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Pretty, Spunky Khushboo Kankan

August 07, 2023 16:06 IST
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An 'old-soul-in-a-new-era' model Khushhboo Kankan is the kind of woman you would like to get to know.

Her Instagram feed portrays a spunky, down-to-earth girl, who trained in martial arts and once played football, ready to share the experiences of her life journey, stuff all young women might find useful. Read on...

Back in school -- she grew up in Lucknow -- Khushboo was bullied, but she says, 'Today when I look back, there is still that little girl, who is soft, living inside of me. I no longer hide myself, but I choose to give it back.

Looking for a break in Mumbai was tough too, and coping alone in a big city. 'I am thankful for all those who showed me down or criticised me, because of you I became a strong and independent girl who is ready to face the world'.

IMAGE: A Barbie named Khushboo.
Fuchsia suits her skin tone.   
Photographs: Kind courtesy Khushboo Kankan/Instagram


IMAGE: Life is sometimes a picnic. Can you turn down the offer of a movie night under the lit sky with this 'gorgeous babe' for company?


IMAGE: Hours of gymming effort are behind that bikini-clad superb figure standing in the ocean in Goa.


IMAGE: No filter, phata jeans and a black cut-off top is all this natural beauty requires for day on the water at Dapoli, Maharashtra.;


IMAGE: Electric in more ways than one.
'Quit trying to fix me, I am not broken', announces Khushboo.


IMAGE: Sadagii ki devi! You must ask her: Aap kaun sa sabun istemal karte hain?


IMAGE: Just a Mumbai girl at the beach.
One of her fans, with a fancy for French, calls her a 'la douceur' or a sweet gift.


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/


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