' approach'
The Left has ideologically become irrelevant globally, says the finance minister. 10 reasons why Jayalalithaa won
In an age when the electorate is increasingly impatient and changes governments every 5 years, how did the Tamil Nadu chief minister beat anti-incumbency? The challenges of ruling Kerala
'Continuity in a common agenda is essential, not to disrupt the progress achieved so far,' says Ambassador T P Sreenivasan. An agenda for Amma
Fulfilling the promises made in the manifesto, a resurgent Opposition in the state assembly, impending local body polls... Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa may have made history by winning two assembly elections in a row, but the real test begins now, says N Sathiyamoorthy. Whose defeat is it anyway?
If the BJP or even the regional parties delude themselves that they are going to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election, then they are over-interpreting the assembly election results, says Kumar Ketkar. How Rahul let Assam slip from Congress' hand
The BJP, on the other hand, learnt from past mistakes to clinch power.
May 19, 2016
Amma creates poll history as Tamil Nadu remains 'Dravidian', yet
With Tamil Nadu's electoral fate decided, all eyes would now veer round to the pending 'disproportionate assets case' against Jayalalithaa in the Supreme Court, and Stalin's own future within the DMK, says N Sathiya Moorthy. Why Bharat wont be Congress-mukt anytime soon
Congress workers must feel what their BJP counterparts did in 2009, but that could change. More than a decade in power is bad for political health
What the Congress will have to understand is that it is not enough to have a 40-something vice-president in New Delhi, but young faces with fresh ideas in the states,' says Amulya Ganguli. Kerala remains the red land, but there's a saffron speck
Rampant corruption by Congress ministers must be counted as the single biggest factor to prompt the electorate to hand over a thumping mandate to the Communist parties, says M K Bhadrakumar. Assam triumph: BJP's Open Sesame to the north-east
'The win in Assam is likely to have a ripple effect in other north-eastern states like Manipur and Nagaland which have been reluctant to embrace the BJP in the past,' says Nitin A Gokhale, the distinguished commentator on strategic affairs, who lived and reported from Assam between 1983 and 2006. 5 reasons why the DMK lost the plot in TN
For the first time since 1985, Tamil Nadu has voted in favour of an incumbent party which has been a shock to those in Anna Arivalayam -- the office of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in Chennai. And now on to UP!
A section within the RSS feels Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani should be projected as the BJP's CM candidate in UP, says Rajeev Sharma.
May 18, 2016
Forget exit polls, wait for the actual results in TN
Barring one of the earliest surveys of the kind in the country, in 1989, none has proved right in Tamil Nadu's case, says N Sathiya Moorthy. Himalayan rebuff to Modi's Nepal policy
India's unpopularity coincides with China lengthening its shadows in Nepal, says Rajeev Sharma.
May 17, 2016
Will the Saudis have the last laugh?
The US #DeepState has had a fine run, but will now discard Saudi Arabia as it is no longer useful to them, says Rajeev Srinivasan. A tale of two 'terrorists' and a cautionary lesson
Syed Firdaus Ashraf explains how two cases separated by ideological motives were curiously similar on one account.
May 16, 2016
Why China's NSG decision is good news for India
'With this it is clear who stands with India in the international community and who doesn't and this enables India to take counter measures without being seen as overly pro-US,'says Rajeev Sharma.
May 14, 2016
Freebies are the new god in Tamil Nadu
'The irresistible charm of Indian politics is it can always throw up surprises -- even when it looks as predictable as in Tamil Nadu,' discovers Shekhar Gupta.
May 13, 2016
Jaishankar's visit shows India's support for Sheikh Hasina
Bangladesh's decision to execute Jamaat-e-Islami chief Motiur Rahman Nizami for war crimes committed in 1971 has provoked anger across the Muslim world. Why Modi is absolutely wrong to compare Kerala with Somalia
Comparing a state like Kerala with a nation like Somalia shows disconnect unbecoming of a prime minister, says Uttaresh Venkateshwaran.
May 12, 2016
Why the Centre needs to help this CM
Kashmir's youth are being radicalised.
May 11, 2016
Will Tamil Nadu vote for freebies and pre-poll promises or true deliverables?
The last time Tamil Nadu seriously voted on pre-poll promises was in faraway 1967. How the 'outsider' factor led US to the Trump conundrum
Trump is the first nominee of a major party in over a century to have no experience whatsoever of any political, administrative or military office.
May 10, 2016
Why the turbulence in Bangladesh matters to India
The increase in home-grown radicalised Islamic groups and the rise of Islamic State and Al Qaeda in Bangladesh should be a matter of worry for India, which shares a 4,100 km border with its eastern neighbour, says Rajeev Sharma. Why Papua New Guinea is critical to India's 'Act East' policy
President Pranab Mukherjee's recent visit to the Pacific Island nation is path-breaking, but much more needs to be done, says Dr Rahul Mishra. Turning a mirror to judiciary
The CJs' conclave didn't touch core issues and remedies within their reach, says M J Antony. 'Human beauty and cruelty go hand in hand'
If Han Kang wrote only about cruelty and suffering, readers might respect her writings and her conscience, but her novels would not be as loved as they are by readers across the world, says Nilanjana Roy Did India show a lack of spine in Dharamsala?
Cancelling Uighur leader Dolkun Isa's visa could have been a mutual face-saving exercise for New Delhi and Beijing. BJP's coast to coast odyssey down under the Vindhyas
Aditi Phadnis and Archis Mohan take a state by state takedown of the party's chances in the poll-bound states.
May 09, 2016
Four key steps BJP should immediately take
Two years is when the honeymoon surely starts to sour, so what should Prime Minister Narendra Modi focus on ahead of 2019? Devanik Saha offers some ideas. Don't be surprised if Oommen Chandy is back!
'Oommen Chandy may well prove to be the Teflon chief minister whose reputation cannot be tarnished,' predicts Ambassador T P Sreenivasan. Why Modi has been a success so far
'It doesn't really matter ultimately what individual commentators say or write about Modi. So long as he continues the BJP's march towards greater vote share, a bigger geographic spread and a crushing of the Congress, he is a success,' says Aakar Patel.
May 07, 2016
Remember your place, ladies!
'For every Kangana, every Shreya, every Teri complainant -- for every woman who challenges power, tries to rise in the world, or owns her own decisions, we'll produce thousands of Jishas.' Why Ahmed Patel is so angry
He is starting to realise that an era is ending. And he is not ready to have a five-decade career besmirched by two alphabets -- AP -- that have cropped up in the AgustaWestland papers, says Aditi Phadnis. Congress must look beyond the Gandhis
'The Congress president gets into samurai mode only when there is a direct attack on her and her family.' Guns, thieves and a ghost
We get tangled up in our own crooked web on purchases, and the murky arms bazaar knows it, says Shekhar Gupta.
May 06, 2016
Why India must be wary of Nepal's Lumbini Project
For India to endorse Nepal's Buddhist conference will be like sipping from a poisoned chalice, warns former RA&W official Jayadeva Ranade.
May 05, 2016
'India' out, 'South Asia' in. How academics ill serve us
"South Asian studies" academics in the US would do well to introspect how they wittingly or unwittingly become part of Pakistan's proxy war in wielding influence over academics and policy, says Sankrant Sanu. Why is Modi's Pakistan policy so confused?
'The Modi government has turned the basic fundamentals of its Pakistan policy on its head.'
May 04, 2016
Prashant's Priyanka card is a masterstroke
Even as the BJP dithers over what it needs to do, the Congress has stolen a lead by projecting its chief ministerial candidate -- Priyanka Vadra nee Gandhi, says Nazarwala, the man who called the 2012 UP assembly elections right. Nirbhaya to Jisha: Nothing really changes, does it?
