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Isn't Taapsee Simply Flawless?

Last updated on: December 21, 2023 11:39 IST
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Do you know what's Taapsee Pannu's favourite thing to do? 'Watching the sun rise' as it gives her hope. 

She loves to dress up too and, given a chance, she'd wear a sari any day.

Her most-adored accessories are the flowers on her hair.

And the one grooming routine she'd like to avoid? Applying nail paint. 

The Dhunki actor's Punjabi genes make her look lovely in Indian wear. 

She's got some fashion advice for women: 'You just have to embrace how you look. only then the world will embrace it.

'Shying away from how you look is never going to help you grow in life.'

IMAGE: Taapsee strikes the perfect balance between sultry and sophisticated in shades of brown and beige. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Taapsee Pannu/Instagram


IMAGE: Nothing makes her 'feel more beautiful than to be in a sari' even on Christmas. 
The handloom beige and red drape goes beautifully with the festive theme.  


IMAGE: Dressed in a hoodie and shorts, she's just another beautiful visitor to Saint Petersburg. 


IMAGE: Her baby pink sari is insanely gorgeous, isn't it? 


IMAGE: Taapsee 'looking back with all the love and joy' as she shows off her tanned, toned shoulders.  


IMAGE: The queen of hearts casts her fashion net in the Maldives. 


IMAGE: Three is a party! Here comes Taapsee in a cheery yellow bikini that challenges the brightness of the sun. 


IMAGE: She is the undisputed queen of cotton saris and wears them on vacay as well.


IMAGE: How can one not be smitten by her blush-coloured moment, complete with hat and gorgeous curls?  


IMAGE: This boss lady proves that khaki pants are still in style. 


IMAGE: When chilling in the midst of Nature, comfort clothing is what Taapsee wants. 

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