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WOW! Fab Fashion From GenNext Designers

October 12, 2022 17:34 IST
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The way we dress post-Covid is changing.

In-your-face clothes are out, easygoing and low-key is in.

Fabrics are more skin-friendly and designers are totally in sync with subdued colours.

FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week's GenNext Collection was a fine example of how one can introduce fun pieces into one's wardrobe.

  • Ankur Varma 

IMAGE: Love prints?
Want to have fun with them? 
Designer Ankur Varma tell you how to keep it on-trend.


IMAGE: Making a serious, yet comfy, style statement with orange.


  • Arshna Raj

IMAGE: Arshna Raj makes it clear that monochrome still reigns.


IMAGE: Unbuttoned and untucked shirts, upturned collars, rolled up cuffs... it's good to break a few style rules once in a while.


  • Aseem Kapoor

IMAGE: Designer Aseem Kapoor doesn't want you to be scared of pushing your boundaries, especially with prints. 


IMAGE: Bring out your inner gypsy gal and have some fun. 


  • Ateev Anand

IMAGE: All a single colour sari needs is a contrasting pallu and a blouse as sexy as the one Reha Sukheja is wearing. 


IMAGE: Plan on raiding your mom's closet this Diwali? 
Instead of settling for a single outfit, try mixing and matching few pieces for a cool look. 
Don't forget to borrow her finest pearls as well. 
  • Somya Goyal

IMAGE: The devil is in the details for Somya Goyal.
She accentuates the pale pink dress with a beige, broad-collared jacket speckled with tangerine beads.


IMAGE: The collection is a reminder to accessorise your clothes with one-of-a-kind jackets. 


IMAGE: GenNext designers (left to right) Arshna Raj, Ateev Anand, Aseem Kapoor, Ankur Varma and Somya Goyal take a bow.

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