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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » The Many Moods Of Our Models

The Many Moods Of Our Models

January 06, 2023 16:25 IST
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The conventional way to usher in a new year is to position yourself under a disco ball and dance the night away.

Many, like a few of India's well-known models, eschewed the bright lights and relaxed and unwound with nature and things close to their hearts.


IMAGE: Affairs of the Heart Bulletin: Reha Sukheja went public about her love affair with croissants.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Reha Sukheja/Instagram


IMAGE: Is there anything more pleasurable than sipping wine with a fine bouquet on a beautiful day by the pool?
Aasttha Ssidana voted for me-time instead of partying.
Her wish for 2023 is 'sukh shanti, real friends and bigger cheques this year'.
Same pinch. We wished for the same.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aasttha Ssidana/Instagram


IMAGE: If you don't have anyone important to hug as you enter the new year, embrace some life-giving flowers like the jasmine Aishwarya Sushmita did.
Her Insta message offered a cameo of how her 2022 went and it was about resilience, courage and gratitude.
She's 'grateful for the storm', learnt to 'appreciate the sun', 'proud of every tear she shed in 2022', but got 'no regrets and bitterness.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aishwarya Sushmita/Instagram


IMAGE: Turn your back on the blue and meditate on black rocks, in a black bikini with black footwear and 2023 will surely be full of white light.
Vegan yogi Alicia Kaur, who does surya namaskars in the most glorious spots across the globe, selected Goa's Ashvem Beach for a greet-the-naya-saal meditation session.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Alicia Kaur/Instagram


IMAGE: Where's Shubhra Aiyappa off to in flats with spikes and a peachy shirt?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubhra Aiyappa/Instagram


IMAGE: Shopping is a cheerful activity for all your first days of January, now and forever. And if you can hit the stores with someone as prettily togged up as Shruti Tuli well...
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shruti Tuli/Instagram


IMAGE: Krithika Babu did the new year thing we all wanna do.
She jetted off to Dubai and floated about the megapolis on her own craft in tiny clothes, with large glasses of wine, languidly enjoying life.
We were left to vicariously enjoy the majestic views of this glittering paradise through her Instagram feed.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Krithika Babu/Instagram


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/


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