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Why Is This Pretty Sikkim Cop Trending?

April 17, 2023 09:54 IST
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Dutiful police officer.

National-level boxing champion.

Bossy biker lady.

Sikkim's lovely Eksha Kerung is so many things in one pretty package.

It's been two years since she debuted on MTV Supermodel Of The Year Season 2. It was her dream to be on the show. She didn't get the title. But she won anyway when she became a popular youth icon with her charming presence.

Last week, she along with Suhana Khan, Ananya Birla and P V Sindhu joined Maybelline's 'sensational squad' as one of the cosmetic giant's new India faces.

Her dad's a farmer, and mom a housewife. She started boxing to stay fit on her father's recommendation. She joined the police force at the age of 19 and is part of the Sikkim State Reserve Police.

Eksha loves her job and is very proud of her work. Alongside, she also wants to live out her dream of being a supermodel.

IMAGE: Off duty, Eksha sheds her khakis for a sweet off-the-shoulder white top and black jeans and heads to the movies.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Eksha Kerung/Instagram


IMAGE: Baaaaad! Shooting for Maybelline in Bangkok.
In denims and beige boots she is like a modern-day Tomb Raider.


IMAGE: Head -- literally -- in the clouds: Back in her cop girl avatar. And a fan commented 'My borders are in safe hands'.
Eksha feels 'the weight of the weapon is heavier than her thoughts'.


IMAGE: K-Pop's new fan girl?
The punk attitude is slowly finding a footing in her wardrobe and her followers whole-heartedly approve.


IMAGE: The Sikkim beauty betwitches Bambai Nagariya in a blood red poncho and a skimpy skirt.


IMAGE: Agent Eksha. She needs a role in a spy film.
She's got the bod, the swag and the rakish good looks.


IMAGE: In bikeroo mode. Hot wheels, hot girl.


IMAGE: Faster than you can say Maybelline, Eksha switches skins.
Pink latex and skin tamasha and she looks utterly feminine and untomboyish.


IMAGE: Raise your hands, if you're as tickled as us to see her beauteous in a sari.
Tashi delek!


IMAGE: Fashion is time travel: From a sari -- across several continents and eras -- to old Hollywood mood.


IMAGE: What's Bayview when we have Ekshaview in delectable white crochet?

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/


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