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Sara's Simple Fundas For Summer

April 06, 2023 08:54 IST
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Photographs: Kind courtesy Sara Khan/Instagram

Another hot girl summer is upon us, and Sara Ali Khan has a couple of handy tips to defeat the heat.

Her five tips to escape from being baked crisp like toast: "Workout. Have lots of water. Eat kheera (cucumber). Eat fruits. Jaldi so jao (sleep early)."

Through the years, Sara's style objectives have evolved. But her rishta with fashion remains unchanged: "Honestly, it's always been about who I am. Fashion trend thing samajhti nahin hoon (don't understand). I like to stay honest, organic to who I am, comfortable."

Is the actor planning a trip any time soon? "Kashmir. Manali. Uttarakhand is my favourite state. I'd also love to go to Kedarnath, but that's shut till mid-April. I hope to visit it when it opens."

Scroll down for Sara's handbook to vacay dress code.

IMAGE: Walking on the tops of the mountains in Manali asked for her to take her bomber jacket, pastel pink tracks, aviators and her Atrangi.


IMAGE: Coat shopping must be her skill. Great purchase.
It's Sara's 'parvato mein paratha' moment in Spiti. We can imagine how much tastier those parathas taste at a high altitude.
She says she wished her name was Sara Ali Khaana :)


IMAGE: One for the fam albums: Sara Boss Lady in purple desi and mumma dearest and 'my safe place' Amrita Singh in Udaipur. Aw.


IMAGE: We liiiiiike this one -- who says you can't wear a sharara ensemble under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and be a charming Indian princess about to conquer New South Wales.
'Foreign mein Indian clothes wear karne ka vibe alag hain nah?' says a fan. Bilkul, ji.


IMAGE: Sara wisely ditches all that ugly clingy bike gear for a white kimono and a dishy bikini to be a regal Cycle Femme Fatale on the watefront at some bahar-gaon destination.


WATCH: Sara on her summer plans.
Video: Afsar Dayatar/

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