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Meet New Cadbury Girl, Shreya Pujari

Last updated on: August 11, 2023 10:26 IST
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She is the New Cadbury Girl! India's latest crush. 

Say hello to Shreya Pujari, the PYT who offered a French kiss to the astonished dude in her class and later treats the strapping handsome to the chocolate brand's ganache bar in the college corridors (ganache is a creamy French kinda chocolate).

She comes across as the asli, through and through Mumbai Girl, especially via the giant billboards everywhere. A 'user experience' designer by profession, she earned her degree from MIT Institute of Design in Pune.

Shreya, but mainly her sweetest smile, is slowly but surely becoming social media's naya infatuation.

IMAGE: Hey Shreya, Greta just called to say she's tickled pink at the loveliness of 'Punyachi Barbie'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shreya Pujari/Instagram


IMAGE: More delicious-looking than any chocolate from the Cadbury stable.


IMAGE: Shreya's got a super dress code.
Interestingly, her frocks remind us of the original Cadbury girl dancing on the cricket field in pretty prints.


IMAGE: She brings a fresh rawness to her pics, doesn't she?


IMAGE: Shreya's USP is her vivaciousness. And her brand of sunniness.


IMAGE: The girl next door heads to the ocean and can even gussy up a forever sunset.

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