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Sharma Sisters Are Glam Dhamaka

June 09, 2023 15:53 IST
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The Sharma sisters have got sass and charm in spades.

That extends to their dressing too -- part fun, part edgy, Neha and Aisha Sharma refuse to be pinned down by fashion stereotypes.

One moment they'll be stomping about in dresses that are high on feminine energy. In the very next moment they transform into rugged biker babes radiating 'tude.

In their arsenal are demure frocks, solid, self-coloured co-ord sets, lively prints, preppie picks, pleasing streetwear and dynamite darlingness.

So often together, every pic of these siblings knocks you down with their double dhamakapan.

IMAGE: That's exactly what we mean -- this cameo overflows with girlie frilliness, estrogen and Ya-Ya Sisterhood fun.
The girls bring out the best in each other, and their camaraderie is to die for.
'I am forever drawn to you, your independent spirit, your uniqueness and the way you light up a room', says Neha about younger sister Aisha.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Neha Sharma/Instagram and Aisha Sharma/Instagram


IMAGE: Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum?
Today they are the Monochrome Malkins in lit streetwear.
Furry boy Joy agrees.


IMAGE: LBD mood x 2.
Psst... Neha prefers her coffee black and that's how she likes her dresses as well.


IMAGE: 'Just us doing what we do best. Having the time of our lives.'
Foodie-ing it together in sobre wallpaper-ish prints.


IMAGE: Before you are blown away by that view at the Sky View Observatory in Dubai, take a moment to appreciate Aisha's supermodel long legs and the 200W + 200W incredible smiles.
We could all become Yamla Pagla Deewanas of the Sharma behen duo.


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/


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