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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » California On Angela Jonsson's Mind

California On Angela Jonsson's Mind

May 22, 2023 19:24 IST
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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

And the oysters ice-cold.

There's loads of sunshine and ocean blue all about.

Angela Jonsson is doing summer right on her Californian vacay near the somnolent town of Ojai and the Los Padres National Forest, which is northwest of Los Angeles.

The Chennai-born model-actor, who is part Icelandic and currently resides in New York with her partner Geoff Nelson, often offers little peeps into her travelling life.

Pics from this globetrotting couple recent trip are giving us an incurable attack of the travel bug.

IMAGE: Summer topi on her head and 'Cali on my mind', Angela is ready to make the most of her time under the Californian sun.
Poor Geoff, he missed out on this lovely selfie with Angela as he wandered ahead on the narrow forest trail, 'looking for the California everyone keeps writing songs about'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Angela Jonsson/Instagram


IMAGE: Did the trail open up to this memorable view of the Pacific?
Angela records for posterity the clear blue water and the white sand beach below.


IMAGE: It's not a true holiday until you dig into a delicious assortment of seafood. Bon appetit, Angela.


IMAGE: A stroll through the deep sky-kissed forests.
Wonder if Geoff knew when this picture of him was taken by Angela.
'Perfect people take perfect vacations', comments a friend.


IMAGE: Putting her fashionable best foot forward for the summer weather, Angela-style.
The outdoor bookstore behind her is Bart's Books, Ojai. Angela calls it a 'total dream' of a shop!


IMAGE: The jellyfish dance would have anyone mesmerised.


IMAGE: The stillness of a slow hour at the waterfront as photographed by Angela. Great shot.

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