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Meet Shubman Gill's Sister, Shahneel

May 24, 2023 13:26 IST
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Almost every day Shahneel, star India batter Shubman Gill's elder sister, is trolled online for what she wears, even when she's out cheering him bring home a handsome victory at the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru, last Sunday. Her post attracted nearly 8,000 comments, most of them rude.

That doesn't seem to bother her a wit. It in no way dissuades her from adding more roshnee to our Instagram feeds with her scene-stealing 'fits.

This pyari Punjabi kudi has impeccable taste.

Shine on, Shahneel, no matter if your life is 'kabhi lit, kabhi sh*t', and you hope 'rabb ji saves her from nazar' and ignore the 'gram garbage-mouthed goblins'. You always have our vote.

IMAGE: At a restaurant in Mumbai, Shahneel peps up her summer mood in a cut-off top and shorts and by 'taking mental xanax'.
Her concerned brother counsels her, 'Di ignore gandi wali comments... beautiful Di'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shahneel Gill/Instagram


IMAGE: Shahneel dons a baap of a blazer dress in lilac and laces up in pink heels.
This 21st century Cinderella may not have kanch ka slippers, but she definitely has a glass ramp to walk on.


IMAGE: The Jenner siblings are not the only ones who like to dress in black together.
Here's a cutie cute Gill bhai-behen twinning moment in black casuals.


IMAGE: She wears a fierce piece of neela asman.
Flawless in a dress that will drive away your Wednesday blues.


IMAGE: Shahneel's back at the family farm in Fazilka, Punjab, it seems, and dressed to the nines.
The sarson ke khet could not have been a more contrasting and prettier background. Or vice versa.
Note: Don't save black for only after hours. The colour can look charming even in the middle of the day.


IMAGE: Meri boots bhi sexy!
Full on enthusiasm during a trip to an expo in Noida, where she poses in a mock-up hotel room in a black ribbed, high-neck dress, paired with a plaid corset, like the hotel was in Scotland.


IMAGE: 'Di, you're looking like a doll!'
Providing the inspiration for Mattel's next Indian Barbie with girlie pink frothiness.


IMAGE: Shahneel confesses she feels like a piece of art. She would certainly make a lovely caryatid, those alluring sculpted maidens that are the pillars of support in gracious Greek buildings.


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/

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