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Easy Dressing From Ridhima Pandit

July 28, 2023 10:02 IST
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Television actor Ridhima Pandit likes her colours.

The Mumbai girl, who you first saw in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, and later as Devinaji in Hum - I'm Because of Us, feels she shines in yellow, has a lovely 'la vie en red' moment and declares a white suit can make her feel 'like a poetry in motion'.

The RP brand of casual, easy dressing has solidified her online status -- Ridhima has 2.2 million following her on the Gram.

IMAGE: Ridhima plays with words, captioning this pic of her, in a sunny peela, 'yellow makes me happy when I am blue' and cements a place for herself in The Drama Company.
It's a basic strappy dress, but a smart choice to show off her best assets, like that trim figure.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Ridhima Pandit/Instagram


IMAGE: Sometimes an accessory is the highlight of a 'fit.
It's the groovy sunnies that make her Goa costume work.
Generally a boat party calls for two things: a white dress and a bottle of bubbles -- but Ridhima's spirits are already soaring.


IMAGE: Whatta intriguing getup.
The zippers, crisscrossing the top in the most riveting places, have a serious, bharee job.
All she needs is a darzi to add a denim cape and she's ready to take flight in her superwoman separates.


IMAGE: Go ahead, jump into that inviting pool, Ridhima.
Stripes and pastels are a good marriage.


IMAGE: Yo Ke Hua Bro? Some sexy scarlet.
Just the dress to fuel a date night. Or a girl's raat on the town.


IMAGE:  Khatra Khatra Khatra: Birthdays by the pool in a floral halter top, shorts and brilliant pink flip flops. Way to go!

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/

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