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These wildlife pics will take your breath away

By Varun Aditya
Last updated on: January 23, 2017 12:50 IST
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Varun Aditya, the only Indian to win Nat Geo Nature Photographer of the Year shares some of his best pictures.

Varun Aditya, 25, won Nat Geo's Nature Photographer of the Year for Animal Portraits.

The only one to win the prize from India, Varun's picture of a green vine snake was picked from over 20,000 submissions from photographers across the world. 

Varun chose the image titled 'Dragging You Deep into the Woods' among 23 shots of the snake that he'd captured in a rainforest near Amboli, Maharashtra. 

The picture won him a cash prize of $2,500.

We asked the young self-made photographer to share some of his wildlife images.

Varun was 19 when he started his photography journey with a Samsung S2 phone in 2011. He completed his MBA from Coventry University, London and currently lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Scroll down to see his winning shot.

All photographs: Kind courtesy Varun Aditya

The winning shot: The green vine snake on a dead tree branch was shot in low light July 24.
The venomous baby reptile was about 10 to 15 cm long and Varun used a wide-angle lens to shoot the picture.

A female leopard parks herself on a tree bark at Kabini, Kerala.

Blood warrior: A leopard at Maasai Mara, Kenya.

And when she snarls, she spares none. A leopard at Kabini, Kerala.

The giraffe and her baby at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania -- this is one of his favourite photographs.

The sun's play of light serves the perfect background for the Lion King.

When the King of the Jungle asked for a passport photo..;) 

That's a rare sight of a Pelican taking the plunge!
Varun shot this image from his boat while tripping on the Panama Island.

A lion and lioness caught in an animated chatter at Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Only a passionate photographer truly understands the hours of patience and hard work that goes into clicking that perfect winning shot. Keep up the good work Varun!
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Varun Aditya