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This Desi Model Is In Love With...

April 15, 2024 12:04 IST
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IMAGE: Parul Mishra walks the ramp for Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla at the Jio World Plaza in Mumbai.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Parul Mishra/Instagram

Think models don't eat? Or abstain from bingeing on anything that's considered unhealthy?

Do meet Parul Mishra who loves "Aloo Parathas" as much as her "maa ke haath ka bana hua Aate Ka Halwa".

She believes in working out to burn excess calories, not refraining from enjoying her favourite dishes.

Parul tells Mayur Sanap/ how to have a dream body without sacrificing one's love for food.

"There's a perception that models don't eat," she says. "But I am a big eater."

As a north Indian, Parul is accustomed to a certain kind of cuisine; she also likes sticking to food that's regional and seasonal.

What are your favourite dishes?

Rajma Chawal, Aloo Paratha and Kadhi Chawal.

I know that's unlike what models eat but it has been my go-to thing.

IMAGE: Food on her mind?

How often does your fitness routine allow for a cheat diet?

I eat what I have to eat.

I feel like I am earning to eat and I am not going to sacrifice my food habits.

But I make sure I also work out.

Which would be some of the healthy eating habits that you swear by?

I consume ghee a lot. It is unsaturated fat. I make sure I add ghee to most of my food.

I also have ghee on an empty stomach in the morning.

I stick to food I have grown up eating. I like to keep my meals balanced.

Just because I'm modelling, I don't think I should start dieting or only sticking to salads.

What are the dishes you like to cook?

I cook a lot of Chillas and DosaS.

I make sure I have a good intake of millets, jowar, some makai (corn) and lentils.

But I soak all of it and, in the morning, I make a pancake out of it.

IMAGE: Is ghee the reason behind Parul's clear complexion?

The one dish you'd like your mom to cook for you all the time?

Aate Ka Halwa!

The secret behind your svelte figure?

I don't eat after 7-7.30 pm as metabolism slows down during the night.

Make sure your meals are small and you have multiple meals throughout the day.

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