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What are those incredible eyes telling you?

November 06, 2023 11:07 IST
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They say a woman's beauty lies in her eyes and Tanya 'P I Meena' Maniktala's expressive, badi, badi aanken agree. 

The one thing the A Suitable Boy actor will never forget her kohl and lipstick. 

She loves to have fun with minimal silhouettes and effortlessly strikes poses in front of the camera. 

As far as Tanya is concerned, cotton doesn't mean boring and her surefire way to turn up the heat is to wear a sari. 

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IMAGE: Bright lipsticks and simple cotton suits are her go-to.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Tanya Maniktala


IMAGE: But that does not mean she won't glam up when needed. 


IMAGE: Pretty red flowers for a pretty woman. 


IMAGE: Chinkankari makes her happy!


IMAGE: She takes what could have been a simple cotton dress and spices it up by showing off her beautiful back.


IMAGE: What lovely compliment did she receive just then?

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