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Tania Sachdev's Winning Style Moves

December 19, 2022 09:24 IST
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A chess player, we might imagine, would possess a stodgy dress sense, thick-lense glasses and an ultra-studious look.

Fashionable Indian chess player Tania Sachdev can change that impression for you in a trice.

Her clothes, like her chess tactics, are smart and full of finesse. Fresh and unpretentious too.

An International Master and a Woman Grandmaster, Delhi girl Tania is a master of the wardrobe as well.

IMAGE: Calculated move: The bright yellow chain-link necklace and the pink shoelaces supply all the colour Tania's simple printed black-and-white jumpsuit needs.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Tania Sachdev/Instagram


IMAGE: Deep Blue: Gorgeous tresses and a long midnight blue strapless dress. And that's it. No fussy accessories. Or distracting makeup. Understatement is the name of the game.


IMAGE: It's checkmate in the metallic bandeau, denims, oversized jacket/coatigan and the classy choker.


IMAGE: We can't see how she looks from the front, but the twisted, crisscross back in black and gold is tantalising enough.


IMAGE: In the swirly ocean-hued co-ord set is she vying to become a 21st century Caissa, the patron nymph of chess?


IMAGE: Imagine sitting across this Tania in six yards of lace and the signature cascade of curls for a game of chess.


IMAGE: She dons chess colours and looks grand.


IMAGE: Counterattack in silvery sequins.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature presentation: Mahipal Soni/

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