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How To Celebrate Winter Like A Model

November 18, 2022 13:43 IST
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Your favourite catwalkers are celebrating the month of November.


IMAGE: Aasttha Ssidana is talking to flowers during a walk in the woods -- Mona Lisa and a mug of beer close at hand!
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aasttha Ssidana/Instagram


IMAGE: It's just 'another day, another pose' says Elena Fernandes from her hotel in Kenya.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Elena Fernandes/Instagram


IMAGE: Yup, she's got muscles alright. Aishwarya Sushmita mocks a pose holding the martial arts Ultimate Fighting Championship belt.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aishwarya Sushmita/Instagram


IMAGE: What a scrumptious looking ice cream cone. And Mitali Rannorey ain't looking half bad herself.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mitali Rannorey/Instagram


IMAGE: Nicole Faria Powar looking kittenish in tiger stripes.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nicole Faria Powar/Instagram


IMAGE: Need tips for stunning selfies? Shashi Bangari doesn't lack imagination.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shashi Bangari/Instagram

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/

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