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Kota Factory's Urvi Has Dhamakedar Style

Last updated on: June 18, 2024 14:05 IST
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Do you know what Urvi Singh looks like when she takes off her Kota Factory soda bottle glasses?

Ek dum, 100 per cent cute!  

The newest crush on the OTT radar -- it's hard to get over her chemistry with Sachin Jeet Singh in Crushed -- when she steps out of the screen, Urvi's dressing panache will, toofani-style, blow you away.  

IMAGE: She and her bright colours chase away the gloom of dark monsoon clouds. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Urvi Singh/Instagram


IMAGE: Look at those pearlies. And the sparkling top. 


IMAGE: More sunniness to defeat the dark rainy days. 


IMAGE: The hint of a widow's peak. Mesmerising light eyes. Tumbling hair. Pink tee. Denims. Hey sexy lady. 


IMAGE: Faux fur cropped top and faux pearls on her denims. Very huggable.


IMAGE: The tiny bindi draws you immediately to her face. But do look at the white peplum top, simple black skirt or dhoti pants and demure matching dupatta


IMAGE: Flowers make me happy when skies are grey... A short floral dress and high heels is a top-drawer date night costume. 

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