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Zak's Stunning Baiko Sagarika Ghatge

June 15, 2023 09:36 IST
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Do you know what elegance looks like?

Sagarika Ghatge in a sari.

The actor -- best remembered for Chak De! India -- is the happiest draped in lengths and lengths of silk or chiffon.

'The timeless charm of a sari holds a special place in my heart,' says Sagarika. You will rarely spot her without her tiny tikka or bindi when she wears Indian clothes.

Out of a sari, in casuals or Western formals, she doesn't look any less graceful.

Cricketer Zaheer Khan's dignified biwi's tastes are only about sophistication and she believes 'there's nothing more beautiful than simplicity.'


IMAGE: Mudke dekho dilbaro! She's a breathtaking Premachi Goshta in a sari by her favourite designer JADE.
For accessories, she opts for a string of pearls and earrings borrowed from her mother.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Sagarika Ghatge/Instagram


IMAGE: Who looks more winningly handsome in a black blazer? Sagarika. Or Zippy?


IMAGE: A camel-coloured trench coat wrapped around her like a snug blanket, plaid pants, boots put her into a New York State of Mind.


IMAGE: First We Take Manhattan: She's bundled up in adorable winterwear that's very Carrie School of Dressing aka Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City.


IMAGE: My Name is Mrs Khan: Layered up in chic, warm separates Mrs Zaheer fetchingly braves the Upper East Side New York winter.


IMAGE: Ma-Beti Ghatges are cut from the same cloth, erm sari.
They twin in saris and Sagarika inherited her passion for saris from her mom.
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