I have outraged too much in the past like many others, which hasn't gotten us anywhere. Rapes have merely become statistics in our country, best meant for research reports and discussions at conferences, says Devanik Saha. Be very afraid of the biometric regime
There are unprecedented political implications of identification based on 'biological attributes of an individual', such as employed by Aadhaar, warns Gopal Krishna.
May 03, 2016
What's the point talking to Pakistan?
Pakistan's holy trinity -- its government, military establishment and the ISI -- differ on Pakistan's domestic and foreign policy issues. So when India talks to Pakistan's political leadership it can't be sure that the promises can be delivered, says Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd). Prashant Kishor will mar his winning record in UP
'It is clear that Prashant Kishor will be nowhere near repeating his earlier massive wins.' Agusta scandal has put Congress on the back foot
Whether it was the Bofors gun in 1986 or Italian helicopters in 2012, a leak or disclosure at the source overseas is like dynamite, and usually impossible to refute.
May 02, 2016
What did this meeting really achieve?
'The Modi government knows that much cannot be expected of Pakistan till the Kulbhushan Jadhav issue is resolved,' says Rajeev Sharma. A babu shows how it can be done
The information and broadcasting ministry's business-like and result-oriented handling of several issues has set a template for other ministries to follow, says A K Bhattacharya. Why our institutions are producing unemployable Indians
'I did not bother to collect my diploma certificate because the course was a waste of time and more or less useless. It would be instructive for me to describe it because manufacturing is seen as the way out for India's great unemployment problem. It is? I do not think so,' says Aakar Patel. Why Bengal could deliver 'Hadda Haddi' this election
Political commentators say the final outcome of the West Bengal assembly elections would depend on how some crucial factors play out this time. Mayank Mishra explains.
April 30, 2016
The reasons for Pakistan's arrogance
'A key Indian diplomat who participated in the April 26 foreign secretary talks told me that the Pakistani side was determined not to yield an inch on key Indian demands,' says Rajeev Sharma. The real message from the Bengal election
'Usually, the Left backed the Congress and other 'secular' parties on the justification of keeping the BJP out. In Bengal, the alliance targets a truly secular rival,' says Shekhar Gupta. How the BJP has outwitted the Congress
There are two national political parties in India, but only one of them seems to be any good at politics, says Mihir S Sharma.
April 29, 2016
3 tactical changes Modi & co need to make
The prime minister sees himself as the "vikas purush". But realising his government's agenda for development requires not just a more efficient administration but also a credible implementation plan, says Nitin Desai. The Celebrity as a Padrone
Ever wondered why a celebrity can charm you?
April 28, 2016
How India must respond to growing Chinese military might
As China begins rejuvenation of its military power, there is an urgent need for transformation of the Indian military, says Lieutenant General Anil Chait (retd). Will the IPL verdict solve our drought problem?
'Why is a commercial venture being held responsible for a situation caused by mismanagement of the state?' asks N Suresh. Modi has now realised the limits to India's power
Two years into power, there is very little to show for the Modi government by way of 'achievements' on the foreign policy front, and his China, Pakistan policies are gasping for breath, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
April 27, 2016
Scam or no scam... Why the BJP will never send Sonia to jail
'Narendra Modi knows that the Congress without the Gandhis is a more formidable and more dangerous adversary.' Can the EC fight Tamil Nadu's 'cash-for-votes' frenzy?
The EC's actions remain to be seen on 'money-hoarding and transportation' for poll-time use. The question remains if the polity in the state would push the EC so far as to use the countermanding option. Even then EC would have to push its constitutional powers to find a way to prevent 'money-power' in the state's elections, says N Sathiya Moorthy
April 26, 2016
Pakistan came with pre-set agenda
'The Pakistani side was so cocksure of itself that it had come to the table with a pre-set agenda -- an agenda of unilateralism, knowing full well that nothing was going to come out of these talks,' says Rajeev Sharma. A do-or-die battle in Bengal
This is possibly the last election in Bengal where two sides are squaring off against each other. Don't expect the BJP to be a bystander five years hence, says Devanik Saha. Congress-mukht Bharat is a question of when, not if
It seems the Congress just does not have the energy and vitality to break through even in the states where it has a ground presence and the wind of anti-incumbency on its back, says Aakar Patel. Mother knows best: The view from a Jayalalithaa rally
A recent Salem event was perhaps the first time many in the crowd were seeing Jayalalithaa in person in the past five years. A brief stint in jail had made her more reclusive. But none of that seemed to matter. Lessons Americans can teach Indians in military command
Opposition to tri-service structures comes not just from bureaucrats and politicians as the generals like to lament, but equally from within the military. Neither the army, navy or air force chiefs want to relinquish control over their theatre commands, with these cutting edge units placed under some commander who reports elsewhere, says Ajai Shukla.
April 25, 2016
Why was I so under informed about Dr Ambedkar?
'Growing up in Karnataka, in middle-class and forward-caste background, Ambedkar did not enter our consciousness at all, I realised.' Why the RSS is an obstacle for Modi
'The innate fascism of the RSS is overshadowing Modi's development programme,' says Amulya Ganguli. Did Modi bow to China?
Significantly, reveals Rajeev Sharma, the MEA was not even consulted on the Dolkun Isa issue. Why Modi's u-turn on China is a smart move
'It needed political courage on the part of the prime minister to make such an intervention at the present juncture when the hawkish opinion rules the roost in the Indian foreign-policy discourses in our media, and, unfortunately, the sane voices have largely fallen silent,' says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar. Nepal needs to release Kanak Mani Dixit immediately!
Aseem Chhabra on his friend, the firebrand Nepali journalist Kanak Mani Dixit, who was arrested last week. 'We're doing so much that somebody will always complain'
Anandiben insists her daughter was not involved in any land allocation scandal. 'Why do human beings have to clean shit?'
'I realised we are not doing scavenging because we are illiterate or poor. We are doing it because of the way society is organised.'
April 23, 2016
Solutions for a man-made drought in Maharashtra
Farmers who are using traditional irrigation systems and practices are better coping in times of drought. The Panama Papers effect on Pakistan
How does the country's civilian government reclaim legitimacy after the names of many Pakistanis, including the family members of PM Nawaz Sharif, figured in the leaked documents.
April 22, 2016
Hindu country, secular Constitution
Why not agree that, yes, India is a Hindu country though not all Indians are Hindus? And that for those who are not, our Constitution is sturdily secular and always will be, says Karti Sandilya.
April 21, 2016
Why this renaming fever continues to burn
'Our priority cannot be better cities. Since real change is not possible, we must satisfy ourselves with a change in name,' says Aakar Patel. India's Pakistan policy runs into China's Great Wall
'China knows the best way of twisting the knife in its dealings with India: By launching a major incursion into Indian territory,' says Rajeev Sharma.
April 20, 2016
Is the Modi government scared of faceless mobs?
If there is a lesson to be learnt from the 1980s, it is that mobocracy never works. And a government that yields before public protests will have ceded its right to govern, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf. It's chill time for Indo-Chinese relations
The readouts by the Indian and Chinese sides on the meeting on Monday between External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow bring out that divergences are crowding into the centrestage of their relationship, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
April 19, 2016
Maldives deal: India takes China head on
'An authoritative source in the government tells me that India has emerged as the net security provider of the Maldives,' says Rajeev Sharma. What did India achieve with Headley's deposition?
