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What Niharika Absolutely Loves...

March 29, 2024 10:18 IST
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Social media influencer, digital creator and entrepreneur Niharika N M is happiest when she is at home.

In an interview with Mayur Sanap/, she reveals her favourite go-to style, her favourite travel destination in India and her fashion mantras.

And she has some important advice for social media influencers as well.

IMAGE: Turn to Niharika for a lesson in how to keep your make-up subtle.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Niharika NM/Instagram

What do you tell yourself before you step on stage?

'Nobody is watching you' because I don't want to see people's faces and freak out.

Your fashion mantras

Be comfortable and uncomfortable as well if that's going to make you feel confident.

Beauty is pain, just go with it.

Pyjamas are great for any occasion; I'd fight with anyone who says otherwise.

What's your go-to style?

Joggers, a cropped top, shoes and a jacket, if it's comfortable.

IMAGE: When wearing a sari, don't be afraid to try out bold colours and metallic jewellery.

Make-up mistakes to avoid during the summer

Don't apply too much product. Your face will start melting.

Favourite summer destination in India

Bengaluru; it's cooler compared to other cities.

Advice to influencers

Don't try to replicate somebody else. Just be yourself.

Don't steal (ideas).

IMAGE: She's all set to be your newest girl crush.

What would you wear on a hot date?

Never really had to think about it because I've never had one.

Maybe something that my date will find hot.

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