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Christmas recipe from Kerala: How to make Vattayappam

By Jolly Aikara
December 24, 2017 08:58 IST
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We bring you the recipe of Vattayappam, a steamed rice cake made during Christmas in homes in Kerala. 


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sajetpa/Wikimedia Commons  


  • 2 cups rice (Parimal chawal)
  • 1/2 coconut
  • 1/2 tsp dry yeast (you can also use half glass toddy)
  •  Sugar as per taste


  • Soak the rice overnight. If you are making the dish during winter, make sure that you soak the rice for at least 8 hours. Next morning, grind it to a fine mixture. Do not add a lot of water when grinding it. The batter should be slightly thick and not watery.
  • Once the rice is ground, add yeast to it and let it set for 4-5 hours. Yeast has to be mixed in a little warm water with one tsp sugar and then added to the ground rice. You can later add sugar to the mixture as per your taste.
  • Place the mixture in greased flat vessels and steam in a pressure cooker for 15-20 minutes. You can garnish it with raisins before steaming it.  
  • Remove from cooker and let it cool. After the Vattayappam cools, cut it into slices. 

Tip: To make Vattayappam softer, you can add one cup of cooked rice to the mixture while grinding it. 



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Jolly Aikara