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Head Out To The Beach With Priya Varrier

June 21, 2023 09:34 IST
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Very soon the monsoon will be here in gusty full swing, banging on our doors (and windows and roofs).

Our glorious beaches are going to be off-limits and bikini days and beach holidays are done for till late September.

But there is a nifty expression we have all heard of: Carpe diem.

Yes, sieze the day: What's stopping you from planning a few last memorable days on the sand, phataphat, this weekend?

Head there to relax, listen to the mesmerising sound of the already monsoon-charged waves crashing up onto the shore and become a TikTok darling in a dream-fest of ruffles, prints, polka dots and pastels that will make the ocean take you seriously. Come armed with an umbrella in case a few measly pre-monsoon droplets tumble out of the sky.

You can always take a cue from actress Priya Varrier, whose style, tailored for modest purses, lends itself to joyous frolicking on the beach.

No straw hats. No bikini briefs. No bathing suits. No cleavage or thigh fiesta.

Yet like her films -- Ishq and Oru Adaar Love -- that might have piqued your interest, she suceeds admirably in keeping things hip, happening and haute on the shorefront.

IMAGE: Look what got washed up on a sandy shore on the Indian Ocean!
Wearing a frilly explosion of a swimsuit top, that has a twin blue sea anemone look to it, all this jalpaari needs is a tiara of seashells to complement her summery beachside attire.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Priya Prakash Varrier/Instagram


IMAGE: So many pretty things in one pic.
She chooses wear-forever sunshine buys like a divine lace bralet, rugged denims and plastic flip-flops.
For Priya, swimwear is about anything that's comfy for a dip in the crystal-clear Maldives waters.
Her costume may not be as bodacious as those standard OMG-skimpy swimsuits but boy does she look adipoli.
Her nearly 8 million IG fans agree.


IMAGE: Dressing for sticky-icky-icky balmy beach time get a practical update in fetching denim shorts and a bra in the doobta sooraj shade.
No bikini bottoms = No tan lines.
And do wear your hair loose to the beach.
You will pay for it later, when you have to painstakingly untangle it, but nothing more cute than the wind whipping its way through a pretty girl's tresses.
It's the stuff that songs are written about.

IMAGE: You need froufrou finery for Phi Phi type places.
Priya bakes on the white sand of these islands in Thailand.

IMAGE: If the itsy-bitsy dress fits, wear it, and pair it with a sweet pair of Crocs that are a forever mood in the monsoon.
And also a great sunfrock for sitting by the sea.


IMAGE: A yoga goddess headed for a session of surya namaskars on a Kerala beach?
She picks one accessory, the ocean blue sling bag, and smartly works her outfit around it.


IMAGE: Priya has a way with cotton dresses. They were invented for her.
More interesting are her excited college girl on her first solo trip vibes.

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