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Sonu Sonnalli

June 24, 2024 08:54 IST
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Actor Sonnalli Seygall, whose 2024 films are Boondi Raita and JNU: Jahangir National University, was recently revelling in sun and sand of New Zealand. Her days were filled with plenty of laughter and family time, she said.

She gave us a taste of her tantalising holiday fashion -- coy body suits for sunning in the park, baby pink swimwear or sarongs for sandcastle digging and florals for bathing in geothermal springs.

Back in Mumbai, it was time to return to her daily diet of ethnic stuff, loungewear, LBDs; all quite fetching. She believes: 'Life is too short to wear boring clothes'. You tell 'em Sonnalli.

IMAGE: She sheds her pants to gain a tan at Auckland's North Shore, located on the beautiful Hauraki Gulf.  
Photographs: Kind courtesy Sonnalli Seygall/Instagram


IMAGE: This strappy contraption has more cords than a parachute and a little fluttery sarong-skirt that could allow her to float away.  


IMAGE: Lively colours and unboring clothes, Sonnalli. We like her rangeen necklace.  


IMAGE: If you choose bright hues and an even more vibrant background your Insta feed wil sizzle and hum. 


IMAGE: Quite literally dripping with jewellery. Tip: You don't have to wear all your ornaments around your neck or on your ears and hands. 


IMAGE: 'Taking hearts away' like her fans complain. 


IMAGE: 'Because I love water...' And sand too. 
Yellow nails for the beach. Yesss!  

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