The deposition was meant to secure more information and revelations on the 26/11 terror attacks that would make India's case against Pakistan stronger. Instead, the internal conflicts within India's security establishment stood exposed.
April 18, 2016
Why Bharat Mata Ki Jai is a secular slogan
'Genuine secularism cannot be built on the backs of Hindus alone.'
April 17, 2016
India's military embrace of the US comes at a price
'The Modi government will do well to thrash out a national consensus before taking the leap and put itself in America's pouch,' says Rajeev Sharma. What will Parrikar achieve in China?
'China refuses to talk to India on nuclear or ballistic missile issues and conclude any de-targeting agreement as Beijing did with Russia or a non-targeting agreement with the US.'
April 16, 2016
How India's trains get their names
Why is a Katra-Chennai train known as Andaman Express? Modi needs to treat Pakistan like a Test, not a T20 game
Modi has been wrong in thinking that he can influence people and win friends in Pakistan through his high-octane brand of diplomacy.
April 14, 2016
Prohibition will fail in Bihar as it has in Gujarat
'Its three primary effects are to send the alcohol economy underground (depriving the state of revenue), to criminalise the casual drinker and to criminalise the police,' says Aakar Patel. Why Jayalalithaa is silent on going it alone in TN polls
If the AIADMK falls short of the 117-mark required to form a government in the 234-member assembly, will it strike a post-poll deal to form Tamil Nadu's first coalition government? N Sathiyamorthy analyses. The Nuclear Security Summit ignored Pakistan's threat
'Pakistan has been successful in convincing the rest of the world that the Pakistani nuclear terrorists are meant to target only India. This is myopia at its worst,' says Colonel Anil A Athale (retd). Saudi Surprises
'I am hoping that now with the strategic status of our relationship, the Indian voice will get heard in Saudi Arabia,' says Ambassador B S Prakash. Handwara: Quell passions, institute inquiry, let things cool down
'The Army must always be balanced in response.'
April 13, 2016
What the BCCI can learn from Jungle Book
The fictional characters in the movie knew that water was of utmost importance. This is something that the BCCI continues to ignore as they insist that IPL matches, be played in the drought-hit state, writes Rediff com's Syed Firdaus Ashraf. 'I am God' won't Make in India
'Let us remember that Make in India for defence must not be our goal.' 'Bihar's women feel very strongly about banning alcohol'
'We like to believe that it's the politicians who impose such bans. But it's the womenfolk of Bihar who made Nitish Kumar enact the ban,' says Ashis Nandy.
April 12, 2016
Coping with water wars
The wars of the future will be fought over water and if they occur on large scale, will be far more devastating than any we have seen yet. Befriending the US while tempering China: Can India do it?
Even as the United States snuggles closer to India with the thinly veiled objective of containing China, the Indian strategy is to avoid alienating either nation. It's time to get real in US-India defence ties
New Delhi remains a priggish suitor to Washington's overtures, but it has begun appreciating potential tech benefits to ties with the US.
April 11, 2016
How the RSS plans to win Assam for the BJP
The real brilliance of this RSS campaign, therefore, lies in building a dominant power base with, and for, a mostly non-RSS leadership. That is why the rise of the BJP in Assam is their stand-out victory, says Shekhar Gupta. Expect a Doval-Janjua meeting very soon
Considering the huge stakes, the Modi government is not averse to make more diplomatic efforts to see whatever it can salvage. The geopolitics of Ashton Carter's India visit
The US intends to break up India's strategic partnership with Russia and to continue to interfere in Indian-Iranian relations, apart from inserting itself into the Sino-Indian bilateral discourse, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, analysing the US defence secretary's visit to India. Praying with Fire in Kerala
'Reluctance to go against temple rituals is understandable and the Hindu vote bank is extremely important at the ensuing elections.' 'But even the devout Hindus will not hold it against the government if the opportunity presented by the tragedy is utilised at least for a temporary ban.' Anupam Kher is learning politics the hard way
'Kanhaiya Kumar and others of his ilk are now out on bail. But what about the NIT 'anti-nationals'?' asks Amulya Ganguli.
April 09, 2016
The general, the 'spy' and no talks with India
Nawaz Sharif may have permitted the trial of Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists for the Pathankot attack. 'Are we back to the Emergency days?'
'Are we back to Emergency days?' Madhav Godbole, the distinguished civil servant asked, after his speech was abruptly cancelled by the Maharashtra government. After Basit, Modi unlikely to attend SAARC meet in Pak
SAARC summit in Islamabad in jeopardy.
April 08, 2016
China launches new attack on the Dalai Lama
'The first time that China alleged the Dalai Lama was 'anti-national' and 'unpatriotic' was after he affirmed that Arunachal Pradesh and Tawang are part of India,' points out former RA&amp;W official Jayadeva Ranade. How gullible Modi has been in dealing with Pakistan!
'The Pakistani game plan in making its envoy in India to perform the last rites of a fledgling peace process is madness with a method.'
April 07, 2016
The persistence of memory: What it means to be human
Deep-learning machines are conquering realm after realm of human expertise, but is there a difference between Them and Us? India's Persian Gulf diplomacy is on a roll
If things work out, it will be a great leap forward in the Indian-Iranian economic ties in the new phase of Iran's reintegration with the world market following the lifting of sanctions, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar. TN verdict hinges around the 'silent majority'
If Tamil Nadu is to avoid a hung assembly, it is up to the silent voters, whose combined strength is more than that of the two major combines in the fray, says N Sathiyamoorthy. This isn't what we wanted when we voted you to power
'I may not indulge in chest thumping to express my patriotism every day.'
April 06, 2016
A revamp of the Medical Council of India would be a welcome move
A recent report by the parliamentary standing committee on health and family planning pulled no punches on the abysmal state and poor functioning of the Medical Council of India.
April 05, 2016
Let us get down to brass tacks on our counter-terror mission
India cannot aspire for great power status unless our leaders truly understand the meaning of national security. Modi's tightrope walk in Saudi Arabia
The known unknowns in Prime Minister Modi's Saudi visit assume great significance, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar. Hamid Ansari goes to bat for secularism
How has the Indian State, in principle and practice, given shape to the essential ingredients of the secular principle and composite culture? Editors I have known
'There are different ways in which some are lucky through their lives. My great boon has been serendipity,' says Subir Roy. Water crisis, Amitabh Bachchan and Bharat Mata Ki Jai
Maharashtra today faces an acute water crisis. But all that Devendra Fadnavis is concerned about who is not chanting slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf. The dangerous threat of nuclear terrorism
During last week's Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama asked the media to leave and then screened videos depicting plausible scenarios pertaining to nuclear terrorism. Revealed: Why China can't shield Pakistan for long
'India is currently waging a diplomatic war against Pakistan, to convey to Islammabad that each terror attack on India will come with huge diplomatic costs,' says Rajeev Sharma.
April 04, 2016
Why dissent will become more difficult in India
'These trends put at risk not only minorities or the media or some other out-of-favour group, they can and do concern everyone,' warns T N Ninan. Cracking your iPhone, piercing your privacy
Sadly, governments and their agencies can't be trusted to use private data, or decryption methods responsibly, says Devangshu Dutta. Why Kulbhushan Jadhav couldn't be a R&AW spy
'He was carrying his Indian passport. This seems like a very different sort of spy than the ones we see in movies, who carry fake passports and are highly trained,' says Aakar Patel. Doval to travel to China to discuss Pak problem
'China has refused to act upon the threat posed by Pakistan using terrorism as an instrument of its foreign policy.' says Rajeev Sharma.
April 03, 2016
Once again, Pakistan pokes a finger in India's eye
'India's worst fears have come true because the Pakistan investigating team has, obediently and dutifully, done its masters' bidding by giving a clean chit to Pakistan, the Jaish, the ISI and all other well known actors,' says Rajeev Sharma.
April 02, 2016
Why Modi's visit to Saudi Arabia is important
King Salman and Narendra Modi will find common ground to intensify cooperation against jihadi terrorism, says Tarun Vijay, MP. Pakistan's real 1,000-year war
'Pakistan needs to be constantly at war with somebody, ultimately resulting in it waging war on itself and its own people,' says Shekhar Gupta. Mr Modi, heed what Dr Singh said on Pakistan
It is because of the feared domestic backlash that the Modi government is now stepping up pressure on Pakistan to accommodate Indian interests. After the tragedy: We don't need politics please!
'There is no difference morally between politicians scoring points amid the rubble and non-politicians who assume that politics and corruption necessarily had something to do with it,' says Mihir S Sharma.
April 01, 2016
Is hung assembly a possibility in Tamil Nadu?
Given the subdued pre-poll voter-behaviour in the state over the past couple of decades and more, and the inability of individual political parties to cobble together an alliance and announce candidates, or both, to launch grassroots-level campaigns early on, close fights with landslide victory is an equal possibility, N Sathiyamoorthy. Amitabh Bachchan for President? No way!
With the images of Rajendra Babu, Radhakrishnan, K R Narayanan, V V Giri and Kalam in my mind, the image of my beloved hero dancing ungainly to 'Merey angney main tumharra kya kaam hai', doesn't make a smooth transition, says Sudhir Bisht.
March 31, 2016
Can the IAF fight the next war effectively?
In the light of India's increasingly 'darkening' threat environment and the convergence of strategic interests between China and Pakistan, the IAF's declining combat capabilities are a cause for concern, says Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (retd).
March 30, 2016
Why sting operations have failed in India
'The idea of moral responsibility is not particularly strong in our parts. Showing that people are corrupt or immoral through stings doesn't have the required effect in such a culture,' says Aakar Patel. Jadhav case: Has India captured a Pakistani spy?
The Indian intelligence brass may have snared a key Pakistani spy and Jadhav's arrest is Pakistan's way of getting even with India, says Rajeev Sharma.
March 29, 2016
Will Pakistan now allow India access to Masood Azhar?
If Pakistan allows India to send its investigation team to question Azhar it would take the India-Pakistan camaraderie to a new level, says Rajeev Sharma.
March 28, 2016
Xi is the only leader Obama will meet one on one this week
52 world leaders, including Narendra Modi, will attend this week's Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC. Will Manipur be the next blow for Congress?
After Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, discontent is brewing among Congress MLAs in Manipur. The curious case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, 'spy'
It is quite likely that the Pakistanis are cleverly using the Jadhav card to derail the outcome of the JIT process.
March 27, 2016
Modi's Pakistan policy is bewildering
'Dealing with Pakistan can become dangerous, and even suicidal, for the powers that be in New Delhi,' warns Rajeev Sharma.
March 25, 2016
Why Modi okayed Pakistani visit to Pathankot airbase
Denying the Pakistani investigators access to the Pathankot base on operational grounds would not, the government felt, compromise national security, reveals Rajeev Sharma. Fragrance of Cuban cigars and rum will embellish ties
'I recall an encounter I had with a US Congressman of Cuban origin, who was hostile to India because of our continuing goodwill for Cuba.' We must guard against ISIS clones in India
'Increasingly, there is a tendency to magnify 'victimhood' of the minority for electoral gains and vote bank politics.'<br>'There is no doubt that there is a worldwide rise in Islamophobia. There is a tendency amongst some in India to react to this in the Indian milieu,' says Colonel Anil A Athale(retd).
March 24, 2016
The rise and fall of Lula and Brazil
'He is the man,' US President Barack Obama had said at a G-20 gathering, enhancing Lula's stature. Where are the leaders who can inspire our youth?
'Are moving towards a political culture that provides more space for violence and a paranoid political rhetoric,' asks Nitin Desai. Our 'nationalism' is against other Indians
'Our great Indian nationalists are rousing passions against their own people, not against another nation. Our fraud nationalists go after their own citizens for their religion, or for their views. Their concern and their passion is the enemy within. That is not love of nation or love of anything else. It is hatred and it is bitterness,' says Aakar Patel. How India can avert a Brussels-like attack
'India's counter-terrorism network needs to keep potential jihadists under a scanner all the time,' says Rajeev Sharma. Vijayakanth: King or kingmaker?
How will DMDK's decision to join the People's Democratic Front affect the political scenario in TN.
March 23, 2016
The end of civilisation as we know it? Not really
Ever pragmatic, the Americans are convinced that the future is in the Indo-Pacific.<br />There is a new Indo-Pacific century, and India has to decide whether it has its eyes on the prize, says Rajeev Srinivasan. Be prepared for the Long War!
The level of preparedness of Daesh sleeper cells is evident from the fact that it took just four days after Salah Abdelslam's arrest to execute the Brussels attacks, says Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain (retd). Time for India to play tough with Nepal
India should put a check on its cheque book diplomacy with Nepal. Nepal must be made to bear the costs of its strategic provocations.
March 21, 2016
Pakistan's national anthem and its Bombay connection
What connection does Qaumi Tarana -- Pakistan's national anthem, which millions of Indians heard at the Eden Gardens on Saturday -- have to Bombay? The Pakistani conundrum
What does Pakistan mean for a young Indian? Devanik Saha attempts an answer. Punjab and its State-sponsored anarchy
Punjab politics has produced a dog's breakfast on the river waters issue. Except, you'd see even dogs eat better, says Shekhar Gupta. Forget Eden Gardens, the real test is in Pathankot
'The Pakistani JIT's visit is the first ever experiment by the two South Asian neighbours to probe a terror attack 'jointly.' Well, it is not unlike the scenario wherein the thief himself is made an investigator,' says Rajeev Sharma.
March 18, 2016
Why the BJP is playing the Desh Bhakti card
'A second defeat in a Hindu heartland state will be disastrous for its morale and political fortune.' The end of an era
Balraj Bahri Malhotra and Ram Advani's passing signals the sunset of the era of the many booksellers across India who came over after Partition.
March 17, 2016
How Pakistan is holding back SAARC
Connectivity is what SAARC needs the most but Pakistan is not interested, says Rajeev Sharma. Coalition conundrum cuts into candidates' campaign time in TN
The deadlock over finalising alliances has had a deleterious effect on the candidates of every party. The delay in alliance conclusion has also sent out confusing signals to the grass-roots who are unsure who will be their party candidate, or which party within an alliance will be allotted a particular constituency, says N Sathiya Moorthy. Two PMOs drive India-Pakistan relations
How the two South Asian neighbours will interact with each other in the coming months will be decided by the two prime ministers in Washington.
March 16, 2016
If this is not anti-nationalism, what is?
'We in the Anglicised middle class are unconcerned about the vast majority of Indians. We insist on only our concerns and anxieties being debated. All other Indians are irrelevant,' says Aakar Patel. Is Indian army's secularism under stress?
The foundations of the army's own peculiar secularism are potentially being destabilised
March 15, 2016
As ridiculous as comparing Nehru to Pol Pot
'The rise of IS and intolerant Wahabism are the real dangers to Indian democracy and pluralism, not the RSS,' says Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay.
March 14, 2016
Beijing warns India about China-Pakistan axis
'It is not possible for New Delhi to take sides between Beijing and Washington.' The art of gobbling up the Yamuna floodplain
The disagreements over what needs to be done on floodplains allows for illegal takeover by land mafia till nothing is left, observes Sunita Narain Rahul may care about winning now
'For a party with a fuzzy ideology, one that lives only for power, having a leadership that thought vaguely about returning to power in the distant future was a distinct handicap,' points out Mihir S Sharma.
March 12, 2016
The river can go to hell
'Delhi's river has once more been thrown under the bus, by a happy godman backed by a godman-happy government,' says Mitali Saran. Forgive them, oh Sri Sri, their worldly trespasses
'Not that the trio aren't Art of Living loyalists. They respond to Guruji's summons with more alacrity than if their grandchildren need their diapers changed,' says Kishore Singh. At 46, has Rahul Gandhi finally grown up?
'Where he used to sit bored, sulky and fiddling with his cell phone in the Lok Sabha (and was often missing during key debates) he is now noisy, aggressive and ready to lead his flock into the well of the House,' says Sunil Sethi. The BJP is far from winning the ideological war
'What the BJP will have to ensure in order to score an ideological victory is to demonstrate not only its commitment to the rule of law -- which is the first prerequisite -- but to introduce a sense of compassion,' says Amulya Ganguli. How India must counter Chinese moves in Balochistan
Gwadar port
March 11, 2016
Green Tribunal: When needed to bite, it growled
The green tribunal has diminished itself in growling when it needed to bite at the Art of Living show Numbers favour Jaya as Vijayakanth decides to go it alone in TN polls
With Vijayakanth rebuffing both the DMK and the BJP Tamil Nadu will witness a six-cornered fight, which can only benefit Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, says R Ramasubramanian. Why Mamata is worried about multi-phase state elections
Though it's been just five years at the helm, Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress is fighting severe internal dissidence and would crumble like a pack of cards if it loses, says Devanik Saha.
March 10, 2016
Protecting privacy in democracies
It is important to track what is happening in the rest of the world to be able to develop in India the best possible protection for citizens' fundamental right to privacy -- becoming for a country which prides itself on being the largest functioning democracy in the world. Critical thinking about history is dying
Books like Sunil Khilnani's Incarnations: India in 50 Lives, simple and straightforward though they appear, are instead powerful arguments for complexity, for empathy, and for curiosity Modi can't allow Pakistan SIT inside Pathankot base
'The Modi government can't ignore the political symbolism that the perceived perpetrators are being allowed inside an Indian military base which was attacked by their puppets, either by tacit approval or compliance of the Pakistani military establishment,' says Rajeev Sharma.
March 09, 2016
Time for better sense to prevail
'The BJP should avoid escalating every local issue and minor provocation into a national crisis and claiming a 'holier than thou' monopoly on patriotism.' Modi continues to play into Pakistan's hands
'The attack on the Pathankot base constituted an act of war. Yet Modi's only public comment up until now on that attack has been to blame it on "enemies of humanity".'
March 08, 2016
India must change course in the South China Sea
Since 55 per cent of Indian trade passes through the South China Sea, and with over $5 billion investments in the energy sector in Vietnam, it is imperative India actively pursues its national interests in the region, says Srikanth Kondapalli. Why the World Culture Festival matters
There will remain those, though, who will remain in opposition to this massive endeavour for world peace with an aim not to improve, but to scuttle the project. But for the rest of us, a cultural and spiritual event of this significance and scale is a feast for the mind and soul, say Sankrant Sanu. Exercise Force 18 takes India's 'Act East policy' to the next level
India is no longer shying away from playing a role on the regional and international stages and is willing to don a bigger role in regional politics. It is showing traits of a responsible stakeholder in the regional security dynamics, says Dr Rahul Mishra. Modi-Sharif summit in Washington likely on March 31
Pakistan is growing restive with the below the radar screen diplomacy. This is the issue Modi and Sharif will grapple with at their Washington meeting, says Rajeev Sharma. Farewell, Gentle Titan
'His contagious smile and peal of laughter, his affirmative approach to national challenges, his faith and conviction in India's future and his profound attachment to the welfare of the northeast attracted anyone who came in touch with him,' says Dr Anirban Ganguly. Pan-Tamil issues have long since outlived their electoral utility
As political rivals clamour to retain their pan-Tamil credentials, the BJP may use the 'nationalist' card to even the odds in its favour, says N Sathiya Moorthy. How to stop students from cheating
Top universities should stop taking students from UP and Bihar to make these states act against the rampant mass cheating in school exams, suggests Anjuli Bhargava/Business Standard. On this Women's Day, let us Indians learn to respect women!
'Sexual violence against women is not something unique to India but in our parts the victim must also have to contend with other burdens. Such as the notion of 'honour' and its loss,' says Aakar Patel.
March 07, 2016
India must worry over China's $150 bn defence budget
'While China has been hiking its defence spending, India has done precious little in implementing the Manmohan Singh government's decision of raising a 90,000-strong China-centric Mountain Strike Corps,' says Rajeev Sharma. China's defence spend: $146 bn. India's: $40 bn!
Confronting a slowdown in growth, China says it will only increase its defence budget by 7.6% this year, against the anticipated rise of between 20% and 30%. Pakistan's crackdown on radicals is a ray of hope
'If the bulk of the Pakistan population and the all powerful army are now against radical elements, there is indeed hope that Pakistan's India policy will be more realistic and less ideology driven,' says Colonel Anil A Athale (retd).
March 05, 2016
The past is not a foreign country
'Despite a quarter century since India began the uphill battle of moving away from its peculiar hybrid of imperial-feudal-socialism, it remains distressingly -- and sometimes reassuringly -- the country I left in 1986,' says Rahul Jacob. Can the Congress survive without The Family?
'The family is the final court of appeal, the first among unequals. If there is no family, all leaders are equal. If all leaders are equal, anyone can lead the Congress. So every time the family has stayed in the background, the Congress has split.' Student Of The Year
Shekhar Gupta has a question for Kanhaiya Kumar, but a bigger, more vital, one for the honourable judge.
March 04, 2016
It's time for the government to cut its losses
'In order to restore things to even keel, the government would be very well advised to cut its current political losses and work towards healing wounds across the nation. It still has its work cut out. It will have to work very hard to repair the political damage among Dalit and tribal communities,' says David Devadas. Why this US admiral's speech in Delhi upset China
US admiral's suggestion for a revival of a strategic maritime quadrilateral with Japan, Australia and India leaves China livid, says Rajeev Sharma. Kanhaiya, the Leela begins now
'His prosecutors have no doubt turned a student union leader into a national figure - howsoever briefly - with their miscalculations and misdeeds, and have done Kanhaiya a huge favour.'
March 03, 2016
Why did G K Pillai not object then?
'Even though he knew full well that the manipulation went against the facts as he knew them, Pillai nonchalantly contented himself with stating that since the file came from the minister himself, he just passed it on as it was,' says B S Raghavan. The fires have been lit, and the mobs are standing ready
'In Bastar, as in Delhi, being branded 'anti-national' in the eyes of the government now seems to have acquired new meaning,' says Aakar Patel. What led JNU students to raise 'seditious' slogans?
Rather than make it a BJP or anti-BJP battle, it is more important to have a dialogue with the protesting students and understand their psyche, feels Devanik Saha.
February 27, 2016
Make in India or breaking India?
The future of the Make in India campaign looks bleak with a generation of ill-educated jobseekers -- and especially dark if they are cannon fodder for caste riots or put behind bars for breaking India, says Sunil Sethi. For the Jats, it was a question of 'moochh'
What got the Jats of Haryana so furious? So who was orchestrating the Haryana mayhem and why?
Current events in Haryana have set the state back 20 years. But this is just the beginning. Let's play a game. Let's try figuring out how much further the state can slide.
February 26, 2016
50 Years On: Who was the real Veer Savarkar?
'One hopes the younger generation sees Savarkar him for what he was and does not view him through a distorted prism.'
February 25, 2016
The seeds of the Modi Sarkar's defeat
The government has displayed a tin ear in its responses to the JNU protests by using the sedition law -- and by encouraging lawyers who wear their political affiliations on their sleeves to display utter contempt for the Constitution. The Modi Sarkar has over three years of its term to run. But it may well have already sown the seeds of defeat,' says Devangshu Datta. Bleeding hearts! Don't bleed the nation!
'All their idealism, intensity of emotions, acute sense of right and wrong, and burning passion for public causes can never serve as justifiable grounds to be touted by students of any country, let alone of India, with all its fragility and vulnerability, to question its unity in the name of freedom of expression,' says B S Raghavan.
February 23, 2016
Our nationalism is only in sentiment, not in behaviour
'Our passionate love for our nation as seen in our anger at slogan shouters does not extend to caring for the nation in other ways. We are one of the dirtiest people on earth and even our holiest river the Ganga can only be cleaned if the Supreme Court orders it, and even then with difficulty,' says Aakar Patel. How India must select information commissioners
There is a great need to introduce a transparent process to select information commissioners, who are expected to oversee transparency, says former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi.
February 22, 2016
TN may have the answer for fishermen issue, but what about funds?
It maybe time for the Centre to take a closer look at Chief Minister Jayalalitha's innovative' solution to a long-pending problem, says N Sathiya Moorthy. Can't courts straighten out the errant lawyers?
When an accused gets attacked on the way to court, and again within the court premises, with no intervention by a judicial officer, which space is safe, asks Jyoti Punwani. Talks with Pakistan=New terror attacks
'It is possible elements within the Pakistani establishment felt bad about eating humble pie and wanted to avenge the humiliation through a terror attack.' Will Oli's visit erase the bitterness with Nepal?
Within the SAARC framework, says Rajeev Sharma, Nepal's strategic importance cannot be overestimated as Nepal is a key member of the sub-SAARC group India has created to bypass Pakistan. What Modi and his ministers must learn from Vajpayee
'Think about how he would have handled Hyderabad, and JNU. He would have been very cross if he found two of his Cabinet ministers weighing in on the side of the ABVP.'
February 21, 2016
Why the BJP plays nationalist games
'The emphasis is on nationalism, which the party apparently feels will have greater resonance than one on religious identity which may have lost some of its appeal in recent years.' Quotas for Jats may encourage Gujjars/Patels to agitate
'The bad dream can turn into a ghoulish nightmare for the BJP if the Gujjars in Rajasthan and the Patels in Gujarat, both BJP-ruled states, were to fish in troubled waters and relaunch their respective agitations for quotas in government jobs,' warns Rajeev Sharma.
February 19, 2016
JNU students challenge the Indian State, not the govt
Do the students who chanted pro-separatist slogans and their teachers/supporters want the army to withdraw from Kashmir or not fight the terrorists?
February 18, 2016
Why India must be wary of the Chinese dragon
There are signs of China's external behaviour becoming more aggressive in the coming years. If that happens, strategic implications for neighbours having territorial disputes with China can become deeper and imperatives can rise for the former to counteract, says D S Rajan The mukhota has finally slipped
'What is holding this government to ransom is the Parivar. It is this group's thought process, ideals and philosophies that course through the veins of India's elected government. And it is this that is holding the government, and through it the country, to ransom.'
February 16, 2016
Ishrat and the death of nuance
What Headley's testimony does achieve is expose the Congress' ham-fisted attempts to taint an otherwise credible probe. That, however, does not become an assertion of Ishrat's membership of the LeT. Defence budget must reflect reality
Unimaginative increments, persistent refusal of funds have turned the military into an underfed child scared to ask for a full meal. History backs AMU's claim as a Muslim university
Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi's stand that AMU is not a minority university reveals the anti-minority stand of the political party now in power, says Mohammad Sajjad, outlining the long history behind one of India's premier universities.
February 15, 2016
JNU protestors need a debate, not the police
'If JNU students are anti-national, why do we send in the police? Why not send in intellectuals like M V Kamath to have a debate and discussion?' The JNU protest is linked to caste and prejudice
Why are Dalits protesting against hangings in Hyderabad?
February 14, 2016
How does the Army make Mission Impossible into Mission Possible?
'Perhaps the finest example is from the current avalanche itself.' Look, what China's navy is up to!
'China's moves are of direct significance to India, which will closely monitor Chinese naval activity in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean not least because of Chinese maps depicting claims over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.'
February 13, 2016
Indian protests won't change America's Pakistan policy
'India's real concern is that cash-strapped Pakistan is keeping its military hardware well oiled on American money,' says Rajeev Sharma. Meet the next Benazir
Last year, Maryam Nawaz accompanied her father to Washington, but played a role beyond being the dutiful daughter. She was 'discovered' by the White House, and was hosted by Michelle Obama. Watch out for China's new, improved, army
Will China's new military reforms endanger Xi Jinping's rule? Can you call Ishrat's a fake encounter?
'The Ishrat encounter was neither genuine, nor fake. I believe it was a 'controlled killing,' says Shekhar Gupta. Willl the Supreme Court finally come out on Section 377?
'All judges are conscious of the historical legacy they leave behind. Chief Justice Thakur understands the important question of Constitutional law involved and the change in public mood,' lawyer Anand Grover tells Sunil Sethi.
February 12, 2016
Why India suffers from the Panipat Syndrome
'We rarely choose to fight when the threat is still a nascent threat. When we do fight, we fight when the invaders reach Panipat and are preparing to knock on the gates of Delhi.' What we should learn from Headley's testimony
'Headley's testimony indicates to what extent the Pakistan government and its proxies can go to destroy not only Indian scientific talent but also international expertise.'
February 11, 2016
India must not ignore China in order to improve Indo-US ties
In bilateral interfaces relations with China have also to be given due weight, opines Premvir Das
February 10, 2016
Mistrust of India is embedded in the Pak army's DNA
'There were assurances that Jaish-e-Mohammad was being reined in as was the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, but Pakistan's security forces could not risk opening too many dangerous new fronts,' notes former foreign secretary Ambassador Shyam Saran, who has just returned from a visit to Lahore. Beware! ISI may try to attack our scientists again
'Pakistan may have moved back from this devilish plot in 2007, but there is no guarantee it won't be on the drawing boards again,' warns Rajeev Sharma.
February 09, 2016
The BJP's losing battle against beef
The BJP sees investments, both foreign and domestic, as their pathways to political power and not the construction of the Ram temple or a nationwide ban on beef. Check out what India is buying for its defence services!
'The range of purchases throw a light on India's threat perception as also its perceived role of being a stabilising influence in the region,' says Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd).
February 08, 2016
How the government steals tribal land
'Which one of us would give up our flats for development?' What Headley's deposition means for India
'His deposition shows that the dividing line between Pakistan's State and non-State actors had completely blurred in Mumbai's 26/11 terror strikes.' 'Islamism, a Phoenix waiting to arise from the ashes'
'Small bands of terrorists believe they can destabilise superpowers if they are ready to become martyrs.' Transfers of civil servants reflect Modi's priorities
The ministries and departments, where bureaucrats are parked after being moved out of key positions, reflect the priorities of the government. India has lost 900 soldiers at Siachen
'Their failure to take Siachen is an embarrassment to the Pakistan army -- and let them live with it. Our army's shoulders are broad enough to endure the challenge.'
February 05, 2016
He couldn't give a damn for what the world thinks!
Pyongyang wants the world to recognise its nuclear capability, says Srikanth Kondapalli. So who gets to remember old wounds?
'Muslims and Dalits must erase the way they remember their past, or carry out their their performances in private,' says Jyoti Punwani, as Maharashtra's Censor Board denies permission to a play Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat. Was there a strategy behind Modi's silence on Dravida parties in Coimbatore?
Modi's non-reference could also imply that the BJP may be keeping its alliance options open vis-à-vis the AIADMK. It could also imply that the BJP's national leadership had not given up on the DMK returning to power in the state post-poll, and the Centre having to do business with a new government in Fort St George, says N Sathiya Moorthy.
February 03, 2016
Former AERB boss wants India to pause its nuclear plans
'Decisions on nuclear power have so far been taken by a small select group, primarily interested in profiteering from their actions, stating 'secrecy' as necessary from the national security point.'
February 02, 2016
2016 will be a good year for Amit Shah and the BJP
'In the medium term, the advantage is still with the BJP.' Pranab's praise for Sanjay Gandhi 'a blot on his record'
'It is palpably prejudiced and totally at variance with public and historical opinion.' Why should Delhi pay the price for garbage politics?
Stinking politics will only sink the party which practices it, feels Vikas Khanna
February 01, 2016
Who is afraid of 'hyphenated' US policies?
''There is the perennial worry in the Indian mind regarding the US 'hyphenating' India and Pakistan. Frankly, this is a completely nonsensical hypothesis. The US has always 'hyphenated' India and Pakistan and it couldn't have been otherwise,' says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar. Why Hamid Ansari is visiting tiny Brunei
As India strives to make its Act East Policy a comprehensive politico-diplomatic and economic success, Brunei gains more salience, says Dr Rahul Mishra. Beating up an ambassador: This is how Communists are
'Why would the Communists do this? I have three possible answers: One, they are specifically opposed to the Global Education Meet that the ambassador organised. Two, they are beginning to realise their days are numbered in Kerala. Three, the standard modus operandi of leftists is anarchism because they are not constrained by any codes of ethics. Roughly, the bad, the good, and the ugly,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.
January 31, 2016
Why Modi needs to focus on the Maldives
'If all goes well, Modi will visit the Maldives later this year. But two Indian concerns remain unaddressed: President Yameen's intentions about Mohammad Nasheed and China,' says Rajeev Sharma.
January 30, 2016
Why the battle against Section 377 must continue!
'No country has moved from bigotry to equality fast, and India, with its leisurely, elephant-like pace for the most non-controversial of things, will only take longer.' Arunachal Pradesh: Hindi, Hindu, Tribalistan
'The Congress, all these decades, worked on a slow Hindi-isation and Indianisation of Arunachal tribes. The RSS wants rapid Hinduisation,' says Shekhar Gupta.
January 29, 2016
'Gandhi became the first non-Muslim to lead a jihad'
Incisive Editor, brilliant scholar on Islam, and now BJP leader, M J Akbar is at his intellectual best when he dissects the Muslim world and its problems, and offers up a solution from his unique perspective, as he did in this recent speech at the 10th R N Kao Memorial Lecture in New Delhi.
January 28, 2016
How we should honour Rohith Vemula's memory
'Reflex responses to Dalit student Rohith Vemula's suicide are band aids that stem the current hemorrhage but do precious little to the festering wound beneath,' says Vivek Gumaste. JLF matters
Outside Diggi Palace's walls, things may be getting darker. Speech may be under threat; writers may be getting murdered for their writing. But, inside, it is possible to feel hope that ideas, nevertheless, may have their own power, says Mihir S Sharma.
January 27, 2016
Five key factors that will affect BJP in Assam polls
Mudslinging and verbal attacks will definitely surge once the poll dates are announced, but as with any state, there are some crucial issues which will play a significant role in influencing voters in Assam too, says Devanik Saha. Indian Muslims: Trapped between the devil and the deep sea
'If chutzpah nationalists brought the Babri Masjid down, chutzpah secularists did precious little to stop it from being torn down.' Why Dalits have no presence in white collar jobs
'The corporate world and the private sector economy take notice of the monstrous and apartheid like division that exists in our offices. The jobs we so casually take for granted in the upper class have come to us on the back of denial to others,' says Aakar Patel. Arunachal: Big stakes for Prez, Modi, Congress
'If the Congress allows Arunachal Pradesh to slip out of its control, then it sends negative signals to its leaders and allies across the country,' says Rajeev Sharma.
January 25, 2016
How to keep the Republic secure
'Even if the national security framework is to be threat-based, then the division of security threats between Pakistan and China is absurd. The two threats are one.' Is Mehbooba delaying government formation to reset the BJP-PDP equation?
Mehbooba wants a congenial political atmosphere and everybody's support before taking the reins of power; hence the delay in government formation. Aditi Phadnis opines. Indian Mujahideen cadres now 'ISIS' sympathisers
'There is a very serious terror threat to India in the run-up to Republic Day on January 26 and Beating the Retreat on January 29,' says Rajeev Sharma.
January 22, 2016
Mrinalini Sarabhai transformed Gujarat's cultural life
Ahmedabad's cultural scene would not have gone beyond the garba, but for Mrinalini Sarabhai's pioneering efforts. We are Brahmins, OBCs, Dalits, Muslims, but are we Indians?
Rohith Vemula's suicide exposes all of us as a nation, argues Syed Firdaus Ashraf. The loneliness of an activist
The loneliness of Rohith Vemula is an indicator that in spite of belonging to a group of activists, such sensitive youngsters have to bear their cross alone.
January 21, 2016
Why are French troops marching down Rajpath?
'Parading French troops alongside Indian military personnel, says Rajeev Sharma, turns India's non-alignment policy on its head!' What will India serve Hollande on R-Day?
While the Rafale deal seems to be the main order of business during French President Francois Hollande's visit, other aspects could help sweeten the deal, says Claude Arpi.
January 20, 2016
Why the battle for Sanskrit needs to be joined
'It is a great misfortune that the Nehruvian Stalinists of India have colluded with the grand project of demeaning and destroying Sanskrit. Today, the number of Sanskritists in India is low, and falling,' says Rajeev Srinivasan. Taiwan's first lady Prez faces the Chinese Challenge
How will China deal with Taiwan's first woman president?
January 19, 2016
RIP Aroon Tikekar: The thinker's editor
Mahesh Vijapurkar pays tribute to Aroon Tikekar, journalist, historian, author and an important intellectual voice of Mumbai, who passed into the ages on Tuesday. Malda decoded: What really happened?
India's Muslims need to assert their educational and economic upliftment and political empowerment rather than be provoked by communal remarks, says Mohammad Sajjad, reflecting on the Malda riot. Nobody killed Rohith Vemula
We need to question ourselves if we are to be implicated as well in the institutional murder of Rohith and many other Rohiths, if not bodily but in spirit, because of our complicity in naturalising this elitist, exclusionary, discriminatory-to-the-core conception of education, says Kishalaya Mukhopadhyay. Modi and Doval need a Pakistan gameplan
India should adopt a pro-active strategy on Pakistan -- catalysing, facilitating and making room for a change in its anti-India posture. China's strategic push in the Middle East
Why is Xi Jinping visiting Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China this week?
January 16, 2016
Pakistan SIT in Pathankot: A game of chess
'In this Spy versus Soldier game,' says Rajeev Sharma, 'the two sides will size up each other like never before.' Modi is not ready to give up on Pakistan
'Unlike Dr Manmohan Singh, who quailed and turned away because the darkness was too frightening, Modi has taken a leap to the other side. He deserves applause for this fearlessness,' says Aditi Phadnis. India must do more to back Balochistan struggle
The magnitude of atrocities inflicted by the Pakistani establishment on the Baloch people is unimaginable, says Dr Abhay Jere. General Jake: One of the greatest Indians I've known
'His Promised Land was India.'
January 15, 2016
Why Western sanctions against Pyongyang may backfire
Sanctions against North Korea following its H-bomb test could have serious repercussions and may prove disastrous for all the players involved, says Debalina Ghoshal. Ajit Doval to meet Pak NSA in a third country soon
'The Indian strategy is to rope in the powerful Pakistan army in the negotiating spectrum. This can be done at the level of General Janjua, a former army commander,' reveals Rajeev Sharma.
January 14, 2016
'Jacko, your reward will be in heaven'
Tarun Vijay, MP, salutes the General whom he adored as a great friend.
January 13, 2016
Rediff said it last Saturday: Pak to arrest Masood Azhar
'If this were to happen, it won't exactly be a game changer because Pakistan is known for treating arrested terrorists as 'political prisoners', who are generally given VIP treatment,' says Rajeev Sharma. 'Swing voter' mood will guide alliance decisions in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu has around 30 per cent or more of 'swing voters', and it is this segment that will swing the pre-poll alliance decision, says N Sathiya Moorthy. How India must deal with Pakistan's terror attacks
'If India employed a strategy of a 'thousand cuts', Pakistan will wither away.'
January 12, 2016
The Malda riots and a defence of the 'sickular' media
The Malda riots occurred on January 3, a day after the Pathankot terror attack. Common sense must dictate that an attack on the nation deserves more coverage than a local riot, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf. Not talking to Pakistan will not stop terrorism
'In our media and general population the idea of 'strong posture' was successfully sold by Modi. This is now a liability for him, as he has discovered,' says Aakar Patel.
January 11, 2016
Why the IAF needs a specialist intelligence branch
The Indian Army and more recently the Indian Navy have already set up dedicated intelligence branches. It is surprising indeed that the IAF, where real time and timely intelligence is most vital for effective and safe prosecution of the air war, has still not done so itself, says Group Capt (retd) P I Muralidharan.
January 10, 2016
Doval heads to Paris to fine-tune response to terror attacks
The NSA will meet with officials of the French external intelligence agency to forge a very close counter-terrorism relationship with India, reveals Rajeev Sharma.
January 09, 2016
Is it Modi's job to get Indians to be clean?
'This is social reform, which has to be conducted from within society and by its institutions, like religious bodies, not by public officials and ministers. That is why I think the big change Modi seeks is actually not in his power to bring about,' says Aakar Patel. China wants to show off its military power
'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.' Former RA&amp;W official Jayadeva Ranade explains what China's military reforms mean for the world. Doval brings a compulsive operational mind to his job
'He is still compulsively an operations man. Just a whiff of a live operation, and he is back in the field, at least in his mind. That is why the immediate decision to send the NSG to Pathankot.' Pakistan may arrest Masood Azhar
'If this were to happen, it won't exactly be a game changer because Pakistan is known for treating arrested terrorists as 'political prisoners', who are generally given VIP treatment,' says Rajeev Sharma.
January 08, 2016
Mufti Sayeed: From the grassroots to statesman
Mufti's political graph shows his fondness for courting unpopular, politically hazardous ventures in pursuit of his ultimate objective to vindicate his leadership. Towards the end of his life, Mufti's public profile had come to assume the dimensions of statesmanship. One reason being his willingness to learn from his experience, says Mohammad Sayeed Malik. Hours before attack IAF moved MiGs, choppers out of Pathankot
As many as 29 explosions were recorded after the last terrorist was neutralised, giving an impression of continuing pitched battles!
January 07, 2016
The Pathankot Siege and its Lessons
'Jihadi outfits backed by the ISI are now prepared to attack targets not just in J&K, but also in Punjab. This signals an escalation in the range and scope of cross-border terrorism, which cannot be ignored,' says Ambassador G Parthasarthy, former high commissioner to Pakistan.
January 06, 2016
How to defend an air base from terrorists
'The sky is the limit for what all could be done at an air base to neutralise terrorists. Good proactive local leadership and delegated operational effort would be key to ensuring that a handful of terrorists cannot hold a whole air base, and by extension, the whole nation to ransom,' says Group Captain P I Muralidharan (retd).
January 05, 2016
Doval's actions saved critical air assets in Pathankot
'Ajit Doval has done a splendid job in handling the Pathankot attack and certainly helped save heavy destruction of critical air force assets,' says Abhay Jere. Security forces didn't want more casualties
'The Pathankot episode shows that the security forces handled the attack well after the initial setback, although there is no denying that there are shortcomings in India's security grid that need urgent correction,' says national security expert Nitin Gokhale, founder, Why the Pathankot op has gone on for so long
'Inept handling by the National Security Advisor transformed what should have been a short counter-terrorist operation in Pathankot into an apparent debacle.'
January 04, 2016
The 3-fold moral of the story in engaging with Pak
All Indian prime ministers must know that the route to their Nobel Peace Prize doesn't go through Pakistan, says Rajeev Sharma. Our inward looking policy has cost us dearly
What India has failed to acknowledge is that sub-conventional war is the name of the game and irregular forces have emerged with greater strategic value over conventional and even nuclear forces, and reliance purely on conventional force and diplomacy is grossly inadequate, says Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (retired). How do we face future terror onslaughts?
'It sounds hollow when the military -- the last bastion meant to secure India within the State of India -- is itself not found secure on the third day of the Pathankot strike, in spite of so-called definitive intelligence inputs and preparations,' says Lieutenant General Anil Chait (retd), former chief of the Integrated Defence Staff. Akhilesh Yadav: A CM fighting to emerge from his father's shadow
With the state going to polls soon, Akhilesh Yadav needs to step out of his father's shadow and come into his own as the state's CM. How India can prevent another act of terror
'India has already suffered in the raid of January 2, and taken punishment. If comparable or higher retribution does not visit Pakistan, there is no reason why it should not undertake such a misadventure again,' says Lieutenant General Ashok Joshi (retd).
January 03, 2016
Pathankot attack: 'Someone' is unhappy with Modi-Nawaz talks
'Pakistan's military leaders have to accept that the policy of proxy wars has damaged Pakistan more than it has damaged the enemy,' says former R&amp;AW chief Vikram Sood. India-Pak talks: The time for realism is now!
'India needs to deeply introspect on the costs of pursuing peace with Pakistan,' says Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain (retd).
January 02, 2016
India must be ready to attack in the event of a terror strike
'That the terrorists could still kill three security personnel, including men of the Defence Service Corps, indicates highly trained men are being sent across the border,' says national security expert Nitin A Gokhale, founder, Pathankot: India's response has to be measured
'ISI-backed jihadi groups like the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Tayiba are now prepared to cross the International Border and attack targets in Punjab at will,' says Ambassador G Parthasarathy, India's former high commissioner to Pakistan. Preventing another Pathankot: A soldier's solution
'Attempts at long-term rapprochement have been rather feeble from both sides. The primary cause of the lack of progress is that these efforts do not appear to have the support of the Pakistan army,' says Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (retd). The two New Year wishes for India
Great improvements in education and healthcare are the need of the hour.
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