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Simply Beautiful, Rinku!

November 28, 2023 12:12 IST
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Jhimma's Rinku Rajguru would like to remind fans that there is beauty in simplicity. 

She is a loyalist of clean aesthetics and saris are the backbone of her wardrobe. 

As opposed to the roles she chooses, it's hard to find something larger-than-life, daring or over-the-top in the Sairat actor's fashion choices. 

Rinku prefers to steer away from the spotlight; flashy, attention-grabbing silhouettes are not a part of her fashion treasure trove. 

Elegance rules supreme in her closet.  

IMAGE: 'Keep it simple,' she captions this pic.
Actor Swapnil Joshi is quick to add: 'And classy!'  
Photographs: Kind courtesy Rinku Rajguru/Instagram


IMAGE: Introduce cheer into your life with this gorgeous yellow sari. 
Extra cool points for the green bangles, pearl choker and gajra of white flowers.  


IMAGE: Ubuttoned shirts worn with a ganji and a cool cup of coffee...


IMAGE: When you wear one versatile piece of clothing (a white shirt) with another (black trousers), you can do no wrong. 


IMAGE: Who needs designer clothes to make a memorable statement when your sundar muskaan is handy?


IMAGE: This picture, clicked by her aai (mother), makes fans say 'tu nathni madhe khup chan diste'.   
Blue is the new pink and Rinku combines the two to switch things up. 

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