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Tanya's Looks Could Kill

June 20, 2024 08:54 IST
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Not surprising that the Flames girl likes red. Indeed red ought to be Tanya Maniktala's go-to hue, 'cause it suits her. 

So does black.

Give us more red and more black, Tanya. Go bold. Go dark.

Smile lots!

The Kill and P.I. Meena kanya always beams beatifically. 

IMAGE: If the red chilly emoji were a pic, it would be this! 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Tanya Maniktala/Instagram


IMAGE: Tanya, Sydney, denims and drama. Wah


IMAGE: A little red and a little black. Pearls. Simplicity.
She looks bahut smashing in her ghagra-choli


IMAGE: Now that's what they call pushing the boundaries of fashion... Hmm, there's so much going on here -- a faux-ish bandeau-ish dress embellished with sequins and dhoti-style skirt. Do you folks like it?  


IMAGE: It starts out, on top, as a very business-like, going-bahargaon look, with that black turtleneck and blazer and then, ta-da, we have a sequin-wallah skirt.


IMAGE: The Wordle top works for her. 


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