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Ritika Singh's Hot Boxer Babe Look

April 05, 2023 09:55 IST
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She's the 'cutie on duty' who is 'too classy for this world'.

A tomboy at heart, this trained mixed martial artist isn't afraid to give her 3.2 million fans a glimpse of her raw, real self on Instagram.

Kickboxer-turned-actor versatile Ritika Singh can pump up basic wardrobe separates into a five-star look as adeptly as she once threw punches in the ring.

The heroine of several Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies and series, she declares she likes to be touted as the 'cutest girl on your feed'.

The colour black is a fave. And no bright lipsticks, she goes for a muted shade of brown.

The winner of three Filmfare Awards and a National Award, Ritika has an academy in Kalyan, a township near Mumbai, where she trains with her father and brother.

IMAGE: Saala Khadoos, alright: Ritika refuses to be anything other than her rugged self, even on IG.
Dangerously pretty in her her go-to pose in a black tracksuit.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Ritika Singh/Instagram


IMAGE: Who says tough girls can't court their ultra feminine side?
She may be as hard as nails while knocking out an opponent, but when it comes to stepping out, she tucks her boxer persona away and loves to get all dolled up in frilly numbers.


IMAGE: She's got the best curls in showbiz.
Ritika gussies up in a neutral T-shirt and tracks.


IMAGE: Florals are so much more than a summer thing!
Ritika takes a break from her black fashion to whack it out of the stadium, better than young Ruturaj Gaikwad at the IPL, in flower prints and sporting a badass dragon tattoo.


IMAGE: That denims and the striped spaghetti number suit her super well is not a matter of InCar.


IMAGE: Her style transformations are lightning quick. Back to being the hot boxer babe.
And yes! It's possible to look good while working out if you have the bod.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/


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