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Desi Beauty Anu Emmanuel

June 20, 2023 08:55 IST
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If you are a fashion follower, it's impossible to have missed spying Anu Emmanuel.

Sweet as a pie. Insanely chic. Unimaginably pretty in ethnic threads. She has found a spot among IG's go-to gals of style.

And the actor can easily pen 101 Lessons On Festive Indian Dressing even though she was born in Chicago.

Her wardrobe must brim with silks, chiffons, satin, florals and when she gets togged in them, all her fans can repeat, stumped, 'saab se sundar tum ho'.

Calling herself, ruefully, a 'beautiful mess', she chooses to 'stay a mystery' because 'it's better', she says.

The only time she looks back is to see how far she's come or give followers a glimpse of her spicy masala-wallah backless numbers.

Chocolate cake is her favourite, but it's rare to spot her in that rich shade of brown, because avowedly pink is her thing.

Action Hero Biju marked her debut in the Malayalam movie industry, while Tamil and Telugu films continue to be her stronghold.

IMAGE: Leave it to Anu to make a flowing flowered sari appear as iconic as one of those romantic numbers we saw in Yash Chopra's dancing in Kashmir's snowy meadows film scenes.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Anu Emmanuel/Instagram


IMAGE: Anu is hell bent on 'shooing away your Monday blues' in a blue dress that could make Zendaya look tame.


IMAGE: The actress can create an Internet Biparjoy in her very laaaaaal dress.
It's a good colour to refresh your wardrobe arsenal with for the rains and brighten the cloudy gray days.
The gol jalebi earrings have a charm of their own.


IMAGE: Naa Peru (Anu), Naa Illu India.
Indeed, that Telugu film could have been written for her.
She might be American by birth and grew up in Dallas, but glamorously swathed in a Benarasi, she's the girl all the eagle-eyed, trad-bad aunties at Indian weddings are on the hunt for, for their sanskari sons.


IMAGE: Oxygen! Anu can rob all 2 million of her fervent followers of their breaths in one giant whoosh in oo-la-la black lace.
Are we the only ones who think she's matched the sari to her phone case :)))?


IMAGE: There is a pretty sensible reason she is lying on her stomach. And it's not because she's doing push ups.
The yawn-inducing neutral ribbed top and skirt get a economy-cattle-class-to-biz-class-type upgrade with that crisscross of back straps that even GPS cannot unravel.


IMAGE: Is the Vote Podu Army ready to welcome the Texas lass who can make your heart beat go shalala lala, shalala in dishy half-pants?


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