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What Tanya Maniktala Would Do On A Date

May 11, 2023 14:58 IST
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IMAGE: 'I've have received a lot of love from people. If you give people love, they will return it. That is all one can hope for'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Tanya Maniktala/Instagram

You don't have to watch her How To Fall in Love to fall in love with this girl.

She's earnest and sweet.

An introvert of sorts, she'd rather sit at home and enjoy a chilled-out dinner with her date and not step out and be a part of the chaotic nightlife.

'Dilli ki shaadi in Dilli ki sardi' gets her really excited.

She is always summer ready in her breezy old-school kurta sets.

Her heart is full of gratitude for her parts in the binge-worthy OTT releases she appeared in.

Say hello to Tanya Maniktala, who was cast as Ishita in Flames, Lata Mehra in A Suitable Boy, and Rumi in Tooth Pari: When Love Bites.

The actor chats with Mayur Sanap/ about her desi nuskhaa (remedies) for glowing skin, her idea of a perfect date and how she keeps it real on social media.

Tips for youngsters who want to make a career in films

Be resilient. Work hard. I don't think anything comes easily without hard work.

Believe in yourself and your craft, and just keep working on it.

Acting is a tough profession because there's a lot of critical analysis constantly going on. One needs to face rejection (but not let it get to you).

The perfect date

I am not an outdoor person and I love staying indoors.

It could be a cosy indoor date with dinner, followed by a long drive or a walk during Delhi winters, which could end with ice cream at India Gate.

Style tips

Be comfortable and wear what you like. That is the fashion rule not just for college, but for life in general.

Style is something that's so subjective. I don't think anybody else can define your style for you.

Be eccentric with your style if you want to. You can make a statement with it or choose not to, that's a call you take. Expressing yourself with your clothes is important.

Be honest and do not try to impress people. Do not imitate someone else just because a look is trending.

Try and stay true to who you are.

Home tricks for healthy and glowing skin

My mom has tried so many home remedies on me. She always says 'Ghar ke nuskho se hi karenge (only home remedies for you)'.

For me, the No 1 solution is ubtan, which basically is made of curd/yoghurt and besan (chickpea flour). I'm allergic to haldi (turmeric), otherwise, you can add it as well.

You need to mix these two ingredients well and apply it all over your face. Wait till it dries up and then wipe or wash it off. It exfoliates skin and leaves you with a glowing complexion.

Maintaining your health is much more important than what you put on your face.

Stay hydrated, eat clean and exercise. Your mental health also plays an important role in how you look.

Being a part of the social media drama

I'm only active on Instagram, and I try and make it as personal as possible.

My work is very, very, personal to me. I talk about my work and about the things I like as a person. I try and interact with my audience as much as I can because that is my only link to them.

People know about my meditation practices through my social media posts. That's how I put my personality out for people to see.

And luckily for me, I've have received a lot of love from people. If you give people love, they will return it. That is all one can hope for.

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