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Pankaj Tripathi's Drop-Dead Gorgeous Co-Star

December 08, 2023 13:22 IST
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Kadak Singh's Jaya Ahsan is a complete glam package. 

The actor from Bangladesh maybe new to Bollywood but she's a pro in the style department. 

She'll sizzle in a sari, razzle-dazzle in a teeny-weeny mini and wow you in her fitted gowns.  

IMAGE: There's a reason Jaya is called the 'sari queen'. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Jaya Ahsan/Instagram


IMAGE: She just likes playing with stripes differently.


IMAGE: Thoda traditional, thoda modern...


IMAGE: And that's why the sari is in love with her. 


IMAGE: How many sea creatures can you spot on Jaya's dress?


IMAGE: She certainly loves her velvet sari blouses!

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