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The Glorious Life Of Anjali Arora

December 12, 2022 09:41 IST
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Social media influencer Anjali Arora is one of India's Most Searched People on Google in 2022. 

She became an Internet hullaballoo when her dancing to Bhuban Badyaka's Kacha Badam video went viral. You also saw her on the 2022 television reality show by Ekta Kapoor, Lock Upp.

Her fashion should be trending too.

IMAGE: Beautiful first thing in the morning. Photographs: Kind courtesy Anjali Arora/Instagram


IMAGE: Queening over Budapest.


IMAGE: The come-hither charisma: It's silver all the way. Her large eyes reflect inner light(ness) and joy,


IMAGE: Same spot. Different day. New mood. Less makeup. Heel height constant.


IMAGE: Maldives Lovely: Here's a tip -- always match your drink with your swimsuit


IMAGE: Roaming the island paradise's north Male Atoll in Fendi black.


IMAGE: 'Go where you feel most alive' she says. Did her backless shirt get more attention than the grand Rohtang Pass landscape?


IMAGE: Goa dress code.


IMAGE: Wowing the world in poppy red.

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