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Selfie Masti Time For India's Top Models

May 08, 2023 09:30 IST
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If you would like to learn how to shoot a flawless Instagram picture, there's always oodles and oodles India's top models can teach you.

They are the professional posers and nothing can come in between them and their captivating selfies.

The Perfect Gram Pic Brigade doesn't wear a lotsa makeup or glittering costumes or seek out exotic locales and turn out a great look using simplicity as the best tool.

Happy clicking!

IMAGE: Peeche Tu Dekho: Makeup is meant only for the ramp for Nicole Padival, who wants us to know what her best side is with a winsome over-the-shoulder peep.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nicole Padival/Instagram


IMAGE: Up, straight, front! Shot! That's Shubra Aiyappa's trick. Indeed it works.
Doesn't she make a great wannabe tennis player with her beach bag, goth nails and fave necklace?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubra Aiyappa/Instagram


IMAGE: Always go for the mirror portrait -- Mirror On The Wall, Here We Are Again: When in Manhattan, ditch the standard Empire composition and take a smoldering bathroom selfie like Palak Gupta.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Palak Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: Smile Deke Dekho: Not every shot has to be perfect, but don't forget to give it your prettiest smile like Reha Sukheja.
This is what fashion designer Saisha Shinde calls the 'glowgasm'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Reha Sukheja/Instagram


IMAGE: Cuddly babies and your pets improve a selfie 200 per cent: Alesia Raut takes the opportunity to show off her four glam fluffball betas.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Alesia Raut/Instagram


IMAGE: I See The Light... Yup, find the right lighting: What do you think of Shruti Tuli's no-fail selfie strategy, where she flaunts her side profile with one leg bent at the knee?
You don't need yoga skills or pretzel moves to try less conventional stances.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shruti Tuli/Instagram

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