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The Stunner From Por Thozhil

August 18, 2023 13:54 IST
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Photographs: Kind courtesy Nikhila Vimal/Instagram

Lovely Nikhila Vimal doesn't believe in igniting the fire. Nope. She'd rather 'be the fire'.

In spite of the drama of that statement, Nikhila collects fan love not by being flamboyant. The charm and power of her dressing is its alluring simplicity.

And do you you know who has caught her attention in the fashion department? And who she admires?

When's Mayur Sanap quizzed Nikhila about the most stylish star down South, her picks were Mammootty and Dulquer Salmaan. "They are so good," she marvelled.

Nikhila studied botany (what is it about Indian film stars and their penchant for botany?) in Taliparamba, Kerala, where she grew up.

She has starred in Malayalam and Tamil films like Kidaari, Aravindante Athidhikal, Jo and Jo, Kotthu and Por Thozhil, and she is sweetly humble when it comes to receiving praise for fashion moments that cause the Nikhila Devotees Society to go behosh in awe. Incidentally there is a fan acount titled @addicted_for_Nikhilavimal777.

"I am not a very stylish actress," she says. "What I wear is all about my comfort and (for me) whichever dress makes me feel comfortable is stylish."

Nikhila refuses to offer any fashion tips. "I am bad at giving fashion advice to people. I am good at taking tips." Her mantra is: "Wear what makes you feel comfortable!"

So let's figure out what Nikhila's comfortable stylishness is all about...

IMAGE: A no-filter Nikhila take of a maxi dress with hand-block prints. 


IMAGE: In a plain handloom sari and deliberately unkempt hair she is a Bhagyadevatha.


IMAGE: The unusual printed blouse gives the traditional kasavu sari major fillip. As does the pretty jhumkas.
If only she would dance off into the horizon so we could see the wonderful dance steps she is famous for.


IMAGE: How she radiates a kind of soft, gentle light in her long son pari dress, with handsome pleats and an embroidered waist, is why she once received this compliment, 'Your beauty blinds me because it comes from your heart and it is reflected in your eyes'.

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