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When Models Want To Have Some Fun

August 05, 2022 12:55 IST
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What do models do when they are not working?

How do they chill?

Well, here's what they do.


IMAGE: Aishwarya Suhsmita gets goofy! Photograph: Kind courtesy Aishwarya Sushmita/Instagram


IMAGE: Candice Pinto shuts out the world and soaks in the sun. Photograph: Kind courtesy Candice Pinto/Instagram


IMAGE: Janvi Deori is all set to party! Photograph: Kind courtesy Janvi Deori/Instagram


IMAGE: It's selfie time for Aditi Mishra. Photograph: Kind courtesy Aditi Mishra/Instagram


IMAGE: An award deserves a kiss... Deepti Gujral and Sanea Sheikh celebrate. Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram


IMAGE: After a hectic fashion week, your bestie is what you need. And Reha Sukheja's toothsome smile shows just how happy she is to meet her friend. Photograph: Kind courtesy Reha Sukheja/Instagram


IMAGE: When Aasttha Ssidana decides to stand out! Photograph: Kind courtesy Aasttha Ssidana/Instagram


IMAGE: Shubra Aiyappa shares a smile. Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubra Aiyappa/Instagram 

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