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Chamak, Isha, Chamak!

Last updated on: December 11, 2023 12:23 IST
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Isha Talwar's wardrobe has a personality of its own. 

It is fun. Flirty. Splashy in bits. 

She tends to gravitate towards big, bold colours, but does love her whites. 

Western or Indian, traditional or modern, Isha can rock it all.

Of late, she's let the Chamak vibe take over her sartorial life.

IMAGE: Isha is the rajkumari of her own duniya. It will be a challenge to outshine the actor in this sunshine yellow kurta set. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Isha Talwar/Instagram


IMAGE: And then, she turns to the other end of the spectrum -- refreshing simplicity in Kerala-style sari. 


IMAGE: Take white, drop in a hint of black and let the magic happen. 


IMAGE: This girl uses her eyes as a talwar. Being pretty comes naturally to her and she can pull off the Mallu penne style effortlessly.   


IMAGE: If 'feeling like a Gulaab Jamun' was a pic! In shades of yellow, peach and silver, this gulabo could easily pass off as a mithai


IMAGE: In summertime, she wears a bikini in the shade of the evening sky. 


IMAGE: 'Is it Gen Z enough?' she asks as she has fun with black.